Think Psychology

Introduction: Psychology, the science of mind, is the study of mental processes and behavior. Mainly concerned with the working of the mind, psychologists study the motives, reactions, feelings of … [Read more...]


Veterinary Science Animal Husbandry

Healing the speechless The science that deals with the diagnosing, treating and curing of the various types of diseases in birds and animals is known as Veterinary Science. It is very much similar to … [Read more...]


Travel and Tourism

Go around the world Introduction: Travel and Tourism industry is the world’s leading foreign exchange grosser. While millions are directly employed in this industry, scores of others are associated … [Read more...]


Video Editing

Piecing the screen together A career in video editing is a part of the entertainment and media industry. A right field for people with creative bends of mind. The entire process of making art, … [Read more...]


Video Jockey

The programme anchors Today there are a number of music channels on television today and the number keeps growing. In order to host the musical video and programs on these channels the video Jockey … [Read more...]



Yoga art originated and was practiced in India thousands of years ago. It is an integrated system for the benefit of the body, mind and inner spirit. References to yoga are available in the Upanishads … [Read more...]


The Indian Air Force

Defend the Indian skies Indian Air Force is now the fourth largest Air force in the world. It has forty five squadron strength and the most sophisticated fighter aircrafts such as Mirage 2000, … [Read more...]


Technical Writing

Sharpen you pen Introduction: If you have niche for reading highly technical manuals and strong computer skills then technical writing is the right career. Technical writing is a form of … [Read more...]



A Noble Profession Introduction: Teaching is a noble profession, as teachers impart knowledge to their students. The profession does not only involve teaching what is prescribed in the syllabus but … [Read more...]


Sports & Physical Education

Keep fit always Introduction: Are you interesting in games and sporting activities? Would you like to pursue it as a full-time career? Then a course on Physical Education is an apt choice for you. … [Read more...]



The Indian Cure The word 'Siddha' comes from 'Siddhi' which means an object to be attained or perfection of heavenly bliss. Siddha is one of the oldest systems of medicine practiced in India. This … [Read more...]



Diagnosis Radiography is used to diagnose the illness and diseases of the internal and hidden parts of the body using X-ray, Fluoroscopy, Ultrasound (sonography), CTscan (Computer Tomography), MRI … [Read more...]


Radio Jockey

Hit the right song The radio has gained back its popularity in the recent times. Thanks to the FM channels and private player participation. With a number of channels coming up everyday the career of … [Read more...]


Public Relations

Maintain the positive image Introduction: Public relations (PR) management is the study of maintaining relationship between an organization/personality and the public. It is a form of communication … [Read more...]


Prosthetics Orthotics

Toning the bones Physically handicapped individuals need much more attention than normal people. These individual suffer from limb malfunctions or abnormalities or absence or loss of limbs or other … [Read more...]