Shankar finally starts on Nanban

After keeping the audience on their toes about 3 Idiots remake for over two months, director Shankar has finally posted on the latest happenings of Nanban on his website. The director has said that … [Read more...]


Speculation continues Vijay/Surya

There has been many speculation regarding the star cast in the remake of Shankar '3 Idiots' first it was initially thought to cast Mahesh Babu in Telugu version and Vijay in Tamil version then it was … [Read more...]


S Pictures to co-produce 3 Idiots?

Director Shankar strictly adheres to the formula of producing films with good budgets, though he doesn’t exceed the limits as it happens with his other producers. Say for instance, ‘Mudhalvan’ was … [Read more...]


Ileana Private videos Ileana washing her car,Hot Actress Ileana washing her car,Ileana Private videos,Hot videos of Ileana .Private videos of … [Read more...]


Tamannaah & Ileana shun Jothi Krishna

Everyone knows that it was producer A.M Ratnam’s son Jothi Krishna who introduced Tamannaah and Ileana into filmdom in his Tamil film ‘Kedi’. The movie wasn’t a success but both girls went on to make … [Read more...]


Idiots on Search

It all began as everyone showed their keen interest over the remake of ‘3 Idiots’. Director Shankar expressed this wish during a film event and so was Vijay. Literally, the producers in Gemini … [Read more...]


Ileana is very practical

Ileana, the Telugu hottie and one of the very few actresses in India who possess a hour-glass figure, has been on top in Telugu films. Ileana debuted as heroine in Tamil films opposite Ravikrishna in … [Read more...]