Google tips & tricks

Google’s Official Blogs

If you want to give your Blog a Web presence without spending a lot of time or money, a google optimization is the answer and this is all about google blogs. Now a days blogosphere is pretty crowded and they know that they have something to say, whether it’s heavy […]

Did You Know How These Names Came About!

Adobe – came from name of the river Adobe Creek that ran behind the house of founder John Warnock. Apache – It got its name because its founders got started by applying patches to code written for NCSA’s httpd daemon. The result was ‘A PAtCHy’ server — thus, the name […]

Browser tips & tricks

IE9 Beta Scheduled For August

Hot on the heels of the release of Firefox 4.0 Beta 1 we received word that Microsoft’s new Internet Explorer has been scheduled for an August release date. Apparently, IE9 had a strong start with more than 2 million downloads already. Next month we will get a first true look […]

Internet Explorer 10 Preview

Internet Explorer 10 (IE 10) Microsoft has almost always tied up the development of Internet Explorer browser with Windows. Whenever a new version of Windows is shipped out, the IE browser’s version also gets an upgrade. Windows XP came with IE6, Windows Vista had IE7 and Windows 7 had IE8 […]

iPhone tips & tricks

Top 50 Tools & Resources for Web Designers

An effective, well-organized work flow is an important asset of professional web designers. The more useful and time-saving your tools are, the more time you can focus on important things, thus creating a foundation for timely good-quality results. The problem is that there are just way too many tools, services […]

Top 5 YouTube – Technology Videos in 2010

YouTube is all over and just like it grew more influential in 2009, it continued its domination of being the number one website to share videos online. Recently YouTube released certain trends to help people look for latest trends. I decided to look for the top 5 videos which were tech […]

Windows tips & tricks

Windows 1.0 to Windows 8

Windows 1.0 – 1985 The first version of MicroSoft Windows, Windows 1.0 with simple applications and the concept of multitasking on PC. Windows 2.0 – 1987 The second version of windows, Windows 2.0 with some fixes and Control Panel Windows 2.1 – 1988 The second version of Windows with some […]

Google Drive – iCloud, Dropbox, SkyDrive and Box comparison

Google has launched Google Drive, its online storage service. We look at how it compares to Dropbox, iCloud and others. Google Drive – Web, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS (tba) 5GB: Free  25GB: $2.49(£1.54)/month  100GB: $4.99/month  1000GB: $49.99/per month The search engine giant has opened up its new storage service to […]

Open Source news

Ubuntu 11.04 released

Canonical today announced the release of Ubuntu a fast-growing open-source operating system on April 28, 2011 for public download.  Ubuntu 11.04 stands out from its competitors as a genuine free alternative to Windows, allowing users to personalise their PC with free and paid apps in a way that’s proven hugely […]

Google Finetunes Chrome 6 Dev, Firefox 4 Inches Towards Beta Release

Google and Mozilla have release new versions of the developer versions of their latest browsers. Chrome 6 focuses on interface improvements and native PDF integration, both of which were updated in the latest builds. Mozilla released the second candidate build of Firefox Beta 1. Google should be close to be […]