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Name Ronaldo
Birth Name Ronaldo Luis Nazário de Lima
Nick Name The Phenomenon, Rona, Ronaldinho, Fenomeno, R9, Dadado, The Extraterrestrial, Ro-Ro
Date of Birth 22th September 1976
Birth Place Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Profession Professional Football Player
Height 184 cm (6 ft)
Weight 89 kg
Eyes Brown
Nationality Brazilian, Spanish
Family Father : Nelio (Ex-soccer player on the Portuguese)
Mother : Dona Sona
Brothers : Yona, Jelio
ex-Wife : Milene Domingues
Son : Ronald
Girl Firend : Raica Oliveira (Brazilian supermodel)
Ex-Girl friend: Daniella Cicarelli (Brazilian model and MTV VJ)
Playing position Striker
Spotted by At the age of 14 he was spotted by a World Cup winning Brazilian named Jairzinho.
Current Club Italian Serie A club AC Milan
Boots number 41
Jersey number 9
Owns A1 Brazil Grand Prix Team
His first car Folzvagen Golf
Childhood hero & Idol Zico (Brazilian soccer star)
Won * Brazilian Cup (1993)
* Minas Gerais State League (1994)
* FIFA World Cup (1994, 2002)
* Stanley Rous Cup, London (1995)
* Dutch Cup (1996)
* João Gamper trophy (Spain) (1996)
* Won the bronze medal with Brazil in the 1996 Olympic Games.
* European Cup-winners Cup (1997)
* Spanish Cup (1997)
* European Supercup (1997, 2002)
* Copa America (1997, 1999)
* Confederations Cup (1997)
* European UEFA Cup ( 1998)
* Intercontinental Cup (Toyota Cup) (2002)
* Spanish League (2003)
* Spanish Supercup (2003)
* Santiago Bernabéu Trophy (2003, 2005)
* Naranja Cup of Valencia, Spain (2003)
Titles * Libertadores Supercup’s top scorer (1993)
* Copa Libertadores’s top scorer (1994)
* Minas Gerais state league’s top scorer (1994)
* Dutch league’s top scorer (1995)
* FIFA Top player (1996, 1997, 2002)
* Copa America’s top scorer (1997, 1999)
* Onze d’Or (top player of the year for the Onze Mondial french newspaper) (2002)
* Spanish league’s top scorer (1997)
* The best South american top player of the spanish league, EFE trophy (1997, 2003)
* Ballon d’Or (magazine France Football) (1997, 2002)
* Il Bravo Top foreign player in Italy (1997)
* Italian league’s top player (1998)
* World Cup’s top player (1998)
* Copa America’s top scorer (1999)
* World Cup’s top scorer (2002)
* Top player of the Intercontinental Cup’s final (2002)
* Top sportsman of the year, Reuters (2002)
* Top sportsman of the year, BBC (2002)
* Spanish league’s top scorer (2004)
Favorites Music Com voce, Samba drums collection and anything Brazilian
Films – “Behind the Sun and Brasileirinho”
Song – La Bella Luna, by Paralamas do Sucesso
Sports – Football, Golf, Basketball, Ping pong and Swimming
Athletes – Michael Jordan (basketball), Pete Sampras (tennis)
Food – Brazilian meat with bean and potatoes or fish, Mango, Hamburger, Macrao, Coca-Cola, sweets, ice – cream and Lollipop
Place – On a beach in Brazil
Actor – Stallone
Actress – Demi Moore
Color – Azzurro
Singer – Roberto Carlos
Animal – His dog (Pichichi)
Country – Brazil
City – Barcelona
Clothes – Sports wear, Jeans, regular T-Shirts and sneakers and Giorgio Armani clothes
Scared of * His old Barcelona Manager Bobby Robson
* Scoring an own goal
* Knee injuries
Feels Happy While playing for a club where the fans and his friends need him.
School time favorite team Flamengo
Advice from his mother “Always be a humble person.”
Speed, dribbling, finishing, goal scoring instincts
Hobbies Driving sports cars, Food, Playing tennis, surfing the net
Legs are insured for $ 26,000,000.
Debut March 1994, v Argentina
First National goal 1994, Brazil-Island
Records * A hat trick at Old Trafford (during a Champions League semi-final match when Real Madrid took on Manchester United).
* Six seasons with double-digit scoring totals.
* Scored 5 goals in one match with Cruziero.
Teams played * São Cristóvao (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
* Cruzeiro (Minas Gerais, Brazil)
* PSV Eindhoven (Holland)
* Barcelona (Spain)
* Inter (Italy)
* Real Madrid (Spain)
Career highlights * At the age of 17, he was playing for the junior national team in Brazil and signed a $50,000 contract.
* He starred in the 1998 World Cup, scoring four goals in leading Brazil to the Cup finals.
* His eight goals in the 2002 World Cup made him the highest scorer in a World Cup tournament for 32 years.
* He scored his 100th goal against Real Sociedad on 9th April 2006.
Salary Details Cruziero – $ 5,500 (per season)
PSV – $ 1,700,000 (per season)
Barcelona – $ 2,000,000 (per season)
Inter – $ 4,200,000 (per season)
Endorses Nike, Fireli
Facts * He was named after Dr.Ronaldo Valente M.D, who attended his birth.
* His brother was a rising star in the Gremio Club.
* At age 13, he boldly declared, “I will become the best in the world. I will be rich and help my family.”
* Signed with his first professional club at the age of 14.
* Dances the samba while scoring wonderful goals.
* Youngest player to win the FIFA award and the only player to win the award in consecutive years.
* Had his look-alike puppet in the French show “Guignols de l’info, Les” .
* Severely injured his right knee a year after the 1998 World Cup.
* As a child he was afraid of witches.
* His mother didn’t want him to play soccer because he wouldn’t study.
* Doesn’t like to do head kicks.
* His parents separated when he was 14 because of his father’s alcoholism.
* The Brazilian government hired Ronaldo for their election campaign in 1994.
* Has more than 3000 CDs of Funki music.
Personal Quotes “My big victory, as I have said before, was to play football again, to run again and to score goals again. This conquest today, our fifth world title, has crowned my struggle, my recovery” (After Brazil won the 2002 FIFA World Cup).

