Sonna Puriyathu review

Sonna Puriyathu is an upcoming Indian Tamil comedy film directed by debutant Krishnan Jayaraj, the former associate of CS Amudhan It features Shiva and Vasundhara in the lead roles.

Movie: Sonna Puriyathu
Directed by Krishnan Jayaraj
Produced by Saandika Amarnath
Written, Screenplay & Story: Krishnan Jayaraj
Star Cast: Mirchi Shiva as Shiva, Vasundhara Kashyap as Anjali, Manobala, Gangai Amaran, Blade Shankar, Vatsala Rajagopal as Shiva’s grandmother, Aarthi, Sam Anderson, Fivestar Krishna, R. S. Sivaji, Meera Krishnan as Shiva’s mother, Singamuthu, Saravanan, Halva Vaasu, Pradeep
Music: Yathish Mahadev
Cinematography: Saravanan
Editing: TS Suresh
Studio: 360 Degree Film Corp


It happens once in a while as the new breeze of themes foray into the screens of Tamil Cinema. Much prior to drawing the analysis of Sonna Puriyathu, a mere statement about would be a Desi-version of What happens in Vegas that was later translated into Hindi as Ek Main Aur Ek Tu. This film starring a rare combination of actors known for their energetic performance (Vasundhara has played a bubbly girl in both rural and urban shades) isn’t an exact replica of Cameron Diaz’s flick, but there are few similarities to strike here.

Sonna Puriyathu Heroine Vasundhara Kashyap Stills

A dubbing artist by profession (Mirchi Shiva) is dead against getting married as he feels it to be a lifetime trap. Unable to meet the insistence of his mother, he agrees to marry a so-called traditional girl Anjali (Vasundhara), A TV anchor for spiritual shows. What this guy-n-gal discover is that they aren’t interested in spousal relationship.The drama set up by them to ruin the marriage preparation by family elders becomes perfect until they find themselves married after a hard night party.

What happens next? Just try to find out the rest over the screens, if you’re really a diehard fan of light-hearted feel good rom-com in Hollywood style.

First thing you’ll have to make sure before catching up with Sonna Puriyathu is just sit back, relax and don’t call for too much logic, sip your favourite drinks, munch in popcorns and kill your time with the rib-tickling moments. It all begins from Scene One, where Shiva leaves you in split with his Hindi version of ‘Rosaappu Chinna Rosaappu’ (Suryavamsam). What about his fun-filled dubbing for Hollywood films? Ah! You’ll find yourself in high-spirits with the dialogues of ‘Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger’, Discovery Channel documentary on Gorilla love story, etc…

Usually, the love stories in Tamil Cinema comes as a package of emotions, but this one is a cool trendsetter that we see in western movies. On the flip side, there are few sluggish moments that hamper the screenplay, especially in second half, but that doesn’t extend for a long duration. Yes, it’s a film that would have been cut-short in duration making it as a 100-minute flick, but it’s all about catering to the taste of Tamil audience that adds up to bunch of songs. The introduction of Flash-Mob is a good idea, which gains back your memory of ‘Friends with Benefits’.

Sonna Puriyathu Heroine Vasundhara Kashyap Stills 4

Mirchi Shiva, say the word and you’ll associate him for witty-liners and of course, this one is not an exception. Vasundhara fits this role so cute as a homely-turned-ultra modern chick. Manobala as the proprietor of is chill pill and others in the cast are fine.

Such movies really need technical aspects as their backbone and if debut filmmaker Krishnan Jayaraj had grabbed sleek visuals and a best background score, the film would have been more appealing. For now, Sonna Puriyathu is a genre of pleasant watch that was introduced in Hollywood before decades.

Get yourselves involved in an enjoyable show with Sonna Puriyathu and walk out of theatres with your brains rejuvenated.

Sonna Puriyathu Heroine Vasundhara Kashyap Stills 7

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  1. If I say you will not understand, then why are you saying it! Might be your question, but you definitely have to watch it to understand it better. A movie which promoted out rightly with a hilarious trailer is finally out today, and Shiva who is having rather a decent run by building up a quiet fan base, stars in this movie as a dubbing artist for Hollywood movies. Imagine Shiva singing a Hindi song, dubbingand joking away, that is a hint of Sonna Puriyadhu. Krishnan Jeyraj who was a former associate of CS Amudhan has aimed to deliver a movie with a shoe string and has promised not to look out for a story,but a few laughs down the hill.

