Paradesi review

Paradesi is an upcoming film directed by Bala starring Adharvaa, Dhansika and Vedhika in the lead role.

Music scored by GV. Prakash Kumar.

The film is based on real life incidents that took place before independence in the 1930s.

paradesi latest movie bala atharva vedhika dhansika stills9 586x388 Paradesi review

Movie: Paradesi
Directed and Produced by: Bala
Written: Nanjilnadan Based on Red Tea by Paul Harris Daniel
Star Cast: Adharvaa as Rasa, Dhansika as Maragadham, Vedhika Kumar as Angamma, Uma Riyaz, Udhay Karthik as Thangarasu, Ritwika as Karuthakanni, Jerry
Music: GV. Prakash Kumar
Cinematography: Chezhiyan
Editing: Kishore Te.
Studio: B Studios
Distributed: Gemini Film Circuit
Release date: 15 March 2013

Known for his intense movies and portrayal of lesser explored themes in cinema, Bala announced his venture Paradesi in 2011. Paradesi is set in the 1940’s in a tea plantation in Munnar . It is loosely based on Paul Harris Daniel’s Red Tea which has been translated into Malayalam and Tamil.

The film has Atharvaa and Dhansika in the lead with lovely melodies by GV Prakash Kumar. The movie deals with the trials and tribulations that a couple working in a tea estate undergoes to raise their son.

Adharvaa is pairing up with Vedhika while Dhansika plays a prominent role. We’ll let you know the performances of the cast shortly in Paradesi film review.

The expectations on Paradesi are very high and the music composed by GV Prakash Kumar makes it even more special. The “reality making” trailer has caught everyone’s attention

paradesi latest movie bala atharva vedhika dhansika stills5 586x388 Paradesi review


All his films except ‘Avan Ivan’ have been critically acclaimed. Paradesi could be another hard-hitting film. Ace Bollywood director Anurag Kashyap has called ‘Paradesi’ as Bala’s best film so far. This has further increased the expectations.

The trailers promise an authentic Bala film and the performances by the actors look raw and realistic. The reality trailer has definitely spiked the interest with all media covering the uproar.

paradesi latest movie bala atharva vedhika dhansika stills13 586x388 Paradesi review

Paradesi was censored with “U” certificate on 13/12/2012 with no cuts. It means it is eligible for National awards for 2012. Given the theme of the movie, let us hope Bala will bring home some awards and make Tamil cinema proud again.

paradesi latest movie bala atharva vedhika dhansika stills6 586x388 Paradesi review


Anything can happen over a cup of tea. We find the leading brands advertising it with posh and glamorous appeal bringing in the machos and hotties as ambassadors. ‘Tea’ – it’s a fashion to start your day and relish your evening.

paradesi latest movie bala atharva vedhika dhansika stills1 586x388 Paradesi review

But have we ever thought about the toilsome stories of at least one labor working in the tea plantations? By nature of theory, the laborers are seen depicted in the pictorial representation of smiling faces with baskets to their shoulders. Hardly we have seen their day-to-day lives and Bala again travels into an unexplored arena much alike his previous movie.

Undoubtedly, he has been the only exceptional filmmaker to come up with avant-garde showpieces. His films are shockingly repellant for the few, who just want to kill their time in theatres watching ludicrous commercial entertainers. But what remains as an undeniable fact is his punch of reality in every film he makes.

It’s 1939 and the story is set in backdrops of ‘Saaloor’ village focalizing on the realistic lives of dwellers and their customs. Ottu Porukki aka Rasa (Atharva) earns his livelihood as an announcer with percussions across the lanes and his innocence attracts Angamma (Vedhika), who falls in love apparently. Unbearable to the drought, Rasa moves to the neighboring town for earning and comes across a landlord of tea estates, who vows an efficient job and good pay to all his townsmen and their family with an annual holiday. Hoodwinking them all into deep thinking that he is a genuine person, they all travel more than a month to reach the tea estate vacating their lands. Meanwhile, the intimacy between Rasa and Angamma results in her pregnancy. Elated over this news, he decides to meet her, but is denied with his break from work… The true colors of the landlord is unraveled and the workers are beaten black and blue tortured unceasingly. Rasa comes across a married woman named Maragatham (Dhansika), whose husband left her and their daughter desolated breaking loose from the gruesome landlord. In his attempt to fly the coop for meeting his wife Angamma and newborn son, Rasa is caught red-handed by the henchmen of the landlord and is penalized badly with physical attack. Unbearable harassment of women by Englishmen, deadly plague disease haunting and devilish nature of the landlord – the laborers are ghastly wedged in hell and the drama ends on a shocking note.

