Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara review

Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara is a Indian Tamil comedy film, written and directed by Gokul of Rowthiram fame.

Produced by Leo Visions, the film features Vijay Sethupathi, Ashwin Kakumanu, Swati Reddy and Nandita in the lead roles.

It received ‘U’ certificate from Central Board of Film Certification.


Movie: Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara
Directed by Gokul
Produced by VS Rajkumar
Written: Gokul, Madhan Karky (dialogues)
Star Cast: Vijay Sethupathi as Sumar Moonji Kumar, Ashwin Kakumanu as Bala, Swati Reddy as Renu, Nandita as Kumudha, Pasupathy, Soori, VS Raghavan, Livingston, MS Bhaskar, Pattimandram Raja, Rajendran, Robo Shankar, Raju Sundaram
Music: Siddarth Vippin
Cinematography: Mahesh Muthuswamy
Editing: Leo John Paul
Studio: Leo Visions
Distributed: JSK Film Corporation

A day in Chennai and several characters are conjoined by an incident. Sumaaru Moonju Kumaru aka Kumaravelan (Vijay Sethupathi) and father of his girlfriend Kumudha (Nandhitha) seek justice in their favour from Annachi (Pasupathi). At the other end of city, we find a couple of roughnecks (Naan Kadavul Rajendran and Vinod) committing a murder at wine shop. Handsome Bala (Ashwin) is having a tough time – a loan for his sister’s marriage, unbearable torture of his girlfriend (Subramaniapuram fame Swathi) and Malayali boss (MS Bhaskar). Things get worst when a pregnant lady meets an accident during a night and this situation brings these characters together.


You might spot some similarities among Vaanam, Chennaiyil Oru Naal and Neram. A lot of characters coming together on an unavoidable situation have been picked up as a backdrop. Similarly, Idharkuthaane Aasaipattai Balakumara belongs to the same category, but the treatment is completely different. It’s out-and-out entertainer with enjoyable moments, though lagging in few portions. It’s a dark humour indeed, which has a blend of Quentin Tarantino and Anurag Kashyap. The length of this film is pretty decent and boredom doesn’t strike your minds at any point of time.

The only disappointing factor is that you don’t get to see Vijay Sethupathy throughout the film. Having delivered a power-packed show in all his three movies, the fans expected a lot from him. Of course, his portions are completely entertaining and they keep tickling your bones. ‘Kumudha Happy’, ‘Return of the Dragon’ and ‘Super Super Ji’ – these dialogues receive a great response. Nandhitha gets a meaty role to perform here. Ashwin’s portions are completely emotional and only few scenes are bound to humour. Swathi looks beautiful and showcases a matured performance. Pasupathi evokes huge laughter with his portions. Pattimandram Raja and Livingstone are additional ingredients of humour. Naan Kadavul Rajendran in a funny role is an extra compliment. Vinod as his pal has performed extraordinarily. He appears in complete contrast from his role in ‘Rowthiram’, which is colossal indeed. During the first hour, the characters are established and the basic conflict opens up exactly at the point of intermission and the second half has some racy moments. Soori could have been utilised properly. The climax portion comes as a package of complete fun and a strong message on ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’ and ‘Be a blood donor’ is appreciable.


The songs are very well pictured… ‘En Veetula’ and ‘Prayer Song’ exceed our expectations. Especially, the latter one has been captured with some interesting elements and it goes well with the screenplay.
On the whole, ‘Idharkuthaane Aasaipattai Balakumara’ is a passable show. But, don’t walk into theatres expecting something from Vijay Sethupathi’s previous films. You’ll enjoy the film in many places, but if few scenes were etched with engrossing elements, it would have been more effective.

