3 major cables cut disrupt web and phone traffic

Internet and telephone traffic between Europe and the Middle East and Asia have been seriously affected after a cut in three of four major underwater cables in the Mediterranean Sea near Egypt, which carries more than 70% traffic between Middle East,

The Taj and the Trident reopen today

The Taj and the Trident reopen today

The Taj Mahal Palace hotel and the Trident hotel - both damaged by last months terror attack - will reopen today after a series of reconstruction works in a period of less than one month.Both hotels have arranged tight security measures including

Rumours trigger panic about polio vaccine

Rumours spread across Tamil Nadu and Karnataka about death of children after taking pulse polio created widespread panic and chaos.Angry parents stoned hospitals and blocked traffic in many parts of the southern states including Chennai and

Counting of votes in five states today

Counting of votes will begin at 8 am on Monday in five states that went to assembly polls recently.This election result is crucial for both Congress and BJP as there is only few months for the Lok Sabha elections which is expected to happen before