paradesi latest movie bala atharva vedhika dhansika stills10 586x388 Paradesi review

(P.S. Mark our words! It will take at least a few hours to get out of the shocking punch in climax….)

Getting on with the performance, what do you expect when an actor is associated with ‘Bala’ brand. Definitely, he goes through a transition and this time, Atharva-Vedhika-Dhansika combo enjoys this privilege. Oops! If the Reality trailer had created an aversion for Bala, it’s time to rethink as the performance level of these artists has reached a greater status. Watch out for the emoting proficiency of Atharva in every frame – he’s beyond excellence with his hilarious quotients and emotional outbreaks. No one could have done so much justice to this role. His anguish gestures on missing his sweet soulmate and newborn child leaves tear rolling down our cheeks. It was quite unimaginable about Vedhika signed up for a Bala’s film as her trendy looks were far beyond difficulty to be deglamorized. Again, it’s a magic by Bala as he molds her up stupendously and the ultimate show-stopper is Dhansika, who exactly fits the role to T.

The others in cast like the villainous landlord and the granny of Atharva are excellent in their performance. The actress in grandma’s role tickles your funny bones with her witty lines and is the refreshing factor of Paradesi.

Regardless of the subjects he handles, Bala ensures of a top-notch quality in technical aspects. First things first! Cinematography by Chezhian deserves a standing ovation. You might be spotting SEPIA tone throughout the show, but it’s the first time, a film has been captured with the right effects in this tone. If you’re looking out for the best illustrations – the opening shot and the climax one is more than enough for you to get awestruck Much more than the songs, it’s background score by GV Prakash that overshadows his previous magnum opus like ‘Kireedom’ and ‘Aayirathil Oruvan’. . Tons of appreciations to this young legend for a remarkable rerecording…

The film might have been missed out of some international film festivals, but if there could be one Indian movie to compete in ‘Best Foreign Language’ in Oscars, Bala’s ‘Paradesi’ should be the first preference of the Indian Oscars Committee.

paradesi latest movie bala atharva vedhika dhansika stills14 586x388 Paradesi review

Every beating that these artists had in Reality Trailer will apparently win them the same number of awards and there is no doubt about it.

Verdict: The Purest classic of Tamil Cinema till the date.

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  1. Vino says

    Maverick filmmaker and National Award winning director Bala has delivered hit after hit in his 13 years career in Tamil film industry. His ability to churn out good scripts has always ensured him success. Though his movies have off-beat content, it has never failed to keep the cash registers ringing. Now, the filmmaker is back with his latest movie Paradesi.
    The interesting part of the movie is that he has chosen yet-to-be-established actors Adharvaa and Dhansika. Generally, he roles are serious and intense in nature and youngsters will obviously find it difficult to live up to his expectations. And his selection of Adharvaa and Dhansika have surprised many in the industry. However, popular actress Vedhika is also part of the cast.
    Paradesi s based on real life incidents that occurred pre-independence in the 1930s. In fact, the film is the screen-adaptation of ‘Eriyum Panikadu’ a Tamil translation of the 1969 novel Red Tea by Paul Harris Daniel. The flick mainly deals with the workers of a tea plantation workers in the Madras Presidency during the British Raj.

  2. says

    Paradesi, a pejorative Tamil term meaning a foreigner or wastrel, deals with the story of enslaved tea plantation workers in pre-independent India. The film has been adapted from Eriyum Panikadu a Tamil translation of the 1969 novel Red Tea by Paul Harris Daniel which deals with Harris’s encounters with enslaved tea plantation workers in the Madras Presidency in colonial India.