    Did you understand?

    Remember the days when we laze around the couch flipping across the channels gazing the idiot box for a movie, and with nowhere to go finally end up watching the movie in a private TV channel that was airing a dubbed Chinese movie? Jackie Chan playful stunts calling out “Dai Macha” and then
    suddenly we pop out of the chair laughing, phew… well, Shiva(his name is the same in movie) is the guy who does the dubbings! The one scene where he dubs for Chinese movies brings the whole roof down with laughter, just blows you away at this actor who can make you giggle without shying away.

    Playing a dubbing artist for life, and then there at home is the sweet heart mother who wants nothing but her son to wed, Shiva on the other hand runs at the mention of marriage. Well not far away is Anjali (Vasundra) who detests marriage as well, but is cornered by her parents to get married. And yes predictably the parents of the hero-heroine put them together. Yes, reminds you of “Dum Dum Dum” presto!

    Shiva’s movies are nothing short of his antics and together with his friend played by RJ Blade Shankar the act is funny enough, but then plagued by poor screenplay the first half is hard to digest apart from the one liners. Its gets more predictable now that we understand both the hero and heroine go by all means to spoil the marriage. Shiva’s USP of one liners do the bit as always and his innocence is spot on, be it the dubbing scenes or his unscathed love for Volkswagen cars.

    Now that first half gives us a picture of what the pair are up to, in a sudden whirlwind of events we see the two bonding each other over the breakup, and then we can say the line “Anga vacharuya director twist”. Now if we reveal the twist, then Sonna Puriyadhu, go and watch it to understand amigos.

    Good n Bad:

    One word – Shiva, he rocks, sizzles throughout his screen presence with a volley of one liner and gimmicks. The man is a terror of comedy no doubt, his dialogue delivery and timing is so exquisitely modified with rib tickling comedy. Well whatever said, some might argue that Shiva is becoming stereotypical in his comic sense, however that is for us to sit and think back if he can do any other roles.

    Heroine Vasundhra does her bit quite neat and shiny, the cool and savvy girl she matches her part with Shiva well, this movie will sure give her a break. Blade Shankar as Shiva’s friend is yet another promising RJ turning actor in the making. Well then you have all other casts doing quirky bits of comedy like Vathsala Patti a techy grandma, Meera as the usual mom who blackmails her son in marriage and can we forget the internet rage “Sam Anderson”? His cameo is a hilarity ride!

    Well direction wise, Krishna has to go a long way in making a movie that will make the audience understand, he could’ve given some core elements that stick the movie together. Music is very average except for the song “Kelu Magane Kelu”. DOP by Saravanan is fair and clean as well.

  2. Shiva (Shiva) is a dubbing artiste, who lends his voice for characters in the Tamil version of Hollywood films. He is a fun-loving guy, but isn’t very comfortable with the concept of marriage and gets furious at the very mention of the word. He is keen to remain single all his life.

    Meanwhile, Shiva’s mother (Meera Krishna) fixes his wedding with Anjali (Vasundhara Kashyap) a TV Show host. Shiva comes up with a plan to stop the proposed wedding, but to his surprise Anjali too isn’t keen on the marriage. And yes predictably, the pair collude to find ways to stop the marriage by all means. As it happens, the wedding is stopped.

    In a sudden twist, Anjali realises that she is interested in Shiva. Does she succeed in winning over a reluctant Shiva’s love, forms the rest of the story.

    Script Review
    Comedy is the name of the game presently in Kollywood, it seems. Shiva’s previous venture ‘Thillu Mullu’ is doing well at the BO and his image has got a boost. ‘Sonna Puriyadhu’ is another film to join the list of rip-tickling comical entertainers. The plot revolves around a young man, who isn’t keen on entering wedlock and how his thoughts change after meeting the heroine. The director (Krishnan Jayaraj) has kept it simple by focusing on comedy, Shiva’s strength and has delivered a product that should appeal to the younger generation.

