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Are Bharath & Sanjana an item?

Rumour mills are working overtime that Bharath of 'Boys' and 'Vaanam' fame is seeing Kannada actress Sanjana. Reports further claim that the duo were socializing big time in Bengaluru. A media house … [Read more...]

Trisha is pregnant?

Trisha has been making headlines all the time for the baselesss rumours that keeps spreading of her getting married to a businessman in Hyderabad. Trisha cleared the air sometime before saying … [Read more...]

Trisha has shocked about the rumours

Victor, a Nigerian was arrested by Andhra Pradesh police for possession of drugs. Popular Telugu actor Ravi Teja’s brother Raghu Babu and Bharath Raj was also arrested for procuring drugs from … [Read more...]

Nakul is just a good friend: Sunaina

Sunaina has been riding a success wave. Her latest film 'Maasilamani' has been declared a hit, and it's her second back-to-back success after last year's 'Kadhalil Vizhundhaen' again with Nakul. In an … [Read more...]