Microsoft damped Hotmail

Microsoft has decided to retire a brand which has been with it for the last 15 years – free Internet-based email service Hotmail. The company took a decision to fold it in under the familiar name of … [Read more...]

Faster Web with HTTP 2 Protocol

Making the Web Faster with HTTP 2 Protocol The HTTP protocol version 2.0 is in the process of being defined. There was a call for proposals and several researchers submitted specifications and ideas … [Read more...]

Google pays for using Google+

Here is very happy news for Google+ lovers. In an attempt to increase the popularity Google+, Google has plans to pay their users of Google+. Google decided to pay their Google+ users based on the … [Read more...]

Top reasons you should use Google+

Google launched its much awaited social effort, creatively titled "Google Plus" over the last week much to the excitement of people who have nothing better to do in life. But will it be successful? … [Read more...]