Actress Nayantara news & gossips

Nayantara (born 18 November 1985 as Diana Mariam Kurian), is an Indian film actress. She made her acting debut in the 2003 Malayalam film Manassinakkare. Finding information about Nayatara is more interesting and again is often important. Stay Tuned!


Nayantara denies

"There's no chance at all" says Nayantara, when we meant to get it clarified that whether she is seeing her first love in cine arena - Simbu, again. It was blatant truth that the two were seeing each … [Read more...]


Nayantara speaks up on Media issue

Many times over, curvaceous Mallu beauty Nayantara avoids catching up with media and also she never attends the promotional events of the movie. So, what is the issue? If cine observers feel that she … [Read more...]


Trisha goove in Item Song

Temptress from Chennai, Trisha has some unrealized dreams in touch wood and she is going after them at last. Don't worry, her dream is not about sizzling in item numbers, but her desire to shake a … [Read more...]


Nayantara falls in Love again?

Speculation is rife in Kollywood that Nayantara has fallen in love again. According to rumour mill, Nayan is closely moving on with co-star Ganesh Venkatraman. Buzz is that both Nayantara and … [Read more...]


Nayantara is no competition

If you say the king’s second wife is good, it is equivalent to indirectly hinting that his first wife is not good. A similar situation has come up in Tamil industry. Earlier, it was rumoured that … [Read more...]