Verdict: Passable show… Quite entertaining.

idharkuthane-aasaipattai-balakumara-movie-photos-5 Idharkuthane-Aasaipattai-Balakumara-Stills

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  1. Vijay Sethupathy has the knack of picking up right scripts. He has proved in the past that he chooses them with utmost and laced with comical interludes.
    After the likes of Pizza, Nadvula Konjam Pakathai Kanoam and Soodhu Kavvum, comes Idharkudhane Aasaipattai Balakumara. Diretced by Gokul of Rowthiram fame, the movie has Ashwin, Swathi, Nandhitha, Pasupathy among others. Produced by JSK Creations, the movie has music by Siddharth Vipin and camera by Mahesh Muthusamy.
    Sumar Moonji Kumar (Vijay Sethupathy) is chenani youth for him everything is fun under the sun.
    He falls love with Kumudha (Nanditha), who lives in his loclaity. He tried many ways to impress her. But she turns a blind eye.
    Her dad (Pattimanram Raja) takes the help of a local rowdy (Pasupathy) to warn Sumar Moonji Kumar.
    There is one Bala (Ashwin) a youth born and brought up in Chennai and who works in a bank.
    He is crazy behind Renu (Swathi). He works in a bank where his manager (MS Baskar). Both Kumar and Bala meet at one point in their lives and what happens then forms the climax.
    It is Vijay Sethupathy’s special show. he is at ease and comedy comes naturally to him. Ashwin is passable as other hero. Swathi and Nandhitha have a part to play and both excels.
    Pasupathy is the scene-stealer and a good comeback for him.
    Music is quite different while Mahesh Muthusamy’s camera is good.
    Comedy sells and Gokul understandiong this manages to render a movie that is high on humour. Of course there is a message in the film – say no to drinks.

  2. Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara – Hop on for some fun!

    All eyes on Vijay Sethupathi, the man is a franchise of sorts getting behind the BO comfortably in a barcalounger and sparing no hair in entertaining. The film rides high on his shoulders as the character of Sumar Moonji Kumaru vents out and out fun. Gokul has come up with a fun ridden plot that also conveys a delicate message to the youth and with a horde of cast in the movie; Ashwin, Raja, Robo Shankar, Pasupathi and more, well take a sneak peek.

    Ena Matter Balakumara:

    After doing roles that creamed up the hearts of the audience, Vijay Sethupathi essays as a nomad dude, the ones you would find on the street wandering carefree and the only thing that crosses his mind is Kumudha(Nanditha) who happens to live nearby. Blending two stories into one is a trend these days and Gokul has taken a page out of the theme, a situation based accident and the result of events unfurling.

    Till the first half you’d wonder where the so-called-story is, but all in all a Vijay showdown with his local slangs and a volley of Madras Bashai. Not far away is the lad Ashwin (Mankatha fame) plays the handsome Chennai lad who is in love with Swathi a possessive gal by nature. The way he manages between his boss and a perturbed lover goes down well with the viewers.

    The one scene in particular which makes the audience down in splits to quote is when irate father Raja takes up the issue of Kumaru going behind his daughter to the local goon Pasupathi. A series of flashbacks and the quirky return of dialogues are a treat to watch, and Vijay’s performance just manages to find the special place in your heart. Watch out for “Kumudha likes”, a rib-tickling one liner from Sumar Moonji Kumaru!

    Now, how the crux of the story evolves is a spoiler ahead and revealing more would not do justice. A few scenes before the interval, a series of events bring about a change in the plot and the progress gets a little drag, even more on a serious note.

    Performance wise Vijay is the top notch hitter with a candy pop performance, a total varied one on every note. His style and mannerism is amazing, this guy can adapt to what the director needs without a doubt. Ashwin plays his part adequately and the man is a charmer, however gives a second hero look. Nanditha has a little edge over Swathi, considering her role is packed with a little more importance. That said, both the heroines fit into their parts neat and just about fine. The rest of the cast: Raja, Pasupathi Soori,,Naan Kadavul Rajendran, MS Baskar and Robo Shankar contribute their share of acting.

    Director Gokul has conveyed rather an elusive message through a fun packed movie which through the first half traverses quickly and shrugs in the second. The harmful effect of drinking and aftermath is a simple message conveyed with the help of Madhan’s fun filled dialogues. With a bunch of heartwarming moments and sweet touches here and there, Gokul is here to stay. Siddharth’s music is another relishing factor, up’s the aroma of the entire movie.

    On the minus side, the same pace in the first half is missing through the second. Looking at the movie as an overall package, it misses the WOW factor. If comedy and time pass is what you are looking for, then this movie is a sure shot go.

    Verdict: Humor and a message, good going Balakumara!

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