Kuttipuli review

Kutti Puli is a 2013 Tamil film is an action, family entertainer, directed by Muthaiah, starring M. Sasikumar and Lakshmi Menon in the lead.

Movie: Kutti Puli
Directed by M.Muthaiah
Produced by S. Muruganandam & N. Puranna
Story & Screenplay: M Muthaiah
Star Cast: Sasikumar as Puli, Lakshmi Menon, Saranya Ponvannan, Rama Prabha
Music: M Ghibran
Cinematography: Mahesh Muthuswamy
Editing: Gopi Krishna
Studio: Village Theaters (Pvt) Limited
Distributed: K.N.M Pictures


Very few actors have good fan base in A, B & C centers. Sasikumar is one of the very few actors in Tamil Cinema whom people think as their friend / brother. Few movies with less budget and wonderful script ran well in A Centers recently. But, they didn’t manage to even fetch average collections in B & C Centers. But, Sasikumar’s movies till now had run well in all Centers. Hence, the movie had been brought by SUN Pictures and released by Red Giant Movies in record number of theaters (more than 300).

Movie had created huge expectation in B & Centers and had been sold for huge price (highest for Sasikumar film). But, the trailer of the movie failed to impress certain section of audience.

Trailer shows Sasikumar as an Action Hero with lots of Punch Dialogues. People have accepted him as a next door guy and they may not agree if he is shown as an Action Hero who flies in the air and speaks dialogues which are irrelevant to the movie. Let us see whether this movie will satisfy the Common Man in this review.


Story: It is a women centric movie in which happy go lucky Sasikumar turns to a good person after falling in love with Lakshmi Menon. Movie revolves around the relationship between Sasikumar and his mom Saranya Ponvannan with light hearted comedy scenes, sentimental scenes and emotional dialogues.

Sasikumar & Lakshmi Menon – After successful Sundarapandian, they reunite as lead pair in this movie. There were rumours going around as they were acting in consequent movies. Sasikumar cleared the rumours stating that even Abinaya, Ananya too have worked with him in consequent movies. He informed that Actress prefer working with him as they will feel SAFE while working with him.


Sasikumar had acted well in this village-based story as usual. It seems, he learnt Silambam for 2 months and has performed well in the movie. But, this movie doesn’t require Silambam fighting scenes. There are lots of punch dialogues & fight scenes in the movie with lots of blood, which is unusual for a Sasikumar’s movie. Story is as old as Tamil Cinema and hence, it is very difficult to engage the audience. But, Sasikumar’s acting, dialogue modulation, light hearted humour scenes, good dialogues make sure that audience doesn’t get bored.

Lakshmi Menon has good fan base due to her excellent acting in Kumki and her homely face. But, she doesn’t have much scope to perform in this movie and had been used a beautiful doll.

Saranya Ponvannan acts as a mother for Tamil heroes in 8 out of 10 movies and we have started feeling it as stereotypical. But, in this movie, she has more weightage than Sasikumar. There is a scene in the movie in which she feels too happy hearing that Sasikumar had agreed to marry Lakshmi Menon. No one can even come closer to her acting in that scene.

Murugadoss as Sasikumar’s friend had done a wonderful job. He had performed well not only in the comedy scenes, but also emotional scenes. Bala (Kana Kaanum Kalangal) receives huge applause for his timing comedy dialogues.


Ghibran – It is his third movie after Vaagai Sooda Vaa and Vathikuchi. “Aruvaakaaran” song was too good, but the other songs were pretty average. He had borrowed music from 1980’s classics for humour scenes. It works in the beginning, but later becomes repetitive.

Cinematographer Mahesh Muthuswamy had made sure that even small streets in the village is covered and really looks good.

Editor Gopi Krishna could have edited few more scenes. Movie runs for 150 minutes, but it looks like 200 minutes as there is absolutely no story in the movie. Even scenes before the climax can be put at any portion after the interval.


