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Mammootty latest news & gossips

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Thanga Meengal Ram teams up with Mammootty

  Fetching the best praises and the prestigious National accolades for his wonderful film ‘Thanga Meengal’, director Ram has now almost completed working on his upcoming film ‘Tararmani’ that stars Andrea Jeremiah in lead role. Soon after the completion of this film, he will team up with Malayalam superstar Mammootty […]

Anirudh in trouble

Filmmaker Balaji Mohan is vigorously shooting for his next film ‘Vai Moodi Pesavum’. The film stars Malayalam actor Dulquer Salman, son of veteran actor Mammootty and Nariya Nazim in lead roles. Anirudh was initially signed to compose music for this film by producers Radiance Group and Y Not Studios. Since, […]

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Prithviraj latest news & gossips

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Top 10 movies of 2014 that proved ‘CONTENT IS KING’

Very often, everyone is involved in bringing the Top 10 films based on the BO collections and obviously it varies from everyone’s view point and what makes situations far better is bringing the best list out of quality contents. As mentioned, very films have proved that ‘Content is King’ and […]

Kaviya Thalaivan music review

Remember AR Rahman of early 90s. His songs were so much composed of pure Tamil and the lyrics are still remembered today with elegance. But as the western fever came into our zone, his dimension of craft changed and now his fans have a reason to celebrate and turn delightful […]

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Jayasurya latest news & gossips

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Mohan set to shine as a producer!

Silver Jubilee hero Mohan set to shine as a producer! Yesteryear Mouna Ragam hero – Mohan already affirmed that he is making a come back in two untitled films. Now the recent news we hear that he is set to produce a movie(s) also. Yes! And that too for tri-lingual […]

Husbands in Goa – a First for UTV

UTV’s very first Malayalam film Husbands in Goa will release in August this year, confirmed Dhananjayan –  CEO South UTV. The film is being directed by noted filmmaker Saji Surendran, who has the film Four Friends to his credit. Interestingly, Kamal Hassan played a cameo in the Four Friends. The […]

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Suresh Gopi latest news & gossips

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Mamta Mohandas’ Divorce Finalised

Actress Mamta Mohandas and her husband Prajith Padmanabhan‘s divorce was finalised Monday. The two appeared before a family court here to complete the documentation. Mamta got engaged to Bahrain-based businessman and her childhood friend Prajith Padmanabhan on Nov 11, 2011. They got married Dec 28 in the same year at […]

AR Rahman adds one more for “I”

Shankar‘s “I” is supposed to be a simple love story, but the making and the casting makes us believe otherwise. So far, the unit has been shooting in Chennai and China, Vikram has changed so much about his appearance and the cast include Vikram, Amy Jackson, Suresh Gopi, Santhanam and […]

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The best actor of Malayalam Cinema

Malayalam Cinema, referred to as Mollywood, has often been a reference point for Indian Cinema. Through the years, it has given the Indian screen some really talented technicians and actors. Malayalam actors have often been praised for their unique craft and technique. Here is a lowdown on the top 10 Mollywood actors of the decade. Take a scan and choose your favourite Malayalam Actor of the Decade.


Mohanlal's renditions in movies such as 'Kireedam', 'Bharatham', 'Chitram', 'Thalavattom', 'Kilukkam', 'Devaasuram', 'Ulladakkam' and 'Vaanaprastham' have been legendary. The nation has accorded Lal with the National award, the Padmasri, the honorary rank of Lt. Col., and continues to search for ways to felicitate him. This decade has not been of particular significance for the superstar but he managed to punctuate it with some very good portrayals.

Udayabhanu, in 'Udayanaanu Tharam' (2005), is a wannabe director whose brilliant script is stolen by his friend (who cleverly uses it to become a star). A guileless man, Udayabhanu is forced to endure the suffering of one cheated of his true right. He employs his bright mind to exhort revenge and redeem himself. Mohanlal played a complete non-macho character, after a long gap, with telling effect.

