The curious case of Kajal Agarwal!


She enjoys pan-India popularity with all her films doing well. Yet, actress Kajal Agarwal seems to be missing out on some plum projects lately.

Apparently, her demands for a huge acting fee are costing her dearly and the star is said to have lost out on three big films in the South. Sources say one is a film with Kamal Hassan, another the Pawan Kalyan-starrer ‘Gabbar Singh 2‘ and the third is a Balakrishna starrer.

A source reveals, “Kajal Agarwal is quoting around Rs 1.25 to Rs 1.50 crore and that’s forcing film makers to consider other options. She has lost the Kamal HassanLinguswamy project, Pawan Kalyan‘s ‘Gabbar Singh 2‘ and Balakrishna‘s new film as a result. In fact, after ‘Baadshah‘, Kajal Agarwal hasn’t signed another Telugu film.”

Meanwhile, Kajal Agarwal‘s father Suman is quick to defend her. “Kajal Agarwal hasn’t hiked her remuneration in recent times. We haven’t quoted Rs 1.50 or even Rs 1.25 crore to anyone. Kajal Agarwal couldn’t take up those offers because she doesn’t have the dates. She already has two Tamil films on hand,” he says.

What about the rumours of her marriage plans stopping her from signing new projects? He denies them, saying, “It’s false. She will be signing two Hindi projects soon. Kajal Agarwal has also been offered four to five big ticket Telugu films and we’re in talks with them. She’s become choosy now.”

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