Tiruvannamalai – Girivalam Day Calendar

Tiruvannamalai is a town in the state of Tamil Nadu in India situated 185 km from Chennai/Madras. It is the headquarters of the Tiruvannamalai district.

The town is a pilgrimage site, known for its Arunachaleswara Temple, located at the foot of a hill.

The annual ten-day Karthigai Deepam festival is celebrated in Karthigai Tamil month (November – December). The tenth day is the major festival day, where at the top of the hill, many lamps made of a wick in ghee are lit.

Every month on the day of the full moon many devotees worship Shiva by walking around the hill barefoot, a distance of about fifteen kilometres. There are eight lingams and many mandapas, or holy tanks, around the Arunachala hill.

Tiruvannamalai is also the place where the great Advaita Vedanta guru Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi lived from about 1900 until his mahasamadhi, or death, in 1950. A very tranquil ashram by the name of Ramanashramam is near a hill called Arunachala on the west side of town. The ashram has cows, monkeys dogs, and peacocks (including an albino), reflecting Ramana Maharshi’s love for animals. There is also a large silent meditation hall, a cafeteria, a bookstore, and rooms for devotees to stay in. Food is provided daily by the ashram to the long line of villagers who come asking for it.

Girivalam Day Calendar – 2010

Month Girivalam Day
April 27-Apr-2010 ( 01:50 pm )
28-APR-2010 (12.40 pm )
May 26-May-2010 ( 05:42 pm )
27-May-2010 ( 04:45 pm )
June 25-June-2010 ( 12:15 pm )
26-Jun-2010 ( 11:45 am )
July 24-Jul-2010 ( 05:50 pm )
25-Jul-2010 ( 05:33 pm )
August 23-Aug-2010 ( 01:58 pm )
24-Aug-2010 ( 02:58 pm )
September 22-Sep-2010 ( 10.58 am )
23-Sep-2010 ( 11:30 am )
October 21-Oct-2010 ( 05:30 pm )
22-Oct-2010 ( 06:00 pm )
November 20-Nov-2010 ( 03:40 pm )
21-Nov-2010 (04:00 pm )
December 20-Dec-2010 ( 12:45 pm )
21-Dec-2010 ( 12:30 pm )