How to use Group Schedules in Microsoft Outlook

Outlook lets you view the free/busy status of other users, either through Exchange Server or through a free/busy server such as the one offered by Microsoft or your own internal free/busy server. You're probably aware that you can view someone else's

Prevemt IE6 users from using picture toolbar

IE6 users now have access to the image toolbar that allows users to easily print, copy, email, save, and resize pictures. Here's how to disable it. Internet Explorer 6.0 and greater now gives users the image toolbar. This allows users to easily

How to Avoid Pornography sites

If you've decided to give up online pornography, you're visiting the right guide. If you want to protect your family from online pornography, you're visiting a very useful guide. Regardless of how you arrived at this decision, be it your ethics,

ASP – Cache external images

Today, i got requirement from one of the my client, he wants to show external images in his website, like YouTube preview image, Google video thumbnail, Flicker images. When user add the URL to his server, these images are cached in his

ASP does force to download file

Many people asked me, how to provide option for downloading the file, such as MS-Word, MS-Excel, PDF and etc,. Here is solution, Use force download, instead of giveing direct link to file. How it is works? When you serve a document from a Web

Most Common SEO Mistakes

You've heard many people talking about Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and its importance in the visibility of your Portal website or Blog or Forum. Well, it is vital to your website, but there are certain rules to follow and certain techniques that

Choosing best page names for your Website

In this article I would like to comment how to choose best web site page names to achieve best possible visitor's experience and search engine ranking. Firstly one needs to understand the difference between static and dynamic URLs(Uniform Resource

Enabling right click on sites that disable it

Lots of web sites have disabled the right click function of the mouse button... it's really, really annoying. This is done so that you don't steal (via right-click->save picture) their photos or images or any other goodies. Unfortunately, it

Hide secret files inside your photos(.jpg)

Step by Step Instructions: Required: Windows 2000 / XP (probably Vista, too!) Basic Knowledge of the Command Prompt Winrar Gather your image and the files you wish to lodge into it. Here I have a meeting.txt which which I will slap