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Aarya’s Lip-Lock with Anjali real

It is known that Settai is the Tamil film that is being made as a remake of Hindi film 'Delhi Belly'. The most famous lip lock scene between Imran Hashmi and Porrna Jagannath from the original is … [Read more...]

Top Sex workers Buying own Villas

Prostitution and escort services is a common fad in our country though it is illegal and there are many ways and forms it keeps happening. Moreover, the flesh trade has become like an industry wherein … [Read more...]

Why Men fall asleep after Sex

It is a problem that leaves many women frustrated but scientists have given men an excuse for sleeping immediately after sex. Men cannot help but fall asleep straight after indulging in sexual … [Read more...]

Benefits of Sex and Fantasizing

Sex is something which anyone in this world would crave for and it is due to the sheer pleasure of experiencing intimacy and physical delight. But there are many who say sex starts from the mind and … [Read more...]

Hansika Motwani’s hot affair!!!

Linkups and flings are part and parcel of the film industry and most of them are shrugged as baseless gossips. But there are times when some encounters are quite serious and it becomes a strong talk. … [Read more...]

Shruti Hassan rumors denied

Recently, there was a news about Shruti Hassan signing SS Rajamouli's upcoming film Baahubuli. Reacting to this, the director has denied such news as baseless rumour and he hadn't approached her … [Read more...]

Vijay with KV Anand?

Director cinematographer KV Anand is reported to have met Ilayathalapathy Vijay recently, to discuss the possibility of a film together. Since a couple of months ago, this has been making buzz in the … [Read more...]