Shri Sorimuthu Aiyanar Temple – Karayar

Presiding deity:      Sorimuthu Aiyanar
Origin :    Sri Aiyappan
Consorts :     Bommakka and Thimmakka
Goddess :    Pechiamman
Watching deity :     Boodhathar (Kaval Deivam)
Importance:     Valai Pagadai
Holy spring :    Tambiraparani
Place :    Papanasam
Scriptural name:     Karayar
District:     Tirunelveli


karayar-topMany families worship Sorimuthu Aiyanar as their family deity. Those seeking child boon and relief from spells and evil effects come here. Those facing litigations and court problems place their prayers to Sorimuthu Aaiyanar. The place also serves as a health resort as it is in pleasant environment.

Those committing a visit to Sabarimala come here and wear the Mala (chain) in this temple. Their number alone counts high.

Prayer commitment:

People offer chappals to one deity here named Valai Pagadai, a strange custom followed here. Other usual rituals as abishek and archanas also are feeding visitors (Annadhanam).


karayar-aAccording to the Kundalini Yoga Sastra, the human body and places of divinity are linked with six Chakras each representing a particular part. This temple, Sorimuthu Aiyanar Temple is also connected with some reputed holy places. The Mooladhara (sitting portion) is connected with Thiruvarur Tiruparankundram Sorimuthu Iyanar, Swadishtanam (just above the sitting or Asana position) with Thiruvanaika, Tiruchendur and Achankoil, Vishuddhi (the neck area) with Kalathi, Kundruthoradal and Pandalam, Agna (between the eyebrows) Kasi, Pazhamudirsolai and Sabarimala and Brahmmarandram (the head) with Kailash, Kadirkamam and Kandamalai.


karayar-bThe temple has its origin with Aiyappan. With a view to do away with the evils of caste systems, Aiyappan came to this place in the form of a human and married the two daughters of Muthupattan belonging to backward community. People also pray to Sorimuthu Aiyanar to get more milk from their cows. People offer bronze bells to Boothathar in the temple. As the temple happens to be the first Aiyappan temple, people committing to Sabarimala begin their undertaking by wearing the Mala from here. A beautiful temple in the Pothigai hill surroundings.

General Information:

karayar-cKarayar is 60 kms from Tirunelveli, 215 from Thoothukudi. Accomodation facilities are available in Vikramasingapuram at the foot of the hills. But those coming with family may choose accommodation either in Ambasamudram or Tirunelveli. The charges range from Rs. 100 to 150. Adequate bus facilities are available from Tirunelveli. People have to take the bus for Karayar Anai. However hiring cab or van would be more comfortable. Nearest railway station Ambasamudram. Airport Madurai.


An estimated 2 lakh devotees come to Karayar on Thai and Adi Amavasya (new moon) days. Also all Amavasya days are very devotionally observed in the temple. People make tents to stay in the temple a month in advance. They bring with them all provisions for cooking to fulfill their prayer commitments.


karayar-dA Brahmin, Muthupattar by name lived in North India. His brothers were discussing about Ramayana. During their talks, the brothers asked Muthu Pattar about the re- lationship of Rama with Sita. Pattar said Uncle. Beaten by the brothers for his ignorance about the epic story, he came to Pothigai hills. He lost himself to the two daughters of one Valai Pagadai belonging to the backward community. As community was a hurdle to marry them, he declared himself as a member of the community. Quite unfortunately, on the conjugal night, a cow was stolen and Muthupattar went in search of the cow and was killed in a quarrel there His two wives also embraced death along with him. According to a manual of Tavancore state on Aiyappan, Muthupattar himself came out as Sorimuthu Aiyanar.

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