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‘If someone we love leaves our world, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world, one day or the other our life will also change according to our wish’. The 25-yr old Atlee has picked up an intense theme that takes you through an emotional journey for the next 140 minutes. As you keep watching the film, there’s a wide chance to relate it easily with Mani ratnam‘s Mouna Raagam, Vasanth’s Rhythm and Surya‘s Sillunu Oru Kadhal. But Raja Rani puts an end to the similarities within a few minutes into the film and you tend to forget the other reference.

Produced by Fox Star Studios in collaboration with AR Murugadoss Productions and The Next Big Thing, the film stars Aarya, Nayantara, Jai and Nazriya Nazim in lead roles with Sathyaraj, Santhanam and Sathyan in important characters.


The film opens with John (Arya) and Regina (Nayantara) entering wedlock and when it’s time to place the wedding rings, the girl vows the name of Surya that shocks her father James (Sathyaraj) and brings smile to John. Apparently, they get married and the rest is what you see in the teaser with both of them posing as poles apart. In an unexpected turn, John is appalled to see Regina attacked with epilepsy and is immediately rushed to hospital. The story takes a turn from there as she narrates her buried past to John. But what she doesn’t know is his very own desolated life. When they start believing that there is a beautiful life left ahead of them, their emotions keep its play and what adds more to it is the surprise element that they unlooked-for.

Nayantara is the first person to be praised. It’s a strong comeback and the best ever performance from the actress till the date. Arya keeps up his usual show and conveys his emotions through the eyes. Jai outmatches his own performance and his role, though short in duration is awesome. Nazriya Nazim looked beautiful in Neram, but her characterisation is very well etched here. Santhanam carries out the humour quotient with his own panache and ‘Naan Kadavul’ Rajendran as his boss is a huge laughter. No doubt, Sathyaraj is going Big B’s way by performing the commendable roles. His portions bring out more emotions, especially during the last minutes of this film. The flashback scenes involving Jai-Nayantara is so appealing that it keeps the moist in your eyes, whereas, the second hour that travels across Arya-Nazriya zone is too normal and little dragging. Nevertheless, Atlee brings back the momentum in the last 30 minutes with a climax that takes your standing ovation.


GV Prakash Kumar is the show-stopper here and his background score binds you so much to the film. Not to miss the songsHey Baby‘, ‘Chillena‘ ‘Aey Pappa‘ have been filmed well. A brilliant start by cinematographer George Williams for creating a fresh ambience on the screens. Ruben’s editing is so crisp and unlike his mentor Anthony, he doesn’t go for abrupt cuts.

Overall, Raja Rani is sure to make a big mark in the box office and will be an all time feel-good family entertainer. Well, if your hearts are heavy with so much of emotions, there’s another version that comes with behind the scenes bloopers during the end credits that turns you crazy with laughter.

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  1. Romance always strikes a chord with masses. Knowing it well, filmmaker Atlee has come up with Raja Rani. It is about a couiple of lead pair and conveys strongly that ‘Love Lost is Love Gained’.
    With Arya, Nayanthara, Jai, Nazriya making up the lead pair and the likes of Sathyaraj and Santhanam in the supporting roles, Raja Rani ends up an engrosses. The highlight of the movie is that it has music by G V Prakash.
    The songs are catchy and attractive. What begins as a serious stuff takes twists and turns to end up a Laughton loaded with emotions.
    John (Arya) and Regina (Nayanthara) get married against their wishes. They start their life with displeasure.
    But they come to know each other’s past. They start sympathizing each other. Arya had a romance with Nazriya while Nayanthara with Jai in the past.
    Nayanthara and Jai are at their best. They have lived their roles. Arya has done what is entrusted to him well.
    Santhanam tickles the funny bone with laughter.
    Nazriya has nothing much to do. G V Prakash has come up with some foot-tapping numbers.
    On the whole the movie produced by Fox Star Studios and A R Murgadoss has come good.

  2. RajaRani : The Kings and Queens do entertain!

    All the hype and hoopla surrounding the movie has been put to litmus test on September 27 as after tremendous marketing and lateral teaser trailers, the film directed by promising talent Atlee hits the screens today. With a whale of cast, young and energetic “Arya, Nayan, Jai and Nazriya” the movie also has the fun loving GV Prakash crooning the music. So who are the Raja and Rani’s? Let us put on our Binoculars to see what is it all about.

    The Kings and the Queens::

    Lights, camera and its wedding! The teaser trailer already gave a glimpse of what’s in the store and the movie shoots off right away from Arya-Nayan wedding. A glum and a rather quiet wedding as the couple are forced into a wedlock. Predictably the tales of Jai-Nayan & Arya-Nazriya are woven into a flashback and what led to Arya-Nayan marriage.

    This might not be the typical Mills & Boons kind of romance inside each sub divided plot, however it finds the own way of finding the cupid in each couple. First half is all about Nayan, aka Regina she comes up with a silky sweet performance and her colors keep changing depending upon the mood. After 3 years of reckoning, the lassie is absolutely stunning to watch and gracefully moves across every frame

    The comical portions involving Jai and Nayan are a delight to watch, and boy what more can you say about Jai. He appears in his natural self, showing his innocence and being naïve is his where he comes out at best and that’s exactly what he does. However there are certain scenes where it appears he does seem to go a little overboard, nevertheless as a whole it is just sweet. Sathyaraj is yet again a surprise package comes up with a performance as Nayan’s dad and their references as “Darling” are cute and cuddly!

    That being the first half with Jai, Nayan and Sathyan as Jai’s buddy the plot also evolves on Arya’s gusty attitude towards marriage and the justification follows through the second half. The second half is a full of cuteness and the guess is right! Nazriya! The girl is bubbly and overflows with a vibrant attitude, suits her totally well. And Santhanam enters as Arya’s pal, and without his usual USP of one liners and mockery this is a total different man in this movie. A word of spoiler ahead, his sense of advice towards the end is a surprise package. At a stretch of a little over 160 minutes, it does make you feel lengthy.

    Arya does not limit his role as the usual fun loving dude, always with a smirk of teaser up his sleeve. He does what is expected and some of the emotional scenes prove his prowess as an actor who the directors can rely on for any sequence. For an irate couple who want nothing out of each other, going by their mixed past and what follows is a small one liner on what the film is about.

    One look at the movie and there might be suspicions of Atlee as a debutant, he gives away a clean family entertainer with no hoopla’s. There might be some argument about the way Jai’s story and even the climax is handled, but in the end as you walk out of the theatres “The feel good” factor comes to the rescue. There are two other major contributing factors, George’s enchanting cinematography giving a bouncing color to the film, and flows with freshness. And the other is GV’s music, if the songs are chartbusters, then the BGM is another success story. They flow well with the scenes right from the start to the end, way to go team

    Ergo, a clean and happy go movie to relish with your family!

    Verdict: “There is a love after a love failure”, that’s about it, clean and charming.

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