Sri Devanathaperumal Temple – Thiruvahindipuram

Presiding Deity ;       Devanathar
Reputation  :     One of the 108 Divyadesas
Procession Deity  :     Achuthan
Goddess Mother :      Sengamalam
Special Shrine:       Hayagrivar
Holy tree :      Vilwa
Holy Spring :     Garuda theertham
Vimanam (Tower) :      Suddha Satvam
Place :     Thiruvahindipuram
District  :     Cuddalore


thiruvahindipuram-2810topLord Devanatha Perumal ensures his devotees, a honorable status, permanent wealth, children, disease free health and longevity.

Devotees offer salt, jaggery, pepper and milk are offered in the temple well for cure from diseases they suffer. Those under the adverse effects of the planets Rahu and Ketu get relief from the intensity of the effects.

Prayer commitments:

Devotees, relieved of their hardships offer Tulsi garlands, light ghee lamps, offer their hairs. Some light the Mavilakku (making a lamp made of paste of rice flour and jaggery), abhisek, pure white clothing and archanas with flowers chanting his names. Preparations are offered and distributed among the visitors. Some do Aannadhanam (feeding).


Hayagrivar, the horse faced Lord. While Hanuman was carrying the medicine mountain to Sri Lanka, a few plants fell on Thiruvahindipuram. So the place is also called Oushadachalam. (Oushadaham means medicine) There are herbal medicinal plants here. Lord Hayagrivar is the hill temple with Mahalakshmi. Vaishnava Acharya Nikamantha Maha Desikan performed penance in this Oushadachalam and had the darshan of the Lord and Garuda, the eagle vehicle of Lord Vishnu. This is the Hayagrivar temple in the Vaishnava history.

Sesha Theertham:

thiruvahindipuram-2810aOnce the Lord felt thirsty and asked Garuda to bring him water. As Garuda felt a delay in his errand, he asked Adisesha to strike a spring with his tail and offer water to the Lord, hence this came to known as Sesha Thirtha. This is a prayer well in the temple. People offer salt, pepper, jaggery into the well and pray for health. Even tumour, heat boils are cured by this prayer. Those experiencing Sarpa dosha pray to the snake here for relief.


thiruvahindipuram-2810bAdisesha, the snake bed of the Lord, constructed Thiruvahindipuram. Brahmma performed penance in the nearby hill and came to be known as Brahmmachalam. The Sanskrit Achalam means hill. The place and temple have the hymns of Thirumangai Azhwar. Ord Shiva, Indira, Bhoomadevi, sage Bruhu, Sage Markandeya performed penance here. Noted Vaishnava Acharya Nikamanda Mahadesikan had praised the Lord of Thiruvahindipuram in his hymns.

The Garuda River brought by Garuda flows nearby. The water is reddish in colour due to a curse of a Rishi, it is said. As the river flows north south, it has the effect of a dip in river Ganga itself.

Sri Desikan:

thiruvahindipuram-2810cSri Vedanta Desika performed penance here and had the Darshan of Garuda and Hayagrivar. He lived here for 40 years. The house he resided is still there called Desikan Thirumaligai. He also dug a well still could be seen. He authored a number of hymns from Thiruvahindipuram only. His addressing the Lord was in Madhura Bakthi style ( considering the Lord as the Lover). He also sculpted his own idol, which can be seen even today.

Aarukaala Puja (6 time Puja) is followed in the temple in accordance with the Vaishnava Agamas. Those who are unable to visit Tirupathi will have equal benefit if they come to the shrine here.

General Information:

Thiruvahindipuram is 6 kms from Cuddalore, 22 from Panruti, 50 from Villupuram and 20 from Pondicherry. Lodges are available at Cuddalore for those visiting the shrine with family. Charges range from Rs. 2oo to Rs. 600. Bus conveyance is available from Panruti, Cuddalore to Thiruvahindipuram. Nearest railway station is Thirupathiripuliyur and airport Chennai.


10 days Devanathaperumal Brahmmotsavam in Chithirai (April-May). On the 5th day the Lord comes procession Garuda called Garuda Sevai a pleasant experience to enjoy the darshan of the Lord.tival. 9th day festival also is very significant called Theerthavari and Vidayattri. The crowd exceeds a lakh on this day.

Vaikasi (May-June) visakam, Nammazhar Sathumurai is a 10-day festival. Narasimha Jayanthi, Adi New moon day in July-August, Adipooram, Avani –August September-Pavithra Utsav, Krishna Jayanthi in the same month, Maha Desikan Brahmmotsavam in October-November, Iypasi Deepavali, festivals for the first three Azhwars, Boothatazhwar, Poigai Azhwar and Peyazhwar, Hanumath Jayanthi, Vaikunda Ekadasi, Andal Thirukalyanam, Makara Sankranthi, Srirama Navami are the festivals very devotionally celebrated in the temple. Almost there is a festival each month.


thiruvahindipuram-2810dThe Devas, considered to belong to the divine community in the celestial world became arrogant and proud because of the high position they were enjoying but were defeated by the demons and deprived of their positions. They came to Oushadachalam-Thiruvandipuram and appealed to Lord Narayana to help them and the Lord conceded. But Shiva stood on the Demons’ side and severely attacked the Devas. Lord Narayana sent his weapon the Chakra the wheel and killed the demons. Finally all surrendered to Lord Narayana. He gave darshan to all as Narayana, Shiva and Brahmma. As He was the Commander of the Devas, he came to be known as Devanatha. Knowing that the Lord intended to be present their, Adisesha built town that came to be known as Thiru-Ahindee-puram meaning Adiseshapuram.

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