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It’s been a year after Billa-2, Ajith fans celebrated the musical feast of their matinee-idol and the day finally arrives now. The audio launch of Arambam is celebrated in grandeur across the town and we bring you the first exclusive music review of Yuvan Shankar Raja’s composition. The film is directed by Vishnuvardhan and is produced by Sri Sathya Movies.

The film stars Ajith, Aarya, Nayantara and Taapsee in lead roles with Kishore and Atul Kulkarni playing important roles.

Adada Arambame

Singers: Shankar Mahadevan
Lyrics: Pa. Vijay
The fans can have a big bash with the mass opening of their Thala. The overpowering voice of Shankar Mahadevan and the big monstrous beats of Bhangra style is a special treat. We will have to wait and watch out for more on the screens as the result depends on Ajith Kumar’s presentation.

Hare Rama

Singers: Tanvi Shah, Shakthishree Gopalan
Lyrics: Pa. Vijay
It’s a trendy track crooned by a couple of singers, who have been rendering songs in contrast of genre. Tanvi Shah and Shakthishree Gopalan appeal to our senses with their intonations. Yuvan Shankar Raja tries to borrow the ‘Arabic congo’ for the musical accompaniment and the sound effects you find as fill-ins make it more appealing. The lyrics by Pa. Vijay is quite mediocre, but Yuvan’s composition and the singers diminish this trait.

Melala Vedikkudhu
Singers: Vijay Yesudas, KG Ranjith and Swetha Mohan
Lyrics: Pa. Vijay
Celebrate the colours of Holi that blends with the theme of friendship. Pa. Vijay has tried exerting his best in giving the best lyrics on it. Yuvan’s choice of Vijay Yesudas, K.G. Ranjith and Swetha Mohan stands out as the major attraction. What makes this track quite different from other numbers in the album is a strong clarity stressed on lyrics and voices. Of course, there is a lot of space to the instrumentals during interludes and the percussions are catchy as well. The song is filmed on Ajith Kumar, Rana Daggubati and Nayantara.

En Fuse Pochu

Singers: Karthik, N.S.K. Ramya
Lyrics: Pa. Vijay
The accordian during the prelude is worthy of appreciations and there’s a surprise – Karthik shifting his paradigm and trying out a new style. But the lyrical lines by Pa. Vijay is so ordinary that it doesn’t attract the listeners. Again, Yuvan’s attempt to decorate with music helps the track from sinking halfway. It is a guy’s proposal to his gal that seems to be flirting in few ways.

Stylish Thamizhachi

Singers: M.M.Manasi, Rubba Bend, Psycho Unit
In the recent times, Yuvan Shankar Raja has been making a big show in collaboration with Psycho Unit. Following the stunning track of ‘Run For Your Life’ in Biriyani, this one makes a sweep with spellbinding vocalim and stylish composition. Well, the visuals should add more intensity to the song.

It looks like Vishnuvardhan has planned for songs that are cool and refreshing since the film might be set in backdrops of serious plot. If so, there’s nothing to worry about the middling lyrics by Pa. Vijay.

Overall, Yuvan Shankar Raja makes a clean sweep with his musical spell. Especially, the tracks ‘Melala Vedikudhu‘ and ‘Stylish Thamizhachi’ are instant hits and the rest may take some time to brew up.

Verdict: Doesn’t surpass ‘Mankatha’ & ‘Billa-2’, but different in style.

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  1. Arambam is one of this year’s most anticipated films which stars Ajith Kumar, Aarya, Nayantara, Tapsee, Rana Daggubati. The film is directed by Vishnuvardhan and his partnership with composer Yuvan Shankar Raja continues in this project too.

    Adadada Arambame
    Singers: Shankar Mahadevan
    Lyrics: Pa Vijay
    The album kicks off in a celebratory mood. The holy intro song for a superstar like Ajith is by far the most important moment in an album such as this and Yuvan delivers the goods. The percussions pound away with urgency and Shankar Mahadevan brings life and spirit to Pa Vijay‘s words that are aimed at the masses and some lines mirror Ajith’s personality. The fans will lap this one up!

    En Fuse Pochu
    Singers: Karthik, Ramya
    Lyrics: Pa Vijay
    A slick and groovy tune where Yuvan wastes no time to present his hooks right upfront! The chorus is quite catchy and memorable too. The song seems to be a classic case of a guy trying to woo a girl and naturally the lyrics are youthful and its presentation equally enthusiastic. Karthik charms his way through the song with some attitude.

    Hare Rama
    Singers: Shakthishree Gopalan, Tanvi Shah
    Lyrics: Pa Vijay
    Another peppy tune with fairly direct and readily accessible melodies with the two ladies, Tanvi and Shakthishree, singing in harmony. The track is eclectic and unpredictable as it segues from one style to another, like the dash of Middle Eastern flavor which gives way to the electronic backbeat. Yuvan dips the tune into a mix of trendy sounds and effects to complete it.

    Melala Vedikudhu
    Singers: Ranjith, Shweta Mohan, Vijay Yesudas
    Lyrics: Pa Vijay
    The charge of the strings and the following female chorus section set you up for something racy but the track is pretty much mid-tempo. The track is emotionally driven with Pa Vijay‘s words and he once again leaves quite a few lines to cater to Ajith’s image and his fans. The song seems to be one about friendship and trust. Musically there are sounds and moments that identify itself as classic Yuvan.

    Stylish Thamizhachi
    Singers: M.M.Manasi, Psycho Unit, Rubba Bend
    Lyrics: Pa Vijay, Rubba Bend
    Yuvan is in his elements on this one and his collaboration with Psycho Unit once again proves to be a formula for success. Yuvan has plenty of beats in his bag and he pulls out a solid one for this female centric tune led by Manasi’s voice which tries to make a social statement with its lyric. Rubba Bend is without a doubt the show stealer with her rap flow and the juicy hook that she drops in her unique style and deservingly she brings the song and the album to a close.

    Verdict: Pulsating rhythms, entertaining hooks and hair-raising lyrical moments make Arambam a commercial heavyweight.

  2. The audio of Ajith’s Vishnuvardhan directed Arrambam was released today (September 19) by Sony Music.

    Arrambam audio opened at number one on Itunes India within a few minutes after its release at midnight, which no Tamil album has done before.

    Like the opening for Ajith films the audio too took a phenomenal opening, just cashing in on the star’s name. Ajith fans are going crazy buying the songs on Itunes as CD of the album will hit the stores only by evening.

    There are five songs in the album tuned by Yuvan Shankar Raja with lyrics by Pa Vijay. All the songs are peppy with “Adada Arrambam..” and “Stylish Thamizhachi” likely to become popular.

    Vishnuvardhan has tweeted: “Hey guys, finally the album is out and I hope you guys enjoy Thala music. Thank you Yuvan and god bless. Have fun guys.”

  3. The audio of Ajith’s Vishnuvardhan directed ‘Arrambam’ which also has Arya, Nayanthara and Taapsee in the lead was released today (September 19) by Sony Music. Ajith-Yuvan combination songs have always created a buzz among the audience, so did ‘Arrambam’ audio which opened at number one on Itunes India within a few minutes after its release at midnight.

    Vishnuvardhan has tweeted “Hey guys, finally the album is out and I hope you guys enjoy Thala music. Thank you Yuvan and god bless. Have fun guys.”

    There are five songs in the album tuned by Yuvan Shankar Raja with lyrics by Pa Vijay. All the songs are peppy with ‘Adada Arrambam’ and ‘Stylish Thamizhachi’ likely to become popular.

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