Director Muthaiah (assistant director of TP Gajendaran & Bhoopathy Pandian) makes his debut through this movie. Story seems to be inspired from a real-life character of a person who had great helping tendency and respect for women from his village – Srivillputhur. He had tried to give a feature film with just these 2 characteristics of a person and had failed to engage the audience with very average screenplay. Scenes may look good if you watch it in TV. But, when you see it as a full movie, the scenes are not linked and there is no continuity.

Sasikumar must have got convinced to do this movie after hearing the Climax scene which is new to Tamil Cinema. Climax will receive mixed response.

Overall, Kuttipuli is not as GOOD as earlier Sasikumar’s movies. It is a movie for only ‘C’ Centers with lots of mother sentiment scenes and comedy scenes which don’t create any impact on the movie.


Rating of this movie by Common Man – 2.5 / 5

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  1. Starting from Kadalora Kavidhaigal to Paruthiveeran, we’ve seen such stories in the past. The hero roams around the village as a wastrel and an educated, college-going girl falls in love with him. Though the widowed mother of the hero is a cliche in Tamil cinema, a very different presentation of it attracts us.

    One drawback is that the depth in the flashback scenes relating to the hero’s father is missing in the film. The only thing that is different in Kutti Puli, after seeing a hero fight for his country, his area, and his village, it is his fight for his street! Apart from this, there is nothing different.

    What makes the film enjoyable is the comedy throughout. Particularly, the scenes in which the youngsters plan to goof-up Sasi Kumar’s love advances. The entire theatre roars of laughter in these scenes. Though these comedy scenes are good, there are just too much to take in and thwarts the seriousness of the film.

    Sasi Kumar, Lakshmi Menon, Saranya and the comedians – everyone has managed to capture our attention with their performance. What is worse is that Sasi Kumar has changed the trend of Tamil cinema but this director has made a film with him which includes all the cliches. Added to it is the over-build-up heroism.

    Except the Aruvakaran song other songs fail to impress. Cinematographer Mahesh Muthusamy has understood the theme of the film well and has done his job well.

    The film is certainly appreciable. Too much of comedy makes it hard to believe that it is an action film. In fact, there is too much of comedy sprinkled by action scenes there and there. May be because of this, though the climax is very different it did not create an impact.

  2. Kuttipuli first half runs for 80 minutes without engaging screenplay due to very very average story. There are lots of good light hearted comedy scenes , sentiment scenes & emotional dialogues. It looks lengthy as the scenes are not linked. Overall, first half was neither boring or interesting.. Second half will decide the fate of this movie in A Centers. Director had kept sufficient scenes to attract B & C in the first half itself

  3. Sasikumar is coming back after the success of Sundarpandian and Poraali and the expectations are obviously high from his next film Kutti Puli. The film has been released in 320 screens in Tamil Nadu and it is distributed by leading distribution company Red Giant Movies. AGS is releasing in 90 screens in NSC area.
    Debutante Muthaiah, a former associate of Boopathi Pandian, is the director of Kutti Puli and it is produced by Muruganantham of Vaagai Sooda Vaa fame. Laksmi Menon has paired up with Sasikumar in the film. While Mahesh Muthuswamy has handled the camera, M Ghibran has composed the music.
    The film has five songs and ‘Aruvaakaaran…’ and ‘Kaathu kaathu…’ songs have already won the hearts of the audience. This factor has added hype around the film. Well, is that enough for a movie to work? No isn’t? But it will certainly help the film to get good opening and the early reports indicate the same.
    The film has got good opening but negative reviews are doing rounds on social networking site.

  4. “Kutti Puli a really bad movie ! Stereotypes the nativity way to much ! Bores you to death in the name of love and comedy!”

  5. “Kutti puli strictly for B and C centre audience.. A centre ppl.better avoid.”

  6. “Kutti Puli, seriously A movie which made me disappointing a lot, Worst ever. Nothing to say much. My Rating – 1.5/5.”

  7. “At a time when we have some different Tamil movies like Neram and SoodhuKavvum, stuff like Kutti Puli is regressive. Hope ppl decide well.”

  8. “Kutti Puli – Pathetic screenplay and exaggerated heroism. A big let down! Rating – 1.5 / 5.”

