Centmin Mod

Centmin Mod – Menu based Nginx, PHP-FPM, MariaDB auto installer script for CentOSCentmin modified Nginx installer script with full menu installation support.

What is Centmin Mod?

Centmin Mod is for installation on CentOS operating system only. It is a modified version of Centmin original script which auto installs Nginx web server with log rotation along with various software: PHP-FPM with log rotation, better performing MySQL fork, MariaDB 5.2.x MySQL server, Memcached v1.4.13, Memcache v3.0.5, choice of PHP opcode cachers like Xcache v2.0.0 and APC Cache v3.1.10, ImageMagicK, Suhosin and FFMPEG optional PHP extensions, CSF Firewall, Siege benchmark as well as CentOS updated version of Python v2.7.2. Also included is a custom ioping.sh disk i/o benchmark script which is a wrapper script to use ioping to test disk’s random and sequential disk speeds. Recently, the Centmin Mod version switched to full menu installation support for CentOS operating systems.

Centmin Mod follows original Centmin version in trying to keep out of box installs to minimal memory usage on CentOS 5.5/5.6/5.7/6.0/6.1/6.2 versions. The difference is Centmin Mod script is much more tuned for performance and the framework is there to tune for large CentOS dedicated server installs as well as low end boxes / VPS with low memory allocations.

Centmin Mod recently got it’s own domain name – centminmod.com and is hosted on 4x 512MB / 1GB Burst OpenVZ based VPSes (web1-4) load balanced via Haproxy load balancer on web3. All 4x VPS run CentOS 6.2 32bit and have the entire web server setup installed via Centmin Mod based Nginx v1.1.x / v1.2.x web server with PHP 5.3.11 PHP-FPM and MariaDB 5.2.12 currently. Additional VPS will be added for MariaDB 5.2.x MySQL database backend to implement Tungsten Replicator based MySQL master/slave replication

How to install Centmin Mod ?

Preferably, use CentOS 6.0 – 6.3 operating system where possible. If possible, setup a test server or virtualised server via Virtualbox or VMWare to test out Centmin Mod before doing install on live server. For quick tests, you can easily setup a512MB memory, 16GB hard disk storage Secured Cloud VM server instance using SecuredServers.com Cloud with costs starting from US$0.025 per hour. Benchmarks on Secured Cloud VM instance here.

Secured Cloud VM setup tip: To make your Centmin Mod install web accessible on Secured Cloud VMs, they have their own firewall enabled in Secured Cloud VM customer admin area that only allows port 22 and 3389 by default. For Centmin Mod installs, you can disable Secured Cloud VM’s firewall and let Centmin Mod CSF firewall take over.

You’ll need a VPS or dedicated server with full root user + SSH2 telnet access to install Centmin Mod. Logged in as root user via SSH2 telnet type these commands:

1. Download latest version of Centmin Mod from (you can find latest version info here) and download athttp://vbtechsupport.com/920/. Download link will later move to centminmod.com domain.

cd /usr/local/src
wget http://vbtechsupport.com/centminmenu/centmin-v1.2.2-eva2000.20.zip

2. Extract files and change to centmin-v1.2.2mod directory and chmod +x centmin.sh bash script.

unzip centmin-v1.2.2-eva2000.20.zip
cd centmin-v1.2.2mod
chmod +x centmin.sh

3. Run centmin.sh menu based installer and if this is first time installing, select option #1 for Centmin Install. If you are upgrading a server which already previously had Centmin Mod installed, you DO NOT need to run option #1, instead run option #4 and then #5 for upgrading Nginx web server and upgrading PHP.


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