Rambha’s Rambage

Actress Rambha was almost despaired with incurrence of heavy loss and had no ideaabout getting along with her life. It was at this point of time; the actress received aphone call from the office of … [Read more...]

When a stranger calls Rambha

Rambha’s comeback through ‘Quick Gun Murugan’ has thrown bolts of lightning amongst her fans. And now, there’s yet another flick that will incisively delineate Rambha in a full-fledged lead role. … [Read more...]

Wanna marry Ramba?

Ramba is now all set to return to the big screen in a big way with ‘Quick Gun Murugan’. She plays a blonde temptress called Mango Dolly and supply tons of oomph to the comedy film. While her reel life … [Read more...]

Kollywood booms on Aadi eve

It was party hopping, Kollywood style. Film producers, actors and media persons were kept on their toes, moving from one muhurat to another, when ten films went on the floors in Chennai on Monday. The … [Read more...]

Reema Sen in a sensual role

Block Buster Telugu film Yamakola is now being remade in Tamil with lot of changes. The Telugu film has crossed 100 days in more than 75 theaters. Reema Sen has donned a glamorous cabaret dancer role. … [Read more...]