  9. Film: “Kutti Puli”; Cast: M. Sasikumar, Lakshmy Menon, Saranya Ponvannan and Prabha; Director: M. Muthaiah; Rating: **

    Having realised his strength quite early on in his career, Sasikumar once again chooses a film that exploits rural settings to the fullest. And every time he has used the rural backdrop, his films have reaped gold at the box office, including his last film “Sundarapandian”. “Kutti Puli” may likely follow the trend, but I highly doubt if it will leave a similar impact a la “Subramaniapuram” or “Nadodigal”.

    Improvisation is the need of the hour in cinema, but Sasikumar seems to be pushing it under the carpet by continuing to do mass-appeal films. He may be successful, but this success is not likely going to last forever.

    Kutti Puli (Sasikumar) lost his father at a young age in a local gang rivalry, and since then has been raised single-handedly by his mother, who fears that he will grow up to be just like his father. Unfortunately, he does grow up to be like his father and even picks up the same traits that got him killed.

    No matter how hard the mother tries, her efforts only prove futile because Puli lives by his own principles. However, she believes if she could get him married then probably he may turn responsible and take control of his life. But Puli is against marriage because he believes that with so many people who wish to see him dead, his future wife may have live like his mother, who was left behind by his father.

    What makes Puli have a change of heart and eventually agree to marry? This forms the rest of the story.

    The film very subtly highlights that two most important women in our lives are mother and wife, who have very pivotal parts to play. Even though the film is a commercial entertainer at heart, debutant director Muthaiah has played the sentimental card extremely well to keep the audiences hooked through certain emotional moments.

    Thankfully, he doesn’t make this whole mother and wife analogy sound too preachy, but uses it far too occasionally in the film. You will also notice that the film is high on elements commonly found in Sasikumar’s films such as friendship, revenge, family, witty one-liners and lots of blood and gore. While all the elements have been used appropriately at regular intervals, one doesn’t find anything new to be excited about.

    The film struggles in the second half and unnecessarily gets dragged by songs and few cliched fight sequences.

    Kutti Puli also reminds us of the fact that Sasi is no longer an actor, but a commercial hero with mass following because he now has a typical hero entry scene welcomes by hoots and applauds.

    Sasikumar is again seen in an angry young man avatar with a good side that needs to be awakened. Even though he played his role with ease and confidence, he is starting to get repetitive with his choice of films. While it needs to be accepted that his core audiences are folks from B and C centers in Tamil Nadu, that doesn’t allow him to discard multiplex goers.

    Saranya Ponvannan hardly has any part to play besides crying in every other scene, while Prabha, who makes a comeback after a long hiatus, has an equally unsatisfying part. Lakshmi Menon plays her part well while the rest of the cast goes unnoticed with short screen presence.

    If you’re a fan of Sasikumar, revisit some of his earliest films of his career.

  10. The poster boy of Tamil indie films is back after he delivered a sleeper hit Sundarapandian just last year. Poised to repeat the success, Sasikumar is teaming up with debut director Muthaiah for the movie produced by Village Theatres Pvt. Ltd. Kutti Puli’s plot description might not be any different from others but we all know by now that Sasi is known to create convincing movies with even the simplest of stories in hand.

    Kutti Puli revolves around a man who is happy go lucky, yet respectful of women. The movie delves into the depths of his relationship between his mother and his girlfriend. Saranya Ponvannan, who is a staple of indie movies plays Sasikumar’s mother and Lakshmi Menon retains his girlfriend title after Sundarapandian.

    Sasikumar, in a recent interview, mentioned that he has realized women watch his films expecting clean entertainment and that Kutti Puli will fulfill that expectation. He also clarified that there will be no glamour or vulgarity in Kutti Puli. According to him, in the movie, he will be a romantic at heart, wooing a girl to profess his love.

    The movie is scored by Ghibran for lyrics written by Vairamuthu, Ekadasi and Mohan Raj. Sun Pictures has acquired the movie from Village Theatres Pvt. Ltd and Red Giants will help them distribute it.