'Thanmatra' (2006) turned out to be a wonderfully refreshing experience for film goers, who were once again delighted to experience the brilliance of Mohanlal. He paid tribute to his own inimitable talent through his heartrending portrayal of Rameshan, a Govt employee, who falls prey to Alzheimer's disease. Mohanlal enacted the role with panache, and received the State Award for the best actor.

'Twenty 20' (2008) was a heady and exciting piece, not just because of its narrative, but also for its dazzling star cast. Catering to the psyche of any avid mainstream movie buff, 'Twenty 20' was a grand piece of filmmaking. Mohanlal, once again, captured hearts with a stylish performance.

In 'Bhramaram' (2009), Mohanlal elevates a great story to insurmountable heights. He plays the disturbingly suspicious Sivankutty, who traverses from one moment to the next, waging a horrible internal battle all along. Lal literally carries the film on his shoulders!


Having gone beyond himself to prove his skill, Mammootty continues to inspire and astonish. He began his movie career in 1971, and went on to give many memorable performances through the 80's and 90's. He has won the National Award for Best Actor, for his roles in 'Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha' (1989), 'Mathilukal' (1990), 'Ponthan Mada' (1994), 'Vidheyan' (1994), and 'Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar' (2000).

Mammootty played a touring movie operator (Madhavan) in 'Kaazhcha' (2004), for which he won the State award. Madhavan strikes up a poignant bond with a small boy, lost after the Gujarat earthquake. The boy becomes an intrinsic part of Madhavan's family. Mammootty elegantly portrayed Madhavan, who rides the tumultuous waves of emotions.

Disproving all his critics, Mammootty handled comedy in this 2005 flick, to great success. His ingenious dialogue delivery (in typical Trivandrum lingo) threw viewers into giggling fits. With an all-encompassing screen presence and immaculate comic timing, Mammootty captured the hearts of both, the movie critic and the buff.

Here, Mammootty effortlessly plays a bucolic simpleton, who is unable to stay quiet. So much so that he unwittingly says things he must not. 'Loudspeaker', which otherwise is a run-of-the-mill film, will be remembered for Mammootty's flawless performance.

Mammootty plays three characters here: a lascivious landlord of the 1950s, his son and a modern-day crime investigator. The three completely different characters, from three varied times, in their wide-ranging dimensions, have each attained an individuality of their own, thanks to the supremely talented superstar.


Dileep, who started off as a mimicry artiste, forayed into filmdom with two-bit roles, in many recognizable slapstick flicks of the 90's. He left indelible impressions, as he progressed to play lead roles in some extremely popular films such as 'Sallapam'. His irresistible comic timing and his will to experiment with get-ups, have made Dileep a very popular actor.

The rise to stardom happened with 'Meesa Madhavan' (2002). As a well meaning village thief on a classic Tom-and-Jerry tussle with a nasty moneylender, Dileep entertained audiences, escalating his popularity to dizzying heights.

Dileep left audiences amazed in this role of a physically challenged hunchback. The movie probably received the response it did, due to this singularly exceptional experiment of Dileep's, which required tremendous physical and mental effort on his part. He succeeded splendidly and gave an unbelievably convincing performance. Dileep received the Kerala State Film Special Jury Award for his performance in 'Kunjikoonan'.

In 'Chanthupottu' (2005), Dileep captured every intricate nuance found in a transvestite, and left the audiences impressed. 'Chanthupottu 'turned out to be a big high in his career, winning him much appreciation, including the special Jury Award at the Kerala State Film Awards of 2006.

Suresh Gopi

Suresh Gopi is synonymous with the cop movies of Malayalam Cinema. He has, however, taken a detour in movies such as 'Paithrukam', 'Samooham', 'Manichitrathazu', ' Pathram' and 'Lelam'. Suresh won the National and State awards for Best Actor, for 'Kaliyattam' (1998).

'Bharath Chandran IPS' (2005) was a comeback film for Suresh Gopi; he rose from dormancy to capture the spotlight, with his scintillating performance as an angry cop. This sequel to the super hit 'Commissioner' met the expectations of viewers.

