Sri Avinashiappar – Temple, Avinashi

Presiding deity :       Avinashiappar
Goddess:       Karunambikai
Praised by :      Sundaramurthy Nayanar
District :      Coimbatore
Reputation  :     Swayambulingam
Holy tree :      Padhiri Tree
Place  :     Avinashi
Other name :     Avinashilingam
Holy spring  :     Kashi theertham
Scriptural name :      Thirupukkoliyur


avinashi-topThose aspiring for a child come here for the boon as Avinashi is the holy land where a boy was reclaimed from a crocodile that swallowed him some years back.

Nagakannika worshipped Shiva here. The devotees come here for release from the evils of snake effects. No fear of death and ensuring longevity for the devotees.

All the expectations of the devotees are fulfilled here. Marriages delayed also get materialized sooner. Devotees attain full peace of mind after a visit and worship in the temple of Avinashiappar.

Prayer commitments:

avinashi-aDevotees offer Dhoti and Sari to the God and Goddess. Abishek is performed in oil, milk and tender coconut. Some devotees undertake some fasting here, offer charities, perform penance, do dhyan etc., as these undertaking is believed to yield manifold rewards, if performed here. Usual rituals are also done. Feeding the visitors and offer the nivedhana to the deity are also followed.

Speciality of the Temple:

Meaning of Avinashilingam. Vinasha means destruction. Avinashi means prevention of destruction and ensuring eternity.

The Padhiri tree, the holy tree of the Avinashiappar temple blossoms only during the Brammotsavam festival. It won’t during other seasons. It is said that the tree’s devotion to the deity is expressed this way.


avinashi-bDevotees offer Kalabhairavar in the temple with a garland made of Vadai, a popular dish of Tamilnadu. This prayer ensures success in litigations and relief from false allegations. This worship to Kalabhairava is undertaken during new moon, full moon days, Ashtami. The Kalabhairava is within the temple here while in other places, it is outside the main prakara of the temple.


Behind Goddess Karunambikai, a scorpion symbol is sculpted which, if worshipped promises relief from the fear of poisonous bites, bad dreams ensuring a peaceful sleep, believe the devotees.

Reputation of the temple:

avinashi-cAvinashi is a holy place where a boy swallowed by a crocodile years back was reclaimed with the grace of Lord Avinashiappar. The holy thread (Upanayanam) ceremony was performed for the boy then.

The Lord is Swayambumurthy here. It is here Goddess Parvathi performed penance for 1000 years and Lord Brahmma 100 years. The divine elephant Iravadha attained salvation. Thadaga, the dancer of the Indraloka got relieved of her curse worshipping the Lord. Saivite saint Sundarar worshipped the Lord for reclaiming the boy swallowed by the crocodile, in his Thevaram hymns. The antiquity of the temple dates back to 2000 years. Lord Muruga in the temples is praised by saint Arunagiriar in his Thirupugazh.

General information:

Avinashi is 40 kms from Coimbatore and 5 fromTirupur. Convenient accommodation facilities are available as the temple is in the heart of the town, charges ranging from Rs. 150 to Rs. 300. People can stay at Coimbatore and Tirupur also as frequent conveyance facilities are comfortably available. The nearest railway station is Tirupur and airport Coimbatore.


avinashi-dThe 12 day Brahmmotsavam symbolizing the penance of Brahmma on Lord Shiva is very famous attracting a crowd of about 50 thousand. Commemorating the 1000 years penance of the goddess, the Adi Thapsu is also very important in the line of festivals of the temple. New moon, full moon days, the Pradosha, Tamil and English new year days and Pongal are celebrated with special pujas to God and Goddess attracting huge crowd.


It is said that Avinashi is half Kaashi (Varanashi) What one would get from the Kaashi pilgrimage is open to the devotee in Avinashi too. One story is not only thrilling but inspiring too, While one of the three saivite Saints Sundarar was walking in the streets of Avinashi, he heard a sound of sorrow from one house and an enjoying sound from another simultaneously. On enquiry, Sundarar came to know the former lost the son swallowed by the crocodile in the temple while playing with the other belonging to the opposite house. They were celebrating the holy thread – Upanayanam – ceremonly for their boy. The parents of the other boy could not do it as he was lost to the crocodile. He ought to be 3 as the other boy too. Sundarar went straight to Lord Avinashiappar and appealed to him through his Thevaram song to give the boy back. The response from the Lord came spontaneously as the crocodile came out of the tank and delivered the boy safely with a three years growth due to him. Sundarar brought back the boy to the parents and conducted the Upanayanam – the holy thread ceremony.

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