Udhayam NH4 review

Udhayam NH4 – A Decent Ride

Udhayam NH4 is a 2013 Tamil romantic thriller film directed by debutant Manimaran, a former associate of Vetrimaaran. The film features Siddharth and newcomer Ashrita Shetty in the lead roles.

Vetrimaaran has written the script, done the screenplay, and also penned the dialogues for this film.

The story takes place in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

The film’s soundtrack and background score were composed by GV Prakash Kumar.

The film released along with a Telugu version on 19 April 2013.

Movie: Udhayam NH4

Star Cast : Siddharth, Ashrita Shetty, Kay Kay Menon, Deepak, Ajai, Kalai, vivek, Karthi, Avinash, Aadukalam Naren, Ramya

Music Director : GV Prakash Kumar

Director : Manimaran

Producer : Dhayanidhi Alagiri

Creative Producer : Vetri Maaran

Banner : Meeka Entertainment

Cinematography : R. Velraj

Editor : Kishore T.E

Release : Red giant Movies

Udhayam NH4 2 586x329 Udhayam NH4 review

You certainly go in with expectations to Udhayam as this was supposed to be director Vetrimaran’s debut flick with Dhanush in the lead.

The project has finally taken shape under the helm of debutant Manimaran who has also co written the screenplay with his mentor Vetrimaran. The final product does not disappoint but at the same time this ride through NH4 has some speed breakers, most prominent being the dubbed feel of the film.


The film starts off with Siddharth and his friends kidnapping Ashrita Shetty who is the daughter of a powerful politician played by Avinash. Avinash entrusts the job of getting his daughter back, to an encounter specialist (Kay Kay Menon). He also asks Menon to kill the boys.

As Menon starts his investigation he realizes that this is not a case of kidnap but Siddharth and Ashrita are in love and have eloped since Avinash was against this. From here on it is a cat and mouse game between the cop and Siddharth and the field of play is the Bangalore – Chennai highway NH4.

Udhayam NH4 3 586x329 Udhayam NH4 review


The role is a bit different for Siddharth. You always picture him as the urban youngster who is uber cool. But in Udhayam he plays someone who is a bit more local if you can call it that. He looks a bit grim and his emotions are understated even in the romantic scenes. Ashrita Shetty the svelte beauty makes a decent debut. Kay Kay Menon has a powerful role and it is through him we see the romantic track unfolding in flashback mode. He does have a unique presence. What mars the impact is the dubbing. Karthik Sabesh as Siddharth’s friend keeps the laughter coming at a few places.

Music and Technical Crew:

GV Prakash Kumar continues his fine form. The melodious ‘Yaaro aval’ and the ‘Orakannale’ number crooned by Gana Bala are already chart toppers. This is predominantly a road film where the responsibility of the cameraman increases and Velraj has done a neat job shouldering that responsibility. The plot moves back and forth but you are never confused thanks to Kishore’s seamless editing. The movie with a run time of just over two hours is reasonably slick.

Udhayam NH4 4 586x602 Udhayam NH4 review

With so many things going, Udhayam should have been a thrill ride. But it has its share of speed-breakers. Though not many in number, they do mar the impact significantly. The dubbed feel hits you right from the start. Looks like most of the scenes, if not all, were shot in and for Telugu. This comes as a shock as we are not prepared for it. The scene of action is Bangalore and we have many characters whose native language is not Tamil does manage to reduce the damage caused by the lip sync. While the build up to the chase is nicely done we actually do not get to see a lot of intelligence in the activities of Siddharth to overcome the cop on the trail.


Though not a perfect ride, Udhayam works well as a road movie that is quite crisp and engaging.

