Vegetarian Recipes

Spicy Maggi Noodles

To spice up your Maggi and give it a real oriental flavor, all you need to have are some fresh vegetables. These will definitely all to the taste and the nutrition value. Ingredients 2 Package Maggi noodles 1 Small onion 1 Small carrot 250Grams chopped beans 1/2 Cup cabbage 1 […]

Sambar powder

Sambar or sambhar or Sambaaru, is a dish common in South India and Sri Lankan Tamil cuisines, made of toor dal. A variant of Sambar called Pappuchaaru  is more common in Andhra Pradesh. Sambar is a vegetable stew or chowder based on a broth made with tamarind and toor dal, […]

Rasam Powder

Rasam is a South Indian soup. Traditional preparation involves tamarind

Curry powder

Curry powder is a mixture of spices of widely varying composition based

Mambazha Pachadi

Mambazha Pachadi - This is a very tasty dish and can be served with rice.


Chicken Noodles

Chicken Noodles makes up for an easy evening snack for kids. Learn how to prepare Chicken and Noodles by following this easy recipe. Ingredients 1/2 kilograms Boneless Chicken 1 Egg 3 Tablespoon Soy Sauce 1 Pinch Ajinomoto 1 Packet Noodles 2 Tablespoon Vinegar 2 Tablespoon Green Chili Sauce 3 Dry […]

Rice Noodles

Rice Noodles is an excellent gluten free recipe that is enjoyed by kids and all! Ingredients 1 Packet Rice noodles 1 Green bell pepper (capsicum) 1 Red bell pepper (capsicum) 2 Onions 2 Bunches scallions (green onions) 2 Eggs (scrambled) 1/4 Cup coconut milk 4 Teaspoon sweet chili sauce (Chinese) […]

Egg Noodles

Egg noodles are a simple matter of flour, salt, eggs, milk and butter

Chicken Noodles

Chicken Noodles makes up for an easy evening snack for kids. Learn how to

Maggi noodles

Maggi noodles as such has no nutrition value but when it is combined with

Non Vegetarian

Mutta Roast

Egg roast is a dish native to Kerala, India, consisting of eggs roasted in a masala gravy. It is commonly consumed as an accompaniment mainly with appam and puttu or less often with chapattis (Indian flat bread) or porotas (typical all flour flat bread which is popular in Kerala, Tamil […]

Chicken Roast

Ingredients: Chicken 1/2 kg Chilli powder 1 Tablespoon(as required) Ginger and Garlic paste 1 Teaspoon Curd 2 Tablespoon Food colour 2 drop (optional) Butter or Ghee 3 Tablespoon Cinnamon 1 To Marinate: Mix chicken with chilli powder, curd, ginger and garlic paste and salt. Marinate for 1 hour or more. […]

Garlic Chicken

Ingredients: Boneless chicken 1/2 kg (Cut into small pieces)

Tomato Egg Fry

Tomato Egg Fry is an easy to make omelet made with Egg, Tomatoes and

Mutton Kulambu

Ingredients: Mutton 1/2 Kg Small onion or shallots 4 to 5 Ginger