    Cast and Crew
    After ‘Thillu Mullu’, this role should have been a breeze for Shiva. He has a unique way of dialogue delivery and his one-liners evoke spontaneous laughter. The man is a terror of comedy no doubt and he makes the audience rolling on the floor with laughter.

    The heroine Vasundhara Kashyap as the bubbly lass, impresses too while Meera Krishnan, Shankar and Manobala fit the bill.

    A cameo by YouTube fame ‘Sam Anderson’ and veteran film personality Gangai Amaran add pep to the proceedings.

    Yatheesh Mahadev’s songs and Background music are just Ok.

    Positive points:
    Shiva’s performance and his one-liners.

    Negative Points:
    Predictable scenes.

    Music is just average.

    The movie is a fun ride thanks to the script and Shiva’s performance.

  3. Shiva and Vasundhara Kashyap’s Sonna Puriyadhu has released today all over Tamil Nadu and competing with Vishal’s Pattathu Yaanai directed by Boopathi Pandian.

    Shiva’s Sonna Puriyadhu seems only an entertainer with Shiva stuff, one-liners and dialogue delivery with a menace of spoof and editor Suresh’s final cut needs a special mention. Film’s cast and crew has subjected no message in particular. Shiva as Kumar is a dubbing artist for Hollywood movies and has no interest in love matters.

    Sonna Puriyadhu directed by debutant Krishnan Jayaraj is a complete comic entertainer with Shiva’s one liners and the makers have roped in internet sensation Sam Anderson. Movie was released with the only mean promotion and makers ‘Saandika Amarnath on 360 Degrees Corporation has screened a special show yesterday for press.


    Sonna Puriyathu is a comedy entertainer!

    Works in bits and pieces, go for some laughs!

    Few gags in typical Shiva style!

    Inviting Hollywood breeze to Kodambakkam!

  4. Shiva has already created a fan base for himself in a short span of time. Knowing that humour is his main weapon, he has been choosing scripts which has humour as an intergal part of the story. Few weeks back we saw him in Thillu Mullu and now he is back with another comedy riot, Sonna Puriyathu, directed by Krishnan Jayaraj. Playing Shiva’s love interest is Vasundhara Kashyap, who was last seen as Maari in Poraali.

    Shiva (Shiva) is a dubbing artist (English films to Tamil), who wants to stay single throughout his life as he feels that marriage will take away the freedom from him. But situation goes out-of-control and his mother blackmails him emotionally to tie the knot. At a crucial point he is pushed towards marriage, and the bride-to-be is Anjali (Vansundhara), a Television anchor. Anjali seems to be god-fearing, homely girl, but things change upside down and she is not the one we thought about. Shiva and Anjali team up to stop the marriage. Will they suceed? Watch out!

    Few highlights

    Hindi: right or not?
    When the team needed a lyric writer to work on a Hindi song for the film, they didn’t know where to go. Director Krishnan Jayaraj figured that the lead actor (Shiva) might know Hindi because he had sweet beeda often. “I asked him if he could write a Hindi song, and he immediately wrote something,” recalls the filmmaker, “I don’t know the language and, well, it sounded like Hindi. Once they watch the film, the audience will have to tell me if the Hindi words are right.”

    What’s the message?
    At a time when many Tamil films drive home a message, this comic caper just wants to entertain. The cast and crew were particular that there should be no ‘message’ coming out of the subject of the film. In fact, even when the director wanted to tell something to the actors off the set, he’d directly call them and not ‘message’ them!

    Dubbing dialogues
    Tamil Nadu is big on dubbed Hollywood films, and the makers wanted to capitalize on that aspect. So, you have the protagonist playing a dubbing artist for Hollywood films and talking local Tamil. This means that you’ll have Jet Li being named ‘Kumar’ and talking about issues pertaining to Royapuram.

    Dance movements
    Sam Anderson, the internet sensation, has been roped in for a small role. It is said that when he arrived on the set, he wanted to know if he would be given a dialogue sheet or would be ‘allowed to improvise’. Also, in the dance number shot on him and Shiva, Sam reportedly stated that ‘Shiva’s timing was missing.’

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