Lord murugan blessings

Forms of subramanya: some worship subramanya in a god form with sulam or spear and some worship Him as a big serpent.Some others worship murugan in a boy form which is called bala muruga. Any form is … [Read more...]

Murugan – Ravi varma painting

If you just worship this lord murugan with bhakti or faith, you may ignore all the above. However, the faith should be strong. As the nectar cleanses our body from all poisons, the worship cleanses … [Read more...]

Palani Murugan

People in politics would get benefit from murugan worship by getting good position or top positions. Rules in murugan worship: Every stotra will have rishi, chandas, god, beeja,sakthi, … [Read more...]

Tiruchendur murugan

Many people undergo to difficulties, troubles in life sometimes.Employment troubles, job insecurity, troubles in job,business problems, indecision between job and business,losses in business,etc. some … [Read more...]

Tiruttani murugan

Lord Murugan is a special God with special powers. By worshipping lord murugn (muruga)with deep devotion, faith,bhakti all the troubles and difficulties in ones' life vanish and good days start … [Read more...]

Shri Suriyanar Temple – Suriyanarkoil

Presiding deity  :    Sivasuriyan Related planet:      Sun Shape:     Rath Goddess:     Ushadevi – also Chayadevi Vinayaka :    Koletheertha Vinayakar Holy tree :    Vellerukku Holy spring  :    Surya … [Read more...]

Sri Mahasaraswathi Temple – Koothanur

Goddess :     Mahasaraswathi Respect :     Gnanapeetam (a place of wisdom) Other name:     Kalaimagal – (Goddess of wisdom) Height:    5 feet Reputation :    The shrine is known as Dakshina … [Read more...]

Shri Sorimuthu Aiyanar Temple – Karayar

Presiding deity:      Sorimuthu Aiyanar Origin :    Sri Aiyappan Consorts :     Bommakka and Thimmakka Goddess :    Pechiamman Watching deity :     Boodhathar (Kaval Deivam) Importance:     Valai … [Read more...]

The Navabashanam Temple – Devipattinam

Deities  :     The nine planets – Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus,Saturn, Dragon’s head dragon’s tail. Installation by :    Sri Rama Speciality :    In the midst of sea Epic :    The … [Read more...]

Sri Nagarajar Temple – Nagercoil

Presiding deity:       Nagarajar also known as Nagaramman Installation:      Under the water Reputation :     Swayambu - exists of its own Sanctum:      Sanctorum Palm leaf roof Holy tree:      … [Read more...]