Top 10 Most Awaited Bollywood Movies of 2010


Lots of movies to look forward to, in 2010. Two of the biggest stars missing from action last year return with their most ambitious movies ever. Here is our list of the Most awaited movies of 2010. 10) Raavan – Mani Ratnam is reason enough to

Top 12 Actors in Bollywood


We have created a very interesting list of Top 12 Actors in the bollywood industry, based on the box office collections of films of each actor, overseas and India combined. The Top 3 stars have all appeared in 3 films, Aamir Khan as expected tops

Top 12 Bollywood Actress

Diya-Mirza decided to venture over to the other side of the planet in search of what a hot bollywood actress looks like. What we found was a list of exotic, hot bollywood babes. This list was put together after extensive research through out the

Top 10 cute sleeping babies pictures


With their snowy skin, plump cheeks, teeny fingers and toes, and pouty rosebud lips, these newborn babies really do deserve their Sleeping Beauties nickname. Most of these pictures are from the collection of two sisters Tracy Raver And Kelley Ryden,

Top 12 extreme falling pictures


Artist Kerry Skarbakka is a man who has plummeted from high points all over the world. “The images are shot mostly on location,” said Kerry. “I travel around and find various places from which to perform. I’ve made work in Sarajevo, Croatia, Central

Top 15 Freaking Claymation Characters


Everyone knows that claymation art is a traditional art. With so many innovative forms of animation and computer technology being used to create films, adverts and TV shows, some might think that “old favorites” – such as claymation – are a thing of

Top 10 Amazing YouTube Videos


It is a special occasion when you capture that one in a million shot, when you witness an amazing spectacle and have your video camera at your side. Natural disasters and unexplained phenomena happen every day. Still, there are few videos of these

Top 20 Pictures From Rio Carnival 2010


Rio de Janeiro commonly referred to simply as Rio, is the capital city of the State of Rio de Janeiro, the second largest city of Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is famous for its natural settings, its carnival celebrations, samba, Bossa Nova and hotel-lined

Urvashi Sharma claims she is cute in Bikini


Urvashi Sharma claims, “I don’t want a bad girl image. I come from a decent family. I’m happy with the pretty and girl-next-door tag rather than being called hot and sexy. It’s not that I can’t look hot, but that won’t be me.” She goes on to add how

Charmi’s Indu is ready


Tollywood’s charming beauty Charmi’s much-awaited Telugu film Indu, directed by popular Tamil director P. Vasu of Chandramukhi fame and produced by Murarisetty Lakshman under the banner of BBS Studio, is ready for release. Some sources say the film

Dhanush appoints a gym master


Steel Body Dhanush has appointed a gym master now. Guys! Don’t laugh, we’re serious. Yeah! The actor has decided to maintain a slim body and not to put on more weight (How he has been looking so far?) Right from the morning tea till his night dinner,