Neram review

Neram is a 2013 South Indian romantic comedy thriller film simultaneously made in the Malayalam and Tamil languages.

The directorial debut of Alphonse Putharen, it stars Nivin Pauly, Nazriya Nazim and Simhaa.

The music is scored by debutant Rajesh Murugesan while Anand C. Chandran handles the cinematography and Putharen the editing himself.

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Movie: Neram
Directed by Alphonse Putharen
Written by Alphonse Putharen
Star Cast: Nivin Pauly as Vetri, Nazriya Nazim as Veni, Simhaa as Vatti Raja, Thambi Ramaiah, Nassar as iPhone, John Vijay, Charle, Ananth Nag, Shabareesh Varma, Crane Manohar, Deepak Nathan
Music: Rajesh Murugesan
Cinematography: Anand C. Chandran
Editing: by Alphonse Putharen
Studio: Winner Bulls Films
Distributed: Malayalam – LJ Films, Tamil – Red Giant Movies

Comedy movies in the recent times have done well in Tamil films. Especially, the movies made by young team without star casts have been kindly welcomed by Kollywood audience. Now, yet another film is before cine-goers in the form of Neram.

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Neram is a bilingual movie simultaneously made in Malayalam and Tamil. The film stars young Malayalam actors Nivin Pauly and Nazriya Nazim in the leads. The Malayalam version was released last week and the Kollywood version is hitting screens today (May 17).

The movie is a romantic-comedy thriller set in Chennai. Vetri (Nivin Pauly) is a software engineer based in Chennai. Unfortunately, the highly-qualified man loses his job after his US based company lands in a financial crisis. He has also taken loan from a notorious moneylender (Simhaa) and has not paid interests for the last couple of months.

Now, the moneylender sets him a deadline to clear his money and on the other end, his fiancee, Jeena (Nazriya Nazim) leaves her father’s (Thambi Ramaiah) house. It is because he does not want his daughter to marry an unemployed. More importantly, he forces her to tie the knot with a boy chosen by him.

Nazriya Nazim in neram movie photos 4 586x390 Neram review

To add salt into Vetri‘s misery, her father files a complaint against Vetri, who is in need of money to conduct his sister’s marriage. Well, we have seen heroes struggling very hard to come out of crisis all these years in our films. But Vetri, a modern-day youth, finds innovative ideas to solve his problems and he even puts his friend in trouble to escape from his own problems. How the bad time changes into good time in their lives form the rest of the story.

Director Alphonse Putharen has created a working plot for Neram. Adding romantic charm and has come up with an enjoyable trait, which is infused with a good measure of likability. He narrates a simple story of a crisis-ridden character, which should accomplish many tasks in very little time.

Alphonse Putharen’s characters are brilliant and also builds the story on those characters, which we see in our day-to-day life. The narration is brilliant in the first half and second half is entertaining.

Nazriya Nazim in neram movie photo 586x879 Neram review

Well, the film is not an original movie, as the director has taken inspiration from many movies. He himself claims in the credits by putting the famous quote of Quentin Tarantino, “I steal from everything.” However, the drawback of the film is the slow-proceeding in the later half of the film.

Nivin Pauly and Nazriya Nazim are good, but it is not a regular film where lead stars take away all the appreciations and other casts being get ignored to highlight the main characters.

The film has an ensemble cast comprising of Simhaa, Nassar and others, who have pulled out their roles excellently.

Of all technical departments, the director’s editing work and Rajesh Murugesan‘s background score stand out. In fact, those departments have added value to the film. Cinematographer Anand C Chandran‘s magical work is also excellent.

Verdict: All in all, Neram is a feel-good film that gives you a lot of positivity by the end of the film. Hats off to the young team for coming up with a good film.

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  1. AK Murugan says

    Neram Movie Review – Works in parts

    Debutant director Alphonse Putharen’s debut vehicle Neram is yet another attempt from a promising youngster to do away from the clichés of mainstream cinema. Projects backed by Udhayanidhi Stalin have more often than not been spot on. Is Neram worth your time? Read on to find.Plot

    Neram tracks the events that happen within a day. Vettri (Nivin) is a youngster in a deep financial crisis after losing his job. He borrows money from a ruthless money lender named ‘Vatti Raja’ (Simha) who will go to any extent to get back his dues. Just when Vettri is about to return the money he is robbed of it. Added to this there are other woes waiting for him. And he has very little time to get out of all this.


    Nivin does a decent job. He does have the looks that will aid him in roles where he is either the handsome guy next door or the tough action hero. You somehow feel he could have done better. Particularly in the scenes where he is helpless the tension of the situation is not entirely palpable. Nazriya Nazeem is cute and does whatever is required of her convincingly. Simha steals the show with his portrayal. He seems to be game for different roles. In a role that is almost diametrically opposite to the one he played in the recent Soodhu Kavvum Simha shines once again. Nasser amazes with the ease of a veteran in such a short role. John Vijay as the eccentric police officer keeps some laughs coming. Thambi Ramaiyya is adequate but some of his jokes do fall flat.

    Technical Crew

    The technical team of Neram should possibly be going places. Rajesh Murugesan’s songs are catchy. ‘Kaadhal Ennule’ is definitely the pick of the album. The lens work of Anand C. Chandhran is commendable. The film has a realistic look to it and there is not anything that is flashy. Alphonse Putharen has also taken care of the editing. The movie has several plots running in parallel that converge at many places and yet the proceedings are quite clear.

