Sri Trivikramaswamy Temple – Thirukovilur

Presiding deity      Trivikramar
Reputation      He measured the three worlds in three steps Thirukovilur is a Divyadesam
Procession deity      Dekalesan
Goddess Mother      Poongoval
Holy tree     Pinnai
District     Villupuram
Holy spring     Srichakra theertham
Vimanam     Srichakram
Place     Thirukovilur
Scriptural name     Thirukovalur


thirukovilur-2710-topThose aspiring good position, those having lost their positions throng the temple for fulfillment of their prayers and they firmly believe the Lord would give them their wants. Devotees are relieved of the fear of enemies; get children and settlement of marriages.

The Chakarathazhwar, being in the form of the Lord himself, eliminates the bad effects of spells and witchcrafts.

Prayer commitments:

Devotees offer new clothing to the Lord, Offer Tulsi Garland, light ghee lamps, offer abishek to Mother Goddess in turmeric water, kumkum abishek to the Durga and feed the visiting devotees.


thirukovilur-2710-aWith a view to teach a lesson to a king proud of his high charitable nature, Lord Vishnu came to earth in the form of a dwarf. He is seen in the temple with his left leg measuring the sky and the earth by the right leg. Generally, the Lord is seen in all the temples holding his wheel in the right hand and the conch in the left. In Thirukovilur temple, Lord Trivikrama is holding them vice versa. It is said that in his delight to see the king reformed embraced him. It should be understood that the Lord graces the devotee with wisdom. One of his right hands looks as if asking Mahabali for the land for the third step. The body of the Lord is of wood. In no shrine the Lord is so tall in a standing position as in Thirukovilur.

Reputation of the Shrine:

thirukovilur-2710-bThe Lord is known as Ulagalanda Nathar meaning, “He measured the worlds in three steps. The Lord of the shrine is also known as Venugopalan. The presiding deity is made of wood. In no other shrine, the Lord is as tall as in Thirukovilur. Against the known tradition, the Lord holds the wheel in the left hand and the conch in the right.

Thirukovilur is one of the celebrated 108 Divyadesas and is significant in the Nadunadu region. The tower is 192 feet tall and is the third biggest in Tamilnadu. Sukra, the teacher of the demon king has a temple here.

The celebrated Nalayira Divya Prabandam (4000 songs in praise of Lord Vishnu and in praise of Sage Ramanuja) sung in praise of the Lord by the twelve Azhwars was born in this holy soil only. Poigai Azhawar, Boothathazhwar and Peyazhwar are the great devotees opening the first songs in the volume.

General Information:

thirukovilur-2710-cThirukovilur is 75 kms from Cuddalore, 36 from Villupuram, 36 from Thiruvannamalai, and 40 from Kallakurichi. There are lodges in Thirukovilur charges ranging from Rs. 200 to Rs. 500.

Bus routes from Villupuram connect Thirukovilur. As the temple is situated in the heart of the town itself, devotees will have no difficulty to reach the temple. Nearest Railway station is Thirukovilur on the Villupram-Kadpadi line. Nearest Airport Chennai.


The most important festival is the 15 days Brahmmotsavam in Panguni month (March-April) along with Friday Cradle (Oonjal) festival drawing a huge crowd of devotees. Masi Magam (February-March), Sri Rama Navami in Chithirai (April-May), Visaka Garudaseva, Nammazhwar Satrumarai in Vaikasi (May-June), Periazhwar Satrumarai in Ani ((June-July), Thiruvadipuram Andal festival in Adi (July-August), Sri Jayanathi in Avani (August-September), Mudalzhwar Satrumarai, Manavalamamunigal 10 days festival in Aipasi (October –November), Pagal Pathu, Rapathu Vaikunda Ekadasi festival in Margazhi (December-January are the most important festival celebrated in the temples. Also other important general festivals as Deepavali, Pongal, Tamil and English New Year days are observed.


thirukovilur-2710-dMahabali, the King of Asuras was noted for charitable character. Was proud of his reputation and wished that none should excel him in the fame. He pperformed a great Yagna led by his Guru Sukra. Lord Vishnu came to the spot in the guise of a dwarf and demanded three steps of land by his feet. Sukracharya recognized the dwarf as Lord Vishnu himself. He cautioned his disciple to deny the demand, but Bali was determined to offer the demand. The dwarf suddenly grew tall touching the sky and measured the earth by one step and the sky by the second and asked for the third as no third land was left to be given. Bali, unhesitatingly offered his head saying that he has nothing else than his head. Sukra tried to prevent Bali from giving dhan and blocked the vessel by which he has to pour the water confirming his offer. But the Lord cleared the block with grass stick which blinded the sukaracharya in the form of a fly in the bowl.. Bali executed his promise to the Lord giving him his head. The Lord embraces Mahabali after correcting him from his pride.

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