Suresh Gopi plays an enigmatic criminal lawyer in the film, with a penchant for doling out his own brand of justice to ruthless criminals, whom he'd himself help win various court cases. Suresh's stardom touched new found levels with the success of this movie.

In his pet role - a hot-tempered, righteous cop -- Suresh Gopi delivered a rocking performance. He held his ground in a flick that featured the two reigning superstars of Malayalam cinema.

Kalabhavan Mani

Mani is the common man's actor-singer. Starting off as a mimicry artiste, Mani made his foray into films with comedy roles, and gradually graduated to character roles. Come 2010, and Mani has transformed into a heroic representation of the common man's aspirations.

This movie featured Mani in a new light, with prominent changes in his look. He played the role of 'Kuttan', an orphaned, mentally retarded youth, known as Karumaadi.

In 'Aakashathile Paravakal' (2001), Mani essayed the role of Udumbu Vaasu, a dog catcher. He effortlessly portrayed the life and actions of a man committed to killing mad village dogs.

In this 2007 movie, Mani enacted the role of Divakaran, a villager whose aspirations are based on the legend of a treasure buried in uncertain depths. Mani brilliantly rendered the various shades of black and grey residing within the shallow, unruly persona of Divakaran, who, in his greedy quest for money, weaves a tangled web of deceit and hatred.


Renowned for his exquisite stories and scripts, Sreenivasan punctualted this decade with some trademark characters such as the one in 'Udayanaanu Thaaram' (2007): a slimy guy, who steals his friend's (played by Mohanlal) script and becomes a star overnight.

In this 2006 movie, Sreenivasan plays a straight forward, selfless man, who leaves his small village and communist ambitions, to work in Dubai and regain what was lost. Sreenivasan plays the character with authenticity.

In 'Kathaparayumbol', Sreenivasan plays a barber (Balan), who's unwilling to subscribe to the dictates of modern society. Sreenivasan steals the show with his subtle enactment of the idealistic Balan. In the offbeat 'Thakarchenda' (2009), Sreenivasan plays a physically challenged beggar, and complements the realistic narrative with his effortless rendering of the various shades of the character.


Jayaram is known for his performances in films such as 'Aparan', 'Moonam Pakam', 'Innale' and 'Keli'.

In 'Sesham' (2002), Jayaram slips effortlessly into the character of the mentally challenged Lonappan, giving us a patent insight into the mental processes of persons living a desolate existence.


Prithviraj is charisma incarnate. And thanks to sheer force of determination, he has carved a niche for himself, in an industry which is not easily accepting.

After 'Vargam', for which he received critical acclaim, a major breakthrough came with 'Vaasthavam' (2006). Prithvi took a detour from his action hero image, and played a different character, for which he received the State Award for Best Actor. He went on to register good performances in 'Chocolate' (2007) and 'Puthiya Mugham' (2009).


Jayasurya is one of the most promising of new generation Malayalam actors. A reservoir of energy, he has evolved with each of his roles.

The breakthrough in Jayasurya's career came with the hit, 'Classmates' (2006); he played a young campus politician, whose deceit and lies create the defining moments of the story. Jayasurya fashioned the character with fox-like expressions and wily demeanour, He went on to impress viewers with good performances in 'Chocolate', 'Ivar Vivahitharayal' and 'Happy Husbands'.

Nedumudi Venu

Venu started his career in theatre. His acting skills were showcased in Bharathan's 'Aaravam', Padmarajan's 'Oridathoru Phayalvan' and Mohan's 'Vidaparayum Munpe'. He won the Best Actor award at the Zimbabwe International Film Festival, for his performance in 'Saira' . He won the State Film Award for best actor for 'Oru Minnaminuginte Nurungu Vettom' & 'Margam', National Award for Best Supporting Actor for 'His Highness Abdullah' and Special Jury Award for 'Margam'.

In 'Margam', Venu delivers a compelling performance as a leader of the radical left movement, who withdraws into seclusion and, at a later stage, reveals the happenings of his life to his daughter.


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