    Despite the fair share of pluses Neram does not exactly hits the bull’s eye. If the intention of Alphonse was to make a thriller that is also high on the humour quotient he has only partially succeeded. It is also unfair to him that Soodhu Kavvum that almost perfected this genre released just a few days back. Despite the short running time of just over two hours the tension that is such a must for a thriller is missing. The humour is definitely not run of the mill. But there are times when it looks puerile. The starting credits that has Alphonse cleverly agreeing to the famous anecdote of Quentin Tarantino “I steal from every single movie ever made” make us sit up in anticipation that we are going to watch the work of a confident filmmaker. The makers also need credit as Neram seems to be genuine bilingual (Malayalam and Tamil) with a separate cast and a proper lip sync.

    Neram is a sincere attempt from a young team. It does not scale the heights that the initial sequences promise. But it might be a decent time pass if you go in without much expectations.

  2. John Vi says

    It’s a nick of time and Vetri (Nivin Pauly) has to push himself through his crucial phase. A humorous baddie Vaddi Raja (Simha) is giving him no space to breath, his childhood sweetheart Veni (Nazriya Nazim) has eloped from her home and someone has snatched her chain, three strangers (RJ Ramesh of ‘Soodhu Kavvum’ fame and others) grabbing his money that has to pay his lender, a ridiculous cop Katta Kunju (John Vijay) is tracing him out with accordance to complaint lodged by Veni’s father (Thambi Ramaiah) on abduction case. Wedged between fortune and fate, will Vetri able to reclaim everything?

    First five minutes into the film, you’re clear to know what’s going to happen in the next couple of hours. When such a script is put down on papers, it would instantly grab your senses. Perhaps, if you are someone hearing this story from the one, who watched the film, you might feel it to be impressive. Yes, the basic plot of Neram is appreciable, but the problem strikes with a flimsy writing as the screenplay turns out to be weak in places. The film’s duration might be 1 hr. 57 minutes, but if slow motion was avoided, it would have not exceeded a duration of 90 minutes and minus the fast-cut rewind of 10 minutes, you just calculate the running length.

    The entire star-cast needs a ton of appreciation for their laudable performance. Be it lead pairs Nivin Pauly and Nazriya Nazim or the other actors, they make the film lively in places diminishing the slow momentum. Special mention for the colossal performance of Nasser and John Vijay. Their scenes score brownie points and tickle our funny bones. The twist in the climax is okay. Nivin Paul has more possibilities to bag big offers and he is capable of performing challenging roles. Nazriya Nazim has been already a show-stopper in tinsel town pairing with big stars. She is here to make a big mark.

    The cinematography is of top-notch quality and heroine looks beautiful with the shot compositions. Editing is too rapid, which spoils the ambience of film. The first melody song and ‘Pistah’ remix is a special treat, especially the latter one placed at the right moment in climax enlivens the moment.

    On the whole, director Alphonse Putharen seems to have stuck somewhere in blending humour and thriller together. If he had focussed on delivering an engaging screenplay, Neram would have easily got into the league of groundbreaking movies of this decade.

    What works:Performance, heroine Nazriya Nazim, John Vijay, Nasser, Pistah song, dialogues

    What doesn’t work: Editing, screenplay, lack of raciness and illogical quotients.

    Verdict: Middling show overall

  3. Rajesh Murugesan says

    Neram has a story that unfolds over a single day of a few persons who are entwined with each other due to fate or coincidence, whatever way you would like to put it.

    Vetri (Nivin Pauly) is a Chennai-based software professional, who loses his job due to the recession in the US. He looks to land another job and is burdened by the debts taken for his sister’s marriage from a scheming lender Vatti Raja (Simhaa).

    If that is not all, his fiancée Veni (Nazriya Nazim) who is being pressured by her father (Thambi Ramaiah) runs away from home to live with him!

    The twist happens when Vetri loses the money he was to return to the lender when he waits with Veni at a bus stop. It is a cat-and-mouse chase with twists and turns.

    The crux of the story is that there is a time for everything in life, good or bad to happen.

    Script review
    Director Alphonse Putharen has made a novel attempt to harp on the impact of time and the story happens in a single day. It is a jolly ride for a good amount of time before the tempo slackens towards the end.

    If the pace had been maintained, the film could have been a lot more interesting but kudos to the director for a good maiden attempt.

    The director has etched the characters well. He has also built up the knot well. But depending on too much of coincident makes the impact less powerful.

    The casting is a key element and the presence of some established actors gives it a fillip.

    Cast and crew
    Nivin Pauly comes through as a promising material with a neat performance while Nassar as Dhandapani and Thambi Ramaiah steal the show with measured performances. The comedians of Soodhu Kavvum – Simhaa and Ramesh are also scene-stealers and look destined to go places.

    The heroine Nazriya, who is part of a few other projects in Tamil, looks pleasant and plays her part well.

    The music and background score of Rajesh Murugesan add pep to the proceedings.

    Characters’ sketch
    Background score
    Too much dependence on coincidence
    The slackening pace towards the end

    Neram has novelty but it lacks the gripping element that makes the movie watchable throughout.

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