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Shenduruny, Kerala, IN

The Shenduruny forest – declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1984 gets its name from an endemic species of tree called Chenkuruny (Gluta travancoria). In the central region of this moist, mixed deciduous forest, spread over hilly terrain of over 100 sq km, is the 26 sq km artificial lake formed […]


Poonjar Palace

The Poonjar Palace is a magnificent testimony to the royal luxury of a bygone era. An extraordinary royal collection of antiques and exquisite furniture including a palanquin, a thoni carved out of a single piece of wood for Ayurvedic massages, huge chandeliers, palm leaf engravings, jewel boxes, varieties of lamps, […]



Puthiyangadi, a beautiful Village, located at the Madayi Panchayath, is a

Best Health tips and tricks for good health


Health Benefits and nutritional details of Radish

Radish, the well known part of your salad, is a root crop, pungent or sweet in taste with a lot of juice. Radishes can be white, red, purple or black, long cylindrical or round in shape. They are eaten raw, cooked or pickled. The oil obtained from the seeds of […]


THE GRAPES Helps In Weight Loss

You often thought about an apple diet but always stayed away from grapes because you never considered the positive or negative aspect of this little fruit. Grapes can be beneficial to health also. Grapes are good sources of nutrients essential for our body and its health benefits are high when […]


Back Pain

What makes up the spine? The lower spine consists of five bones, called

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An extensive catalog of home remedies


The best home remedies to glow like ‘diya’

Look at that girl, isn’t she beautiful and her skin, oh! She has that perfect glow. Can’t I have a glowing skin like her? Do thoughts like these make you jealous? Everyone wants to grab that attention and look their best during the festive season. But, thanks to our stressful lives, faulty […]



1 to 2 teaspoon fresh juice of coriander (dhania) leaves is mixed in 1 cup buttermilk and taken 2-3 times. Like this:Like Loading...



5 to 10 basil (tulsi) leaves taken along with water every morning on an


Physical Weakness

Soak 2 or 3 dried figs (anjeer) overnight in 1 cup water. Eat them along



Boil 5-6 sticks of powdered cinnamon (dalchini) in a glass of water. Add a


Mouth Ulcers

Mix some coconut milk with honey and massage the gums 3 to 4 times a