Shri Heddayamman – Nagarajar Temple Manjakombai – Manihada

Presiding deity :      Nagarajar
Goddess :    Heddayamman
Other Goddess :    Santhanalakshmi
Significance :    Feet of Lord Rama
Holy tree :     Banyan tree
Holy spring :    Santhanakulam
Beauty:     Green lawn
Situated at :    Manihada
Place:     Manjakombai
District:     The Nilgiris


manihada-topAfter completing the pujas and worshipping at the Nagarajar shrine, the devotee takes a piece of white cloth and a lime to the Santhanalakshmi shrine and after the worship there, go round the shrine and make out a cradle with the white piece of cloth for getting a progeny. It is also believed and experienced by the devotees that a visit and worship at the temple, reforms people of evil habits as drinking and smoking. The green natural environment also makes the place an ideal health destination. People also enjoy mental peace.

Prayer commitments:

Those who pray for a child, carry a child in arm and walk on fire and offer hair to the deity.

Those suffering from the effects of Nagadosha (snake effects) pour milk in the anthill in the temple and place a fruit. Continuing this practice for a few Amavasya – new moon day – the devotee gets relief from Naga dosha.

Feet symbol of Lord Rama:

manihada-aAccording to hearsay, while Lord Rama was passing through these temple, he has left his print of his feet on a rock here during his 14 years Vanavasa – forest life. There is also a feet symbol on a rock confirming this faith. A large number of Rama devotees visit this temple. The high monkey population in the locality support the Ramayana theory.


The temple is considered very powerful in healing the miseries of the devotees.

Visitors come to the temple from various other states of India,

The feet symbol of Lord Rama is revered highly by the devotees.

Even today there lives a snake in the Nagaraja temple which has formed an underground passage to go to Heddai Amman Temple. Above all, the temple is situated in a poetically beautiful environment ensuring a high degree of mental peace to the visitors.

General Information:

manihada-bManjakombai Manihada temple is 22 kms from Ooty, 22 from Coonoor, 100 from Coimbatore, 20 from Manjur. Accomodation facilities are available at Ooty, the charges ranging from Rs. 300 to Rs. 1000.

As Ooty is a very famous tourist centre of Tamilnadu, adequate bus facilities are available. From Ooty, people have to come to Flag Post (Kaikatti) and take van or cab to reach Heddaiamman temple.


Pookundam (or walking on fire) festival is observed on May 1 and 2 each year attracting a crowd of minimum 50 thousands. A devotee, undertaking this commitment – walking on the fire – should follow a strict ordeal for 48 days and wear yellow or red cloths only. Some ladies use to wear a scarf of these colours around their neck. On the day of walking on the fire, they should do it with an empty stomach that ensures fulfillment of their aspirations.

manihada-cThe crowd in Nagarajar temple on each Amavasya (new moon day) will be huge.


manihada-dWhile people were collecting sand in Manjakombai for building a temple, people heard a sound and found a Nagaraja idol and two caves. When they dug there for building a temple for the Nagaraja, a rock obstructed the construction work. When the rock was removed there was a live snake. The temple for the Goddess and Nagaraja were raised in the same places. It is that snake, believed to be still alive.

This is one of the beautiful spots in The Nilgiris.

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