Shruti Hassan’s Small-Big theory

Ever since the news of Shruti Hassan's guest role in 'Ramayya Vastavayya' came to limelight, Movie buffs began questioning why did she take the risk of doing a role which has less screen space at the … [Read more...]


Advise to Shruti Hassan

The more we scale heights the more patient one should be. Also one needs to learn handling things tactfully such that no one gets hurt. All big celebrities have these things well built in … [Read more...]

Shruti Hassan vs Alia Bhatt

Shruti Hassan vs Alia Bhatt

Both the actresses were seen in the same shimmer gown at two different occasions. Shruti Hassan opted to wear it for SIIMA 2013 while Alia Bhatt was seen in it at the photo shoot for Hello … [Read more...]


I Don’t know acting? What a Joke!

“A Mango tree will bear only mango fruits not oranges, I am the heir to a great actor. So if someone says I don’t know how to act then it is nothing but a joke.” These are the words from Shruti … [Read more...]

Shruti Hassan pink-power

Shruti Hassan’s pink-power

Shruti Hassan has protested the rise of crimes against woman in India in her own style. The sexy siren joins the movement with her latest photo shoot which is meant to highlight the points like 'Girl … [Read more...]

Shruti Hassan in Spain for NTR

Shruti Hassan in Spain for NTR

This is how sensuous beauty Shruti Hassan is going to look for Young Tiger NTR's upcoming movie 'Ramayya Vastavayya'. Posting an update directly from Spain, the young seductress says that she is … [Read more...]


Shruti Hassan to replace Tamanna

Actress Shruti Hassan has reportedly been approached for the role which was originally offered to Tamanna in upcoming Telugu action-drama "Aagadu" featuring Superstar Mahesh Babu, says a source from … [Read more...]