  11. Kutti Puli is no different than previous films of Sasikumar, who is known to churn out blockbusters that are widely popular in B and C centres of Tamil Nadu. With stories that even a common man can relate to and enjoy, Sasi once again delivers a film that has a story done to death over the years, but promises plenty of mass appealing moments. With running time touching 150 minutes, Kutti Puli neither has the wittiness of Sundarapandian nor the energy of films such as Subramaniapuram and Nadodigal.

    Sasikumar plays Kutti Puli, who lost his father, a highly respected man of his town, as a kid to gang rivalry in the town. Fearing that her son will also grow up to be like his father, Puli’ mother raises him with love and affection. However, he grows up exactly to be like his father.

    Puli’s mother wants to get him married with the hope that he will become more responsible, but having witnessed what happened to his mother after his father was killed, he is against the idea of marriage for the same reason.

    Eventually, he gives in to wedding for a very personal reason. What is that reason? What made him to have a change of heart? This forms the rest of the story.

    Most of his films are set against the backdrop of some small city in Tamil Nadu, and this time it happens to be Madurai. The film has Sasi’s name written in every frame. From dialogues to witty one-liners and punch lines, there are umpteen heroic moments in the film audiences can look forward to and are most likely to enjoy to the fullest.

    The film is not a multiplex material, but an out-and-out commercial entertainer for larger audiences, especially ones who are from the smaller cities and towns. The reason most of his films are successful because he knows what his strength is and would do whatever it takes to make the best use of it. Even though the film gets tad slow at regular intervals, there are moments that keep it intact till the last minute.

    With very few familiar faces, the film rests on a host of debutants who have done a decent job to keep the film engaged. Saranya Ponvannan is totally wasted in a role that sees her mostly crying in every alternate scene.

    What is funny is that Kutti Puli in English means little tiger, but sadly this tiger never roars.

  12. Kutti Puli is a career-low for Sasikumar. It is high time he reinvented his brand of cinema.
    There’s one way to enjoy Kutti Puli and I am not even guaranteeing that: it is by accepting the fact that this isn’t a film too interested in scenes that take a story forward. It begins with a mass hero entry, meanders for two hours with pointless fights, a few random attempts at humor and a bit of old-fashioned romance, before ending with an absurdly WTF-esque climax. Unlike Sundarapandian, a film which I loved quite a lot, Kutti Puli can lose huge chunks and still not be misunderstood; there’s hardly anything in it worth misunderstanding. I couldn’t even tell what this film was about until the final few seconds when it mildly became clear.

    I am a sucker for a good masala film, but Kutti Puli is a weakly written excuse with enough scenes to pass it off as a movie. It is an Amma sentiment film of the worst kind. Saranya Ponvanna, typecast as ever, plays an illiterate, doting, widowed mother who breathes for her son Kutti Puli’s sake. After losing her husband Periya Puli to violence, she intends to bring up her son her own way. Alas! The apple doesn’t fall far from the aruva-weilding, blood-spewing tree. As he thwarts her every attempt to get him married, she is left with no option but to visit the wish-granting temple. In his defence, Puli is so much in love with the concept of being in love that he chooses to remain a bachelor, not wanting to bestow a life of violence on his future wife. He’s a gem, I tell you.

    Kutti Puli is a film filled with fight scenes which will make you go, “Gee, that escalated pretty quick!” When an infinitesimally petty altercation inflates into a full-blown fight, Puli inadvertently makes a few more enemies; the kind that stabs a 13 year old kid in the throat for making a speech in a political rally. Yeah, I am not oblivious to Madurai’s reputation of being a rather violent place, but the amount of bloodshed here is ridiculous. Saranya’s friend swells with pride when she talks about Puli’s speciality of slitting Adam’s apple. Assuming that the old hag is not making it up, a couple of questions: a) when exactly did that happen? b) why is he not in prison? and c) why is he freakin’ killing people? The writing is so messed up, the film doesn’t even bother to bring closure to the subplot regarding the political figure who apparently prodded the aforementioned 13 year old.

