Sri Srinivasaperumal (Annan Perumal) Temple Thiruvellakulam (Thirunangur) Nagapattinam

Presiding deity:      Annan Perumal, Kannan Narayanan
Lord facing :    east in a standing position
Procession deity :    Srinivasan
Goddess Mother:     Alarmelmangai
Procession Goddess:     Poovar Thirumagal, Padmavathy
Vimanam:    Tower Tatvat Yodhaga Vimanam
Holy tree:    Vilwa and Parasu
Holy spring :    Vellakula theertham
Mangalasasanam:     Thirumangai Azhwar
Those who had darshan:     rudra, Swedharaja
Reputation:     Lord gave dharshan to Manavala Mamuni,
Celebrated:     Vaishanava Acharya
Antiquity:     2000 years
Place :    Thiruvellakulam (Thirunangur)
District:     Nagapattinam


thirunangur_topKing Thundhumaran had a son named Suvedan. Sage Vasishta predicted that the son would have an untimely end. When the king asked the sage for a remedy to avoid the tragedy, Vasishta advised him to visit Thirunangur, bathe in the tank and perform penance by chanting the Narasimha Mrutyanja Mantra sitting before Lord Srinivasa. The boy Suvedhan meticulously followed the advice of the Rishi for a month. The Lord appeared before him and assured him of eternity. The Lord said that one who chants this Narasimha Mrutyunja Mantra 8000 times, would have no fear of the God of Death. Of the Vaishnava shrines, this is one freeing the soul from the threat of death.


thirunangur_aThirunangoor is one of 108 famous shrines of the Vaishnavites. It is noteworthy that Thirumangai Azhwar chose the word Anna to call the Lord only in two temples and this is one. The other is Tirupathi Thirumala, now in Andhra Pradesh. Since the Azhwar called this Perumal as Anna first, he has become the Anna (elder Brother) for the Tirupathy Lord also. The name Annan Perumal for the Thirunangoor Lord is derived from this Story, according to tradition. It is also noteworthy that as in Tirupathy, the names of the Lord here too is Srinivasan and have the Mother Alarmelmangai. Thirumangai Azhwar describes Thirunangoor as the Vaikunda (heaven) on earth.

thirunangur_bDevotees celebrate their 60th, 70th and 80th birthdays here. Devotees also offer Thulabaram (offering any articles such plantain fruits etc., equal to the weight of the devotee).

According to tradition, the women from the celestial world used to come down to Thirunangoor to gather the Kumudam flowers from the tank here. Kumudavalli, one among them lost her power to go back to her place as the vision of a man fell on her.

Hearing the news, Neelan, an army commander wanted to marry her. Kumudavalli dictated a number of conditions to Neelan to marry him. Neelan executed all her wishes. At last, Kumudavalli asked him to feed the Vaishnava devotees. The Lord was pleased with the good deeds of Neelan, gave him Darshan and elevated him to the status of Azhwar. Since Neelan thus became a Vishnu devotee through a Mangai (woman), he became to be known as Thirumangai Azhwar. Kumudavalli Nachiar also is housed in this temple separately.


thirunangur_cAs in Tirupathi Thirumala, Brahmmotsavam is celebrated in the temple during Purattasi (September-October). Summer festival is observed in Vaikasi (May-June) and the Lord’s wedding festival is celebrated on the last Friday in the month of Adi (July-August). The temple is open for the devotees from 7.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

thirunangur_dThiruvellakulam or Thirunangoor is 6 kms south of Sirkali and can be reached by bus. From Sirkali to Nagapattinam. Phone 04364-266534. Nearest railway station is Sirkali and airports Trichy and Chennai.

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