Onaiyum Aatukuttiyum review

Onaayum Aattukkuttiyum is a 2013 Tamil thriller film written, directed and produced by Mysskin.

Sri of Vazhakku Enn 18/9 fame, Mysskin and Adithya play the lead roles in the film.[2] The film score was composed by Ilaiyaraaja.

The film has no heroine and no songs. Filming began on 11 March 2013 and the crew shot the entire film in and around Chennai city.

Movie: Onaayum Aattukkuttiyum
Directed by Mysskin
Produced by Mysskin
Written by Mysskin
Star Cast: Sri as Chandru, Mysskin as Edward / Wolf, Adithya as Yuva, Writer Shaji, Neelima Rani, Bharath
Music: Ilaiyaraaja
Cinematography: Balaji V Rangha
Studio: Lone Wolf Productions


Director Mysskin has taken up the task of production, acting and direction for Onnaiyum Aatukuttiyum. It’s three cheers for him as he handles three departments with utmost perfection.

In the movie which is a battle between a wolf like man and a n innocent youth like a sacrificial lamb, Mysskin has proved yet again that he is master of dark crime thrillers.

Shri of Vazhakku En 9/18 plays the lead. Mysskin done the role of baddie.

The movie unfolds in dark nights. Shree is a medical student. He happens to see Mysskin with bullet injuries. He takes him to hospital. But doctors refuse to treat him and wants to inform police.

Shree takes Mysskin to his home and treats him back to good health. But sadly Mysskin escapes from his house. Shree gets a shock when he comes to know that Mysskin is a criminal and wanted by police.

Police go behind Shri. Did police catch Mysskin What happened to Shri forms the climax.

Mysskin and Shri are the flesh and blood of the movie.

Mysskin is at his best with an innovative narration. Engrossing and entertaining all through. Illayaraja has given the movie a new twist. His BGMs are catchy. No songs but still entertains.

Onnayum Aatukuttiyum is a movie worth celebrating.


Verdict: Good vs Bad

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  1. Chandran (Sri) a Medical student comes a across a person who is badly injured, lying on a road in Chennai struggling for his life. He takes the man in his two wheeler to a few hospitals who refuse to treat him citing the bullet injuries as the reason. Chandran gives medical aid to the stranger on his own only to drag himself into trouble. CBI officers visit Chandran’s house the very next day and takes along with his family into custody. They are shocked to know that the one who was saved by Chandran is Wolf a professional killer and a habitual offender wanted by the police. The interrogation that follows opens many hidden facts including the mission of the Wolf (Myskin). Whether Chandran is able to save his future Forms the rest.

    After a dismal outing in Mugamoodi, Myskin is back with what he is best at. OA has every desirable aspect of Myskin’s previous thrillers viz. nail biting narration, neat performances, riveting re-recording, natural lights and as an addition to these there is no songs spoiling the narration in the movie. While throwing some light on the lax attitude of Police patrolling the streets in night, Myskin gives his due to the sincere cops by showcasing the efforts they take to nab a criminal in the scenes that include the midnight meetings between the Officials.

    Performances of the lead characters and Re-recording are the biggest plusses of this film. Shri fits the role of an urbane do-gooder youngster which is entirely different from the role with which he debuted in Vzhakku en 18/9. Myskin has improved his acting skills and he is apt as the baddie, especially in the climax where he utters a dialogue that last for three minutes without blinking his eys. Shaji Tom as the CB CID Officer with Keralaite slang gives an impactful performance.

    The screenplay writer Myskin has succeeded in presenting the tale of the innocent Lamb’s struggle to escape from the cunning Wolf in a gripping manner. The script and the execution is excellent barring a few sequences where the proceedings drag a bit. Mysskin has once again proved that he is a clever storyteller. That he does this with the help of stunning visuals augers well for the movie.

    OA has come out as a thriller that provides us with visual treat. Most portions of the movie has been shot in night and it has been done with amazing perfection. We feel that we are in the place experiencing what the characters experience on screen.

    OA is a worthy addition to Ilayaraja’s long list of movies. On the lines of Kadamai Kanniyam Kattuppadu, the maestro proves what re-recording can do to add up the value of such movies without songs. Cinematographer Junior Renga’s talent is evident in capturing deserted streets of Chennai with its real colour. On the downside the film is a bit lengthy and the shot compostion follows the usual Myskin style which may test the viewer’s patience beyond a point. Of course this is surely not enough reason to skip this edge-of seat thriller without any commercial compromise.

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