    I find the basic notion of classifying audiences’ intelligence based on where they live very offensive. Saying a film like Kutti Puli is targeted at “B and C centers” is downright demeaning. Paruthiveeran was a Madurai film, but it worked across all these centers because it was a good film. Does it take the hero to wear a lungi for people in villages to like the film and relate to the characters? It must be noted that people at my screening were cheering and whistling through most parts of the movie. Does this mean we deserve movies like these? This is a deeper issue which calls for better understanding of people’s psyche; but passing off bilge as cinema of the rural masses is insulting the audience’s intellect.

    I was bored stiff for most parts of the film. The comedy sidesteps very far away from whatever little story the film has. Relying on popular romantic songs from the 70s/80s for the purpose of comedy has become a thing. Sasi Kumar tries to recreate something on the lines of ‘Kangal Irandal’ and embarrassingly fails. I will admit the ‘Akka Maga’ bit had me laughing for all its silliness, but the rest of the usage was so exhausting. Offering lame reasons to believe that an educated looking Lakshmi Menon can fall for someone like Puli, the film degrades its own worth even further. That the film would liken its grotesque climax to something on the lines of female empowerment is what boggles me.

    Kutti Puli is Tamil cinema’s sincerely mediocre answer to Bollywood for Himmatwala. If you must watch this movie, remember to carry Tiger balm along.

  13. Sasikumar is back with Kutti Puli and the expectations are high as his Sundarapandian was a massive success. Kutti Puli is directed by Muthaiah and the story is set in Rajapalayam locales, the director says that the film will be simple yet entertaining in all aspects. Lakshmi Menon who played opposite Sasikumar in Sundarapandiyan is playing the female lead and Saranya Ponvannan plays the mother of Sasikumar.

    Ghibran has composed the music and couple of songs are already toping the charts. Mahesh Muthusamy’s cinematography is said to be one of the major highlight of Kutti Puli. Sun pictures already started their promotional campaign and many theatres in Tamil nadu are booked for Kutti pulli.

    Kutti Puli revolves around a man who is happy go lucky, yet respectful of women. The movie delves into the depths of his relationship between his mother and his girlfriend. Saranya Ponvannan, who is a staple of indie movies plays Sasikumar’s mother and Lakshmi Menon retains his girlfriend title after Sundarapandian.

    Sasikumar, in a recent interview, mentioned that he has realized women watch his films expecting clean entertainment and that Kutti Puli will fulfill that expectation. He also clarified that there will be no glamour or vulgarity in Kutti Puli. According to him, in the movie, he will be a romantic at heart, wooing a girl to profess his love.

    The movie is scored by Ghibran for lyrics written by Vairamuthu, Ekadasi and Mohan Raj. Sun Pictures has acquired the movie from Village Theatres Pvt. Ltd and Red Giants will help them distribute it.


    The movie has managed to grab some attention,thanks to the successful combination of Sasikumar and Lakshmi Menon. Red GAint Movies’ marketing is expected to ensure a good opening for the movie.


    The songs are average, the songs may be situational and might suit the film,s milieu. On the flip side, the teaser reveals that it is going to be another rural based movie, having Sasikumar in the lead. Audience gets a deja vu feel.

  14. Kutti Puli – An amateurish attempt

    Sasikumar has always backed himself as an actor and chosen the scripts wisely. In all his previous movies, the scripts had elevated his screen presence. However, in ‘Kutti Puli‘, it looks as if debutante director Muthaiah has solely depended on Sasikumar’s popularity to make a film out of a wafer-thin screenplay. The end result leaves the audience in exasperation.


    Kutti Puli (Sasikumar) is a rugged guy who will even risk his life for the welfare of people around him. He shies away from marriage, while his mother (Saranya Ponvannan) strives hard to get him married to a suitable girl. A rival gang wants Kutti Puli dead as revenge. Bharathi (Lakshmi Menon) falls for Kutti Puli, seeing his righteousness. Will Kutti Puli marry Bharathi or will he be killed?


    The script seems to match Sasikumar’s wavelength. A rural set up revolving around family and friends looks like a home ground to him, but he suffers big time in the second half. He fails miserably in romantic sequences. He needs to choose a different genre next time if he continues to act.

