Sri Jayaveera Anjaneya Swami Temple – Simmakkal – Madurai

Presiding deity:       Jayaveera Anjaneyar
Anjali Anjaneyar:     Chiranjeevi
Procession deity :     Anjaneya
Ritual procedure:      Pancharathra Agama
Vinayaka :     Jayaveera Vinayaka
Holy tree:     Iluppai
Holy spring :     Vaigai and the water in the well
Offering – Nivedhana :     Sugar pudding – Sarkarai Pongal
Place :     Simmakkal
District  :    Madurai
Antiquity:      300 years


simmakkal-e28093-madurai-topAccording to history, Jayaveera Anjaneya appeared in the widom vision (Gnana Dhrushti) of His Holiness Kulandayanandaswami, living in Madurai as the Son of Mother Meenakshi and told him that he was under the sand in the southern bank of Vaigai river and directed to build a temple for him. He also appeared in the dream of almost every one. Next day all the devotees gathered in the place and exchanged their pleasant dream experience event with one another.

All of them approached His Holiness Kulandayananda Swami for a clarification of their dream. But before they spoke, the Swamiji appraised of them of the scene he had earlier which surprised everybody. All of them proceeded to Vaigai. Swamiji asked them to stop the cart in a particular place and asked the people to dig in the place. They could not find the Anjaneya but only a water spring. Swamiji put in his hands and took out an Anjaneya who is the collective form of 11 Rudras. Swamiji embraced the idol on his chest and installed him under the Iluppai Tree there. The place grew into a great temple later.

simmakkal-e28093-madurai-aAanjaneya went to Sri Lanka as the envoy of Sri Rama, met Sita, gave her the ring of Rama to prove his identity as this envoy, set ablaze the island, returned to Sri Rama safe with her Choodamani and chose to stay here to bless his devotees. The Aanjaneya idol is glued with the tree that has his form, it is said. The statues of Narasimha, Mahalakshmi, Garuda are also installed in the temple.


Jayaveera Anjaneya here has a mount and bell in his tail. This is a very rare form not generally found in other temples. One leg is upward as if he is jumping. Vibuthi and kum kum is offered to the devotees after the puja. Generally Vibhuthi is offered only in Shiva temples. A shrine for the Navagrahas ( 9 planets ) is also in the temple.

The other wonder in the temple is the single idol having Chakrathazhwar and Narasimhar with four hands. The idol depicting Hanuman offering the Kanayazhi (the ring) to Mother Sita and other Ramayana related scenes are also installed in the temple.


simmakkal-e28093-madurai-bJayaveera Anjaneya holds all the blessingful solution to his devotees facing problems in marriages, education, debt burdens, illnesses ensuring total remedy and peace and happiness in life.

Prayer commitments:

Garlands made of Vadai ( the popular dish of Tamilnadu), betel leaves, applying butter, sandal and flour paste on the idol are the offerings to the deity. Devotes also offer lamps in the lime fruit cups to Vishnu Durga and to Sani Baghwan (Saturn).


Besides daily two time puja, monthly festivals are also celebrated in the temple. Vinayak Chaturthi, Tamil New Year day, Adi (July-August) Brammotsavam, Navarathri, Deepavali, Hanuman Jayanthi, Pongal are the festival days in the temple.

General information:

simmakkal-e28093-madurai-cThe temple is open from 5.30 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. During Saturdays the temple is open till 12.00 a.m. in the first half of the day, During festival time, the temple is opened even earlier in the morning.

Simmakkal is 3 kms from Madurai. The temple is in the heart of the town. Adequate bus convenience is available in short frequencies from Madurai central bus stand. Temple telephone No. 0452-2629273. Archakar Rajesh No. 944-35313.

Nearest railway station and airport – Madurai.

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