Mass Communication

Reach out Introduction: Mass communication, a relatively new subject, offers exciting career options to students today. Those qualified in mass communication can find placement in publishing houses, … [Read more...]


An art of getting things through successfully Management is a multifaceted profession involving all aspects of human activity. Broadly speaking it can be divided into Production management, … [Read more...]


The export market Introduction: Being the fourth largest export earner in India leather industry has grown leaps and bounds. This growth needed more professionalism in the industry. Earlier, for a … [Read more...]


To Uphold The Rule Of Law Law, one of the oldest professions, can prove to be an exciting career. It is quite common to come across situations that require legal advice in some way or the other. To … [Read more...]

Labor Management

Getting the labor force around It is accepted that good labor-management relations are crucial to good human resources management. Consultation, through communication and continued dialogue between … [Read more...]


Introduction: Collection and dissemination of news through print and/or electronic media is known as journalism. While journalists in print media work in newspapers, journals, magazines, tabloids … [Read more...]

Interior Designing

Fashion the place If you have an artistic bend and flair for designing then interior designing would be the right choice. This field is a blend of artistic talents and creativity. Interior designing … [Read more...]


How to secure life and property Insurance is a means of protection against any hazards of life. It is financial contract that binds two people to definite commitment which is known as Policy. The … [Read more...]

Information Technology

The booming industry Information science is a discipline that deals with the processes of storing and transferring information. It endeavors to bring together theories and techniques from various … [Read more...]

Industrial Engineering

Head an industry tomorrow Introduction: Globalization has made its impact on the functioning of the industries and has resulted into the evolution of a totally new field of engineering, industrial … [Read more...]

Hotel Industry For The Foodies

Introduction: Closely associated with tourism, hotel industry is the nerve centre of a country’s economy. The liberalization of trade and globalization has opened up umpteen avenues in the country and … [Read more...]


A comprehensive cure Homeopathy is a system of medicine which is practiced on the principle, that the principle of 'Like can cure Like' forms the basis of Homeopathy. It is a system of medicine which … [Read more...]


Introduction: A country’s richness in natural resources is determined by its forests as they are the home for many rare herbs, medicinal plants etc. Protection of forests and farming of trees … [Read more...]

Genetic Engineering

Study the genes GE or Genetic Engineering belongs to the higher genre of Science and can be very complicating as it entails various methods that can be used to change the hereditary factors in the … [Read more...]


The precious stones Gemstones have held a fascination to man since time immemorial. Many wars and kingdoms have been overturned for the fortunes of the gemstones. It is seen as symbols of wealth, … [Read more...]