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Shaam does his best but sadly success has been eluding the actor. After almost a decade of his entry into Tamil cinema, he has come up with a movie that speaks volumes of his talent.

With 6, he plays a desperate man in search of his lost son. How he goes around town rescuing him from the child trafficking gang.

Directed by VZ Dhorai. the movie has Poonam Kaur playing his wife.

The highlight oif the story is its narration. Shaam his wife (Poonam Kaur) loses their six-year child get shock of their live.

They go to police. Shaam comes to know about the child-trafficking mafia.

Shaam begins search for the boy. He gets to know about the gang involved in the racket. Did he find his son or not forms the end.

Shaam is the flesh, blood of the movie. An intense performance liven up the proceedings. At his best, he is cool and comfortable.

His matured handling of things is eye-catchy.

Poonam Kaur is good. Krishnasamy cranks the camera and Srikanth Deva scores music.

Dhorai’s has done a good job. But the pace is a problem. But three cheers for a super show by Shaam.

Verdict: Super show by Shaam

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  1. Actor Shaam is due for a massive hit for a long time now. In spite of proving his acting skills in a big way, he could not register a massive commercial hit to his name. This has made him to juggle between Tamil and Telugu film industries. The actor, who was last seen in Agam Puram in Tamil films, is returning to Kollywood with 6 Candles. Shaam stunned the audience with the first look of 6 candles. People did not recognize him in the posters and it came as a big booster for the movie. He has joined hands with Durai, who started his career by directing Ajith in Mugavari. His last movie Nepali was an experimental movie, which won critics’ appreciation, but commercially it did not do well. He is returning to Kollywood after five years. Their combo has been making positive noise with the trailer and the posters of 6 Candles. Especially, the trailer of the flick crossed two lakh views in no time on YouTube which clearly tells how people are waiting for the movie. Adding to that, Kannada superstar Sudeep, who saw the movie at a special screening, has praised the movie to heavens. Well, how this combo has worked out? What they have to offer? Find it in the review… Story People might be wondering about what the title – 6 Candles – conveys. The answer is that the hero Shaam loses his son on his sixth birthday. The frustrated father, in order to find his only son, travels every corner of the country. In the process, we are told about child trafficking gangs. In simple words, what the father faces and learns, form the crux of the story.

  2. First And Second Half The story moves on in a good pace and keeps you engaged most of the time. In the second half, the emotional scenes might get boring.

  3. Emotional Drama Indeed, characters could make you cry in 6 candles. But on the action parts, it lacks the necessary punch. However, the director might have tried to give a realistic look rather than making it very filmy.

  4. Shaam’s Performance Simply Outstanding Shaam is outstanding in the role. Every other avatar of the actor is a treat to watch. People would easily say that this movie is his best flick and performance till date.

  5. Poonam Is Good Shaam’s hard-work is visible in every frame of 6 Candles. Poonam Kaur, despite her limited role, leaves an impact.

  6. Music Gets Thumbs Up Musician Srikanth Deva, who was out of form, stuns you with his composition in the movie. His background score is amazingly brilliant.

  7. Cinematography Cinematographer Krishnaswamy has done a good job. He has also tried to shoot in different angles.

  8. Editing Arun Kumar’s editing is good. But it would have been a lot better had he made it slick. Note that the length of 6 Candles is 140 minutes with just two songs.

  9. Director Durai Last but not least, Durai, the captain of the ship, gets full marks for not making any compromises. Not only he has taken the best out of his team, but he himself has done his job to his best of his abilities. His screenplay is good, but it could have been wonderful if he made some compromises and added some commercial elements.

  10. Verdict Verdict: Don’t be surprised if the story reminds you of Aanmai Thavarel, which was about trafficking women. 6 Candles is not a regular flick. If you had loved Thanga meengal, then you would definitely love this flick.

  11. Why don’t we see such movies in regularity? This is the first question that strikes your mind while walking out of theatres after watching Shaam’s 6 Melugu Vathigal. Filmmaker VZ Durai has persistently drew us into his films with an unique script, which sometimes was a box office hit and disasters as well. Then how to categorize this one? It’s all in your hands to make it reach the former league. This is purely content-ridden and Shaam’s splendid performance pushes it to the next level.

    Let’s keep the synopsis in a wafer-thin style. It all begins in Kolkotta and we find a desolated rugged Ram (Shaam) in a dizzied situation. Instantly, the story takes a flashback, where we see his picture-perfect life with his sweet beautiful wife Lizzy (Ponam Kaur) and 6-yr old handsome son (Gautham). What first seems to be a happy day out for the couple turns out to be a shocking moment, when they discover their son is missing. What follows next is the helpless Ram running against time in search of his son that takes him through the dark world of conspiracies, where innocent souls undergo the excruciating trials.

    Let’s start with the main protagonist and here we would prefer ‘The Script and Storytelling’ are the main heroes. Hats off to VZ Durai for a racy narration that keeps us intact throughout 135 minutes and there’s no point where you feel distracted. The dwindling breath of Shaam over the search and his emotional pathos to get back his son throws heavy appeal to us. His confrontations with Deewakar in Bhopal and the climax that leaves lump in your throats (revealing the scene would be a spoiler). To speak about the young boy Gautham, he just sweeps us on feet with his contradictory looks as a cute boy and pathetic chap in bleakness. Poonam Kaur doesn’t appear for more than 10-15 minutes, but a mother’s emotional outcry just with her voice (thanks to the dubbing artist albeit some mismatch in lip synch) keeps her image alive throughout.

    The technical details are very well handled and the cinematographer deserves a lot of appreciation for capturing the scenic shots of different cities from Kolkotta to Bhopal in rugged way. If you’re spellbound over the background score or at least notice it, you wouldn’t agree to find the brand Srikanth Deva attached to it. He might not impress you so much, but deserves an appreciation for shifting to a different zone.

    There’s not a single place, where you find the minus and by the last 10 minutes, your eyes get moistened and souls frozen in speechless gesture.

    Thanks to VZ Durai for a top-notch meaningful film with a strong moral to every parent. You can’t go cleaning up the mess in the dirt-laden world, but ‘prevention is always better than cure’.

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