Beauty Care

For that beautiful look Introduction: In scientific parlance beautifying is known as cosmetology. Today not only women but also men want to look their best. For that well-groomed look the present … [Read more...]


Shape them nice Awareness about beauty and fitness is increasing by the day in this competitive world where appearance matters the most. This demand has opened up career options for many beauticians … [Read more...]


A great career Banks help people to save money, borrow money and invest money. Banking is a vast subject that deals with receiving deposits and lending. They provide a variety of other financial … [Read more...]


Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training Program The ancient science of Ayurveda and Yoga offer the knowledge and wisdom to individuals to live in complete holistic health. When combined together for the … [Read more...]


Study the skies One of the oldest and intriguing sciences is Astronomy. It deals with all the celestial bodies and the material universe outside the earth's atmosphere. It is concerned with the study … [Read more...]

Arts Humanities

Your launch Pad Arts and Science graduates have plenty of options to pursue their careers. There is an endless variety of job opportunities that exist for them. Depending upon the subjects and the … [Read more...]

Armed Forces

Sacrfice For The Motherland The army, navy and air force, are the three wings of our armed forces that function tirelessly to defend our country’s sovereignty and borders. The armed forces render … [Read more...]


Create the structure Architecture is the science of buildings. In other words it is mainly the study about planning designing and the construction of structures and buildings. It is the visualization … [Read more...]

Air Hostess Pursuers

Air Hostess Training-is it Worth It!!! Air Hostess Training is a must for any individual dreaming of a career in the glamorous and highly paying aviation industry. Aviation industry has come a long … [Read more...]


The back bone of the Indian economy Agriculture is a field of study which deals with growing food crops, preparing the soil for cultivation, making the land productive and raising livestock. There … [Read more...]


Aviation Training, for Those Who Love to Fly The field of aviation is a challenging and rewarding career that is perfect for anyone who loves to fly. There are several different types of jobs in the … [Read more...]


How to reach out Advertising has become inevitable for anything and everything in today’s highly competitive world. Brands of consumer products make all out efforts to make an impact on the minds of … [Read more...]

Actuarial Science

Like the financial adviser, an actuary is an insurance professional who bases his advice mostly on uncertain events in the future. They assess how disasters affect the individual financially. … [Read more...]