“I don’t consider myself as the best player in the world. I’m not obsessed with individual titles. I’m much more interested in being part of a team which wins trophies.”

“I love to score goals after passing all the defenders as well as the keeper. This is not my specialty, but my habit.”

“No one should be doomed to a life of poverty, whether by birth or as a consequence of war.”

Biggest disappointment “When Flamengo turn me down. They wanted me at the start but after that they decided to cut me from the team and even didn’t give me the money for the bus”.
Loves to Buy gifts for people he grew up with.
His Views Beckham:
“If he’s more famous here (in Madrid, Spain) there are places that I’m more famous than he is. Maybe I have won more titles, and maybe he’s more marketable than I am, that could be. But for my career it doesn’t matter. I don’t see it as an important thing, it’s a comparison that does not matter.”

Zico :
“Zico is my idol. I am trying to copy everything from him but soon I have discovered my own style. Senna was a national hero to all Brazilians. I was shocked when I knew about his death.” About his childhood:
“It’s amazing. It is like yesterday when I was still watching the stars of Brazilian football on TV, and I am one of them now. I miss my childhood. I left my family at 15 and then left Brazil for Holland when I was 17.”

About love:
“I think I am able to distinguish between those who love me and those who love my money.”

About Him Zico :
“Imagine if that 1982 Brazil team had Ronaldo…wow! His technique, his strength and the way he comes up with the important goals always make him a factor. Ronaldo is breaking all sorts of records and will keep on doing so. He has come back from all his injury problems and still produces on the pitch. That’s the mark of a great player.”

Pele :
“It’s great to see that success hasn’t changed his character. He’s modest, close to his family, and seldom says anything bad about others.”
“No matter how tightly you mark him, it’s impossible to intimidate Ronaldo.” “I’m his number one fan as a Brazilian but you can compare him to me only after he has won the World Cup (said before Japan & Korea 2002.)”

Cruyff :
“Do not compare him to anyone. He will be great only if he remains himself.”

Jairzinho :
“When the ball is at Ronaldo’s feet it’s like the team has already scored half a goal.”

Bobby Robson : (Former coach at FC Barcelona)
“You can go anywhere in the world and you won’t find a player who can score goals like Ronaldo. He can pick the ball up anywhere and turn that into a goal scoring situation on his own. He is simply sensational”

Zagallo :
“He plays soccer with a boy’s joy and a veteran’s coldness. He will stay till the 2006 World championship”. “He is the worthy successor to Pele. He is already the best forward in the world and will get better and better. His speed is incredible. He will rewrite the history books of football.”

Giovanni :
“He is the best goal scorer in the world. It was a pleasure to play with him. He is cutie, never stop smiling. Success will never go to his head.”

Linekar :
“Ronaldo’s speed with the ball is something I’ve not seen before. He can score goals from nothing with this talent.”

Cesar Gomez :
“Marking Ronaldo is the most difficult job I’ve done in my life. It’s like that I’ve played for a 500 minutes game.”

Zubizarreta :
“Ronaldo can turns every condition into a goal scoring situation all on his own. He creates his goals out of nothing.”

Valdano :
“He is like a player with a Ferrari engine programmed to score. He’s so calculating, so overwhelming powerful and so capable of winning games on his own. If he really is a Brazilian, then Brazil is a place for Martian.”

Raul :
“I try to learn from Ronaldo. His explosiveness action that enable him to get rid of defenders so easily is the thing that most impressed me. I’m simply not on his level.”

Shearer :
“Ronaldo is best all-rounded. God only knows what he can achieve in the next few years.”

Laurent Blanc :
“He is as uncontrollable as a ping-pong ball.”

Official Website
Email Id [email protected]
Wishes To end his career in Rio, where he was born and to play in the club he loves.

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