Top destinations for Holidays in South India


Courtallam – The ‘Spa of the South’

Courtallam, the ‘Spa of the south’, is situated at an elevation of about 167m on the Western Ghats in Tirunelveli District. It is an excellent health resort and it is Famous for its water falls. It has an interesting legend. Devotees believes that Lord Shiva sent saint Agastheya to the […]


Echo point, Kerala, IN

Echo Point is situated just 15 km away from the famous hill station Munnar. This scenic place gets its name from the natural echo phenomenon here. Echo Point is on the way to Top Station from Munnar. The lock heart gap is very close to this spot, which is an […]


Chinnar wildlife

Chinnar is a unique thorny scrub forest with xerophyte species. Located in



Alappuzha is a district of the state of Kerala in India. It was formed as



Thalassery is in Kannur district of northern Kerala state , south western

Best Health tips and tricks for good health


Why is an Orange so good for you?

Oranges are from the citrus family and have long been known for their high vitamin C content and are often eaten or the juice quaffed when we are ill. It must also be where we got the name for the colour orange! What is in an Orange? Nutrients are based […]


7 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Your basal metabolic rate – the energy your body expends at rest – is generally determined by your genetics, but new research shows you can trick your body into burning calories more efficiently. HEALTH magazine contributor Samantha Heller offers seven tips that can help boost your metabolism and lead to […]



Definition Addiction is a dependence on a behavior or

Tamil baby names

An extensive catalog of home remedies



Mash a ripe banana and apply on burns. Bandage with betel leaves (pan ka patta). If you have a minor burn, immediately place an ice pack on the burnt area for 10 minutes. Combine 4 teaspoon each of lime juice, coconut oil and betel leaves mixture. Rub till the mixture […]



Take a hot glass of water with 1 teaspoon honey and juice of ½ a lemon first thing in the morning. Drink one litre of water first thing in the morning. Soak 6-8 dates (khajoor) in a cup of water at night. Churn in the mixer in the morning & […]



1 to 2 teaspoon fresh juice of coriander (dhania) leaves is mixed in 1 cup



Boil 1 cup mustard oil (sarson ka tel) with 4 tablespoon henna (mehendi)



Apply fresh lime juice on the head. Massage well before showering


Foot Corns

Tie a fresh slice of lemon over the corn (painful area) and keep it all


Bed Wetting

Give 2 walnut halves (akhrot giri) and 1 teaspoon of kishmish to the child