Top 25 Firefox addons for better Twitter Experience

Twitter is also among the most popular Social Networking and Micro blogging site of today. With twitter you can make  text-based posts of up to 140 characters called the Tweets which is displayed on the author’s profile page. Getting a Twitter account is absolutely free and could connect with your Friends, families and other popular people by Subscribing to their tweets which is called “Following” in Twitter. You can send Private messages to the people following you and also could share links and photos in your tweets.

You can make your twitter experience even better. If you are a Mozilla Firefox browser user then here are the best Firefox addons that makes your twitter experience even more better. After the One-click install of this addons in your browser you can make your tweets directly from the browser without visiting the site. you can ever get notified and view the tweets made by the other people on some part of your browser, could make real time search on twitter and could also find the most popular and useful people to follow on Twitter.

Send/Receive Tweets

1. Echofon: Echofon is a free Firefox add-on that  notifies you when your friends make tweet on Twitter and also allows you to make tweet conveniently within your browser window. Echofon supports multiple twitter accounts handing,  shows the unread tweets count on the firefox status bar and also allows you to read and make direct messages within the firefox status bar.

2. Twitbin : Twitbin allows you to keep up with all of your Twitter conversations right from your browser sidebar. With Twitbin you can Send messages, receive messages, share links, and more.

3. Yoono : Yoono is a all in one firefox addon for multiple social networking accounts handling like  Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Friendfeed, MySpace, Flickr, AIM, MSN,  GTalk and more which will surely help you simplify your online social life. With Yoono you can make status Update across all your social networks at the same time which can be ccessed on the sidebar of your firefox browser window allowing you to get all your friend updates, update your status and share links, images and video across Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and more.

4. Twitterbar : Twitterbar allows you to make updates to your Twitter account from your firefox address bar. A small Twitter icon sits to the right of your address bar; clicking on it will post your tweet, and you can hover your mouse over it to see how many characters you have left.

5. HootSuite : Hootsuite is a little different then the above addons for making tweets in firefox. After you install hootsuite addon on your firefox browser there appears a small hootsuite icon in some part of your browser. Now when you visit and would llike to share that link then hit the Hootlet button, and automatically, the URL is shortened and text is grabbed from the site and then make a share. Hootsuite also allows you to make updates on multiple social networking site like facebook, linkedin, etc at a same time.

6. Tinytweet : Tinytweet allows you to quickly tweet by simply highlighting any text in a web page. Once you highlight any text you want to tweet, just hit the “tweet this” button to sent the tweet. The addon uses service to shorten the URL.

7. Instant Tweets : With Instant tweets you can  make tweets into your twitter profile instantly from your address bar by simply clicking the blue bird icon in the address bar or click the bird icon to tweet the current page you are on.

8. Read all Tweets : This firefox addon Show unread tweets in reverse chronological order to read easily on twitter. You can also apply this add-on to a list. Moreover it also Show replies from users you don’t follow and also Notify new DMs too.

9. Tweetlol : This extension provides a full-featured Twitter client as a Firefox sidebar pane. It is designed to be fast and unobtrusive, and doesn’t get in your way. It aims to provide all the features you’d expect from a modern Twitter client, without the bloat.

10. Tweet line : Tweet Line shows your friend’s time line Twitter on your browser tool bar (as like as electric bulletin board). it’s also possible to update your status and add/remove favorites.

11. Friendbar : Friendbar allows you to control your Facebook and twitter account staying within the firefox toolbar. Friendbar displays a running stream of text and photo updates right on the toolbar, and allows you to post updates, to like, comment, update, retweet, dm, and reply from the toolbar itself.

12. Twitkit : TwitKit is a Twitter sidebar for Firefox. TwitKit has a 6-section interface, using tabs to separate content. You can view the Twitter public timeline, your user timeline, a list of your friends and their latest tweets, a list of your followers and their latest tweets, @replies made to you, and stats about your account.

Realtime Search

13. Search Cloudlet : Search Cloudlet inserts smart tag clouds into Google / Yahoo / Twitter interface to help you search faster. Tag Cloud will show you all the keywords relevant to your search results. Search Cloudlet offers full organic integration of cloud-based navigation into all Twitter functionality. After installing Search Cloudlet, users get tag clouds inserted into their Twitter home-pages, search pages, profile pages, favorites and even into public timeline

14. Twitter Search : This search plugin gives you quick access to the real-time Twitter search.

15. TwitGlee : With Twitglee you can search Twitter and Google Together. Compare results simultaneously. Get Real Time as well as General Google results.

16. Twicsy : Twitsy is a realtime Twitter Picture Search Engine – Real time pic search of Twitpic, yFrog, flickr photos and more.

Make Multimedia Tweets

17. Power Twitter : Power Twitter is a powerful firefox twitter addon which allows you to share pictures on twitter via TwitPic. It also includes the features like inline YouTube, Flickr, TwitPic, Google Maps,, and all sorts of playable/viewable media, link expansion, tweets language translation, search scoped to a specific user and much more.

18. Twetty Tunes : Tweety Tunes allows to post your currently playing songs to Twitter with a click. As a bonus, you can also post the websites you’re visiting, videos you’re watching and more.

19. Twitpix express : With Twitpix express you can instantly share any photo from any web site on Twitter by right-clicking on the photo and clicking “Share photo on Twitter while you surf and without having to leave the site you are on.

20. : lets you share music links on Twitter and other services. To share the the music in twitter right-click the link to a music file and then select ‘ Share This Song’ in the context menu shown.

21. Shareaholic: Shareaholic is the easiest way to share twitter using Facebook, Twitter, Google mail readers, evernote, bitly and various other social bookmarking site. The biggest advantage of using this software is it save time where you can use 1 click access to your favorite URL shorteners like, etc.


22. Clean tweets : Clean tweets is the easiest way to to prevent spam while using twitter search. There might be various malware or porn site that are sending tweet. Therefore it helps to prevent to tweeting spam trends. Beside this the main advantage of clean tweet it that it automatically deletes any tweets from account that are less than than 24 hrs old and the user can specify that how long it can be.

23. Twitter Glossary: Twitter glossary is the effective add-on for Firefox users that has numerous advantage. The user can add the definition to the personnel glossary the follower using the same extension can able to access or see the definition as floating tool tip text when the user use it in a tweet. It also allow users to define words and terms that they are regularly use in tweets.

24. Twitzer: Most of the user are familiar that twitter only allow 140 character limit at twitter. If the user want to extend its limit than 140 the easiest way is by installing the twitzer extension. But before tweeting the user has to click on “twitzer text” The extension allow user to save the full text at, which create a URL and replace the typed text with the summary and URL

25.Fox Notifier: Fox Notifier is a effective add-on that helps to notify when new update will come from twitter. Beside twitter it can be used in any website feeds. Fox notifier show a real time notification update in your status bar. The Fox notifier has simple and easy to use interface that contains simple buttons options dialog and right click menu which helps to manage twitter update information and other websites.

Source: Technerves

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