Udhayam NH4 586x389 Udhayam NH4 review

Song Details

  • Indrodu Thadaigal – Singers : Srinivas, Ramya – Lyrics: Vaali
  • Ora Kannala – Singer : Gana Bala – Lyrics: Gana Bala
  • Yaaro Ivan – Singers : G.V Prakash Kumar, Saindhavi – Lyrics : Na. Muthukumar
  • Vaa Iravugal – Singers : G.V Prakash Kumar, Ajmal Khan, Amrith Viswanath – Lyrics: Kabilan Vairamuthu
  • Maalai Pon Maalai – Singers : Bela Shende, S.P.B Charan – Lyrics: La. Rajkumar

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  1. ASD says

    Manimaran, a student who has emerged from director Vetrimaaran’s school has made his debut as director through Udhayam NH4, which has Siddharth and newbie Ashrita Shetty as the lead pair. Dialogues and story have been penned by Vetrimaaran.

    The film opens up with serious plans made by a group of friends (Prabhu and gang) to flee with a girl named Rithika (Ashrita Shetty). Following it, Rithika’s father plans to rescue his daughter with the help of the cop Manoj Menon (Kay Kay Menon). The story begins to unfold with the Manoj Menon’s investigation process, and from there, a lot of knots are placed which gets untied as the film progresses.


    The film is nothing new while considering the storyline which is about a youngster’s love and how his friends back it up no matter what hiccups come by the way. What makes the film a bit new is the backdrop in which the story is set. The director has shown us the life of Chennai guys in Bangalore, who are carried away by the fantasy of clubbing and hanging out with good looking girls.

    Director Manimaran has made his interest clear in creating health awareness (smoking and drinking is injurious to health) among the youth. A club song in which youngsters are seen partying, has awareness messages popping out in bright colors and bold fonts every now and then.

    Authenticity of the language is another major factor that impresses us. Siddharth and his gang of friends speak typical local Madras Tamil slang, while the Bangalorean way of speaking Tamil (with misspells and flaws) is way too perfect to hear. Well, director Manimaran might have developed this habit from his Guru Vetrimaaran as his both of his films Polladhavan and Aadukalam maintain the perfect slang of the particular region in which the story is set up.

    While, the language is good, lip synchronization are missing in many portions. But the fast paced dialogues makes us feel we can miss on the synch factor.

    With the story set in Bangalore and the nativity is maintained with the Kannada dialogues spoken by the locals, at times the usage of Kannada dialogues in some crucial scenes (with Tamil sub titles), makes people (who are not proficient in the language) miss the essence of the scene.

    Another plus is the casting. The director seems to have made good choices in terms of casting Siddharth’s friends, be it his local Chennal fellows or the students from Bangalore.


    Kay Kay Menon looks threatening as a cop right from the first scene and has maintained the toughness in his role throughout the film. His efforts in dubbing in his own voice in Tamil, adds more value to his role.

    Siddharth comes around as a mentally tough and cool guy, sans his regular chocolate boy look which is really fitting him well. We can also say that ‘Udhayam NH4’ is a clear message to the directors that Siddharth is also capable of doing some serious roles other than just a romantic hero.

    Ashrita Shetty looks as a promising talent. In the first half she is seen as an immature lover when she shuffles back and forth in chosing her boyfriend.The flashback sequences which follows once after Ashrita Shetty begins to spill the beans to Kay Kay Menon on ‘what made her fall in deep love with Siddarth’, speaks for her acting ability.

    Edits from Kishore has played a crucial role in confusion-free presentation of the film as it has a lot of flashbacks. After each and every flashback the puzzle gets solved step by step.

    Lack of humor is a major letdown. Though a serious plot like this has very little room for comedy, those portions where director Manimaran has tried to insert some humor in the likes of an over enthusiastic control room guy and Siddharth’s friends has not worked out well.

    GV Prakash’s tunes except for ‘Yaaro Ivan’ song, evaporates immediately after listening. Background score is nothing special rather it is a rhythmic sound.

    Verdict: Udhayam NH4 is an high speed ride which often slows down with speed bumps.

    Rating: 2.5 / 5


    Siddharth as Prabhu
    Ashrita Shetty as Rithika
    Kay Kay Menon as Manoj Menon
    Aadukalam Naren


    Director: Manimaran
    Producer(s): Vetrimaran (Grass Root Film Company), Dayanidhi Azhagiri (Meeka Entertainment)
    Music: GV Prakash Kumar
    Cinematography: Velraj
    Editing: Kishore Te

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