PASSION FRUIT Health benefits And Nutritional Values

Passion fruit is a small egg-shaped tropical fruit, which is also known by the name of Purple Granadillas. Passion fruit contains several seeds and has wrinkled purple brown rind on maturing. The seeds and the pulp inside, both are edible, making it easier to consume the fruit. Moreover, the pulp of the fruit has a distinct aroma and has a slightly sweet taste. In tropical countries, passion fruit is primarily used for juicing. The fruit is about 1 – 3 inches wide, with a smooth and waxy coating outside. Apart from its pleasant taste and appearance, the fruit is known for its various health benefits

Passion fruit also benefits those who eat it by providing the body with high doses of Vitamin A and C. Vitamin A helps the body to remove free radicals that cause skin and tissue damage, and it helps to improve our vision. Meanwhile Vitamin C helps to repair tissue, helps prevent heart disease and cancer and helps our bones.

Now, one of the many health benefits of passion fruit is that its seeds (one cup) contains almost 25 grams of fiber. Passion fruit seeds are a great source of fiber that the body needs to cleanse the colon, improve digestion, and help prevent heart attacks and strokes.

We all have heard the buzz around the various positive effects of anti-oxidants in the body. Such useful anti-oxidants can be found in passion fruits which in turn help in treating and preventing asthma, wheezing cough and other kinds of allergic ailments. These fruits also aid in the overall relaxation of the body as they have somniferous properties and thus help in providing a restful and sound sleep when taken before sleeping. Passion fruit is thus used for the overall enhancement of health and it is also extremely beneficial for those who are in a quest for weight reduction methods.

The latest research findings offer hope for Asthma sufferers, as a recent study indicates that a flavonoid-rich extract from purple passion fruit may ease wheezing.

Fewer than 20 per cent of the subjects receiving the passion fruit peel (PFP) extract still had wheeze as a clinical symptom of asthma, compared to about 80 per cent of subjects in the placebo group, according to the findings, which were published in the journal NutritionResearch.

Moreover, coughing fell by 76 per cent in the extract group, compared to 47 per cent in the placebo group.

The seeds are edible, so the orange pulp can be eaten straight from the shell. Its pulp is very good and highly aromatic it is used for juicing;

Health & Nutrition Benefits of Eating Passion Fruit

  • The juice of passion fruit reduces cancer cell growth. Though research is underway on this issue, the phytochemicals in the fruit juice are considered to inhibit cancer cell growth.
  • The phenolic acids and flavonoids present in the fruit are supposed to possess heart-protecting function.
  • The phenolic profile of the fruit is known for its anti-microbial activity.
  • Passion fruit is a good source of antioxidants, both water soluble and fat soluble ones.
  • Passion fruit is considered good for products which require pasteurization.
  • The fruit is quite high in carbohydrates and simple sugars, which improves athletic performance.
  • It contains plant sterols, which help in lowering the levels of cholesterol.
  • Passion fruit is a reservoir of Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Potassium.
  • The seeds of the fruit are very vital sources of fiber.
  • It is supposed to possess somniferous properties, which when taken before going to bed, help the person to relax and have a restful sleep.
  • It is very good for attaining optimum health and to reduce weight.

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