Raavanan gets a Big Opening

3 years of backbreaking phase, unexpected bizarre during shooting schedules and a successful accomplishment of canning three versions at the same time… Manifestly, Manirathnam – a real Olympian of … [Read more...]

Vikram speaks about Raavanan

Raavanan is film produced in Tamil, Hindi and Telugu languages. This film directed Manirathnam has Vikram, Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai in the cast. The Tamil version is titled Raavanan, in … [Read more...]

Realms of our Superstars in Bollywood

Just as the golden period started around late 80s, the Bollywood buffs gradually turned their interests towards our Tamil film industry and actors as well. From then, it wasn’t just about remaking … [Read more...]

Global Vikram after Raavanan

We expecting a lot for Vikram after his bi-lingual ‘Raavanan’ is released. Well-wishers are hopeful that his international popularity will soar many folds after Mani Rantnam's film. That’s not saying … [Read more...]

Priyamani’s ‘Raavanan’ tragedy

Priyamani’s excited with the boons she never expected coming across her way. She is keeping her lips sparkled with barking smile as both her trilingual films ‘Raavanan’ and ‘Rattha Charithram’ is … [Read more...]

Big Pictures on Hat Trick

‘Yaavarum Nalam’, ‘Singam’ and now the biggest show of Manirathnam’s ‘Raavanan’. The producers in Big Pictures have set themselves hitting bull’s eye over the global box office with … [Read more...]

Maniratnam’s glorious birthday

He dimensioned a new way out in film industry that unbelievable things can be accomplished with an ease. ‘Nothing is Impossible’ is what he thinks, acts and preaches to his protégés. Every film of his … [Read more...]

Game starts in june

Big releases are ready to glide through the theatres for the next couple of months and medium-low budgets flicks are awaiting for their own way now. Around 12 films have been released within last 3 … [Read more...]

No Maoist, No LTTE in ‘Raavanan’

Manirathnam has been far-famed for his intellectual coalesces of reality themes blended with fictional dramas and sometime mythological epics. His evergreen masterpiece ‘Nayagan’ was partly based on … [Read more...]

Raavanan is not Just Ramayana

A special event on the Mani Ratnam-directed Raavanan was held in Chennai recently. Priyamani, Vikram, Karthik, Prabhu, Vairamuthu, AR Rahman and others participated in the event. In an effort to … [Read more...]

Storming performance of ‘Raavanan’

Possibly, this was an occasion that had never happened before. For the first time, one could witness a disciplined and neatly arranged press meet. Of course, Manirathnam – The Management Guru lays his … [Read more...]

Karthik’s skit for ‘Raavanan’

Even as the final countdown for 'Raavanan' promo meet has started, there are a lot of buzzes surrounding the much-awaited event, which is scheduled in Chennai on May 14. We already heard that lead … [Read more...]