    Lakshmi Menon has not managed to impress the way she had been doing in her previous movies. The script has not given her enough scope to perform. Saranya cannot make a mistake in the role of a doting mother. Murugadoss as Sasikumar’s friend has done a fair job.


    Ghibran has produced a good melody in the form of ‘Aruvaakaaran‘, while other songs are not catchy enough to linger on your mind. But, what is wrong with his background score? Why has he mashed up all the old songs and stringed them together as background score in the second half? It might be the director’s idea, but the music director should have stood up for himself.

    Mahesh Muthusami’s camera work is just functional and does not bring in any advantage to the movie. Editor Gopi Krishna should have trimmed the second half at least by 15 minutes.

    Direction – Muthaiah

    Debutante director Muthaiah has not given importance to make an engaging screenplay. The story never takes off and suffers a lot without interesting sequences. Sasikumar’s acting ventures always had good comic quotient and revolves around friendship predominantly. But, the comedy sequences irk the audience in this film. Also, the son and mother sentiment scenes do not create a big impact.

    The second half scenes involving a bunch of people from ‘Kana Kanum Kaalangal‘ and Sasikumar’s urbane makeover act are examples of the director’s insipid vision. The movie ends with a very gory and disturbing climax, which adds salt to the injury. The only positive aspect from the film is that there are few powerful dialogues, but that alone cannot save a movie.


    The movie suffers due to amateurish screenplay and pointless drama. ‘Kutti Puli’ is not a perfect Sasikumar outing, as one would expect it to be. Will Sasikumar get back to his roots, which is direction? If Sasikumar continues to act, will he take up a different genre?

  15. Kutti Puli Storyline
    Kutti Puli (Sasikumar) is a happy go-lucky and good hearted ruffian, who enjoys life. His mother (Saranya) wants him not to be like his father, who was killed while he tried to help his community. But he has become just like his father.

    Puli’s mother wants him settle down in life by marrying a girl. But he refuses to get marriedfearingthat his adventurous life would put the life of his wife in danger. He does not want another girl to suffer like his mother.

    But things change when Kutti Puli meets Bharathy (Lakshmi Menon), whose family comes to stay in Puli’s street. Puli stays away from the girl but she gets attracted towards his straight forwardness and courageous acts. Slowly Puli is attracted towards her.

    However, it is not all hunky-dory for the hero as his rivals wouldn’t allow him to lead a peaceful and respectful family life. They want his head but he wants a peaceful life. What happens forms the crux of the climax.

    Kutti Puli Script review
    The backdrop of ‘Kutti Puli’ is similar to that of ‘Sundarapandian’, which was based on the lives of a particular community in and around Madurai. Both films glorify the good hearted yet ruffian attitude of the community. Kutti Puli focuses on the aftermath of violent behaviour while ‘Sundarapandian’ revolved around friendship.

    Kutti Puli has a revenge drama soaked with blood. The drama is so predictable that it fails to evoke any excitement. The love angle and the other aspects happening around the youngsters of the area are interesting to watch but the violence part is disgusting.

    The comical moments provide by the youngsters who try to impress Bharathi could make you smile. The small characters have been etched well.

    The first half proceeds at a good pace but somewhere in between things begin to fall away and the director seems to have allowed the pace to lag, which is a dampener.

    Kutti Puli Cast and crew Review
    Sasikumar, who is known for his rural-based films and roles with an accent on friendship, essays his part well, though at times his larger-than-life image he assumes, seems to peg him back, a tad.

    Lakshmi Menon dons a character similar to the one seen in ‘Sundarapandian’ but seems to lack the same spark.

    For Saranya, the role of a doting mother, so concerned about her son and his ways, it is a breeze.

    Ghibran’s music, which had a lot of positives in ‘Vaagai Sooda Va’ seems to have fallen below expectations.

    Sasikumar’s acting
    Lakshmi Menon’s charm
    Comical moments
    Unimaginative work
    Too much of violence
    Slow second half
    Kutti Puli is a predictable movie in terms of content and making. The sidelights that reflect the true culture of the area interestingly could save the film.

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