Actress Trisha news & gossips

Trisha is an Indian film actress and model, who primarily appears in Tamil and Telugu language films, but has also appeared in Hindi language films. Checkout the latest Trisha movies, photo shoot, videos, news and gossips.

Trisha on her Bollywood appearance

Actress Trisha proved herself in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada film and few years back she was the top actress in these language movies. But, coming to Bollywood, she made an entry to Bollywood with the … [Read more...]

Trisha goove in Item Song

Temptress from Chennai, Trisha has some unrealized dreams in touch wood and she is going after them at last. Don't worry, her dream is not about sizzling in item numbers, but her desire to shake a … [Read more...]

Dual role for Jeyam Ravi again?

Actor Jeyam Ravi has been pinning all hopes on his upcoming film Bhooloham that will be released shortly. Meanwhile he is simultaneously shooting for three films - Romeo Juliet, Thaniyoruvan and an … [Read more...]

Trisha For 1 Hr, Anjali For 20 Mins

Abruptly falling from the top-slot, dusky siren Trisha is looking forward for one of the biggest movies that could change her career a little bit now. At the same time Telugu siren Anjali is also … [Read more...]

Trisha to Romance Bala Krishna

Nandamuri Bala Krishna is a happy man these days. His recent film Legend turned out to be the biggest grosser in his career and he won from Hindupur as an MLA. Now, Balayya is concentrating on his … [Read more...]

Dusky Trisha goes deglam!

Dusky Chennai beauty Trisha is always praised for her love towards animals, and she rescues as many dogs as many number of pizzas she eats. Here comes this hottie again doing something that most … [Read more...]

Chennai beauty riding Wild Horses

Taking a break from her work and no-work days, dusky siren from Chennai, Trisha traveled to Canada to make the best of her vacation. Apart from participating in few cultural fests, fashion shows and … [Read more...]

Why Trisha upset?

Pint-sized beauty Trisha, whose career is on a downward spiral of late, is upset over her 10-year filmy career. Expressing her dissent, she said she didn't get a role that could prove her acting … [Read more...]

Trisha Supports Second Marriage

Parts of conservative Indian society still considers that once a woman loses her husband, either due to death or due to a divorce, she should not remarry. Also society looks that woman as if she is a … [Read more...]

Will Nayantara play Aunty

Hot and wet Nayantara A picture is worth thousand words, and if a lady like Nayantara is standing tall in it, then it will speak even all those books in a romantic library. Here comes the … [Read more...]

Trisha upset with Double Blow

Of course, this dusky beauty from Chennai got upset long back and hence there is no Telugu movie of her since Dammu. But still our aged seductress wants to prove that she is ready for the big gamble. … [Read more...]

Trisha in tears

She has been one actress, who has been exerting her best efforts in giving the best performance. The actress has managed to be on top of charts over the span of ten years. While her kitty is filled … [Read more...]