Top destinations for Holidays in South India


Mattanchery Palace

A stone’s throw away from the mad bustling crowed city of Cochin, is Mattanchery a small typical Kerala village steeped in history. Mattanchery has been an important trading centre for the past few centuries. The town has a mixed population consisting of Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Christians and other communities. The […]


Keezharkuth, Kerala, IN

Keezharkuth waterfalls is 25 km from Thodupuzha in Idukki district of Kerala state.The Rainbow waterfalls, which cascade down a rock from a height of about 1500 mt is a wonderful attraction of this spot. It can be seen throughout the year in full swing. The forest around this spot is […]



Palakkad is the land of Palmyras and Paddy fields. It is the chief granary

Best Health tips and tricks for good health


AN APPLE A DAY Keeps Doctor Away..

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”? but why? Do you really know what makes an apple so special? Why is it that we never hear an orange or a banana a day keeps the doctor away? Apples have properties that no other fruits have and its benefits have […]


Elegant Ways for Losing Calories

Breakfast Have a quick breakfast at early in the morning including one boil-egg without yolk, two slice of brown bread and a cup of hot coffee as this would be an emphatic breakfast for you in reducing your body calories. Moreover, the use of two cups of coffee a day […]

Tamil baby names

An extensive catalog of home remedies



Consume plenty of curd. Also massaging head with curd before washing is proves to be helpful. Add 2 teaspoon of honey to a big cupful of water and have it before going to bed. Babies generally fall asleep after having honey. A cup of warm milk sweetened with honey should […]


Feet Cracks

Mix equal quantities of glycerin and lemon juice. Apply every night before going to bed. This mixture can be made and stored in a glass bottle. Massage your feet with castor oil every night (in winters) for 2-3 minutes and then wear socks at night. Grind equal amounts of neem […]


Blood Deficiency

Take 2 teaspoon of amla juice and mix it with two teaspoonfuls each of


High Cholesterol

Finely dice an onion and mix it with 1 cup buttermilk along with ¼ teaspoon


Skin Complexion

Mix equal quantities of almond oil and honey and apply on the face.



Mix 2 teaspoon tomato juice and 4 tablespoon buttermilk (chhach) and apply



Take a hot glass of water with 1 teaspoon honey and juice of ½ a lemon