    Adharvaa is reported to play the son’s role and Bala had asked him to shed 10 kilos. Amy Jackson was said to be playing the lead role but she denied and said that she wasn’t approached for the role. Bala has roped in about 200 junior artistes for this film and had them all go bald. He wants all these junior artistes to stay bald throughout the 200-day schedule as it is one of the major requirements for the film. Vedhika was signed to act opposite Atharva in this family drama. Impressed by Uma Riyaz‘s performance in Mouna Guru, Bala has asked the actress to play Adharvaa’s mother in this movie. Pooja Umashankar was originally selected to play a crucial role in this movie, but she could not act due to call-sheet problems. Later Dhansika bagged that role. Actor Srinivasan was offered a role in the film, but was ultimately dropped.

    First schedule of the film has been completed on 28 January 2012 on Ramanathapuram and the team is getting ready to start the next schedule in Connoor.

    However, with the tiff between the FEFSI and Producers’ Council still going on, the director has decided to postpone the shooting schedules until the issue is resolved.

    The film was shot in Salur and Manamadurai in Sivagangai district, Munnar and Talaiyar in Kerala, and the forest areas in Theni district. To get her act right in the climax scene, Dhansika survived with mere water and fruit juice for six consecutive days. The film that was wrapped in just 90 days had released its first look poster on 8 August 2012

  3. Dharma says

    Bala’s Paradesi has hit the big-screens on a grand scale today on March 15. Sethu, Pithamagan and Avan Ivan fame director Bala wielded the megaphone for this flick.

    Director Bala produced Paradesi on the B-Studios Productions and Paradesi story was based on real life incidents that took place before independence in the 1930’s and is inspired from the novel Red Tea, written by Paul Harris Daniel.

    Adharvaa is pairing up with Vedhika while Dhansika plays a prominent role. We’ll let you know the performances of the cast shortly in Paradesi film review.

    The expectations on Paradesi are very high and the music composed by GV Prakash Kumar makes it even more special. The “reality making” trailer has caught everyone’s attention.

  4. Samy SA says

    Director Bala is one of the biggest brands in Tamil cinema as far as “good cinema” is concerned. Right from his first film Sethu to his last release Avan Ivan, Bala films has got critical as well as commercial success.

    His latest Paradesi is set in the 1940’s in a tea plantation in Munnar . It is loosely based on Paul Harris Daniel’s Red Tea which has been translated into Malayalam and Tamil. The film has Atharva and Dhansika in the lead with lovely melodies by GV Prakash.

    Those who saw special screenings of the film are raving about it . Noted director Anurag Kashyap who saw the film tweeted: “ Just saw Bala’s Paradesi. Absolutely blown by it. His best yet.” Paradesi is Bala’s fastest film to evolve and was completed in 90 days.

  5. Venkat Gopalan says

    ‎Paradesi -No words to say….feeling very heavy hearted ,will take some time to come out of this movie..Everyone must watch in the theatre and support movies like this…Cant sleep after watching it…Hats off to you Mr.Bala,you deserve a lot more than national award…Movies like this should be shown to the next generation for them to understand how our ancestors suffered to come out of the englishmen…

  6. Nanda Kumar says

    Caution : light hearted persons and only entertainment (fun) movie watchers strictly don’t watch Paradesi …..bala proved his supremacy once again in making of this excellent movie :)

  7. Shrilakshmi Subramanian says

    And yes – I watched Paradesi and No – I should not have watched in a movie hall located inside a mall !! When I came out of the movie, the mall felt like a slap on the face !!!

  8. Karthick Sekar says

    i watched the Paradesi movie today extraordinary movie by Director Bala is a reality and it comes very true. we need films like this to show more about our past generation lost of things are hidden from this world and we do not even know what was happened in the past to our people even though we wont find out the reason why we were like a slaves before..once again i wanted to thank the whole team who work hard for this movie and the mind blowing acting from each one of them i would say every single person must get an award for their hard work…thanks Director Balasir we look forward to watch more movies like this from your direction

  9. Yamaha Vicky says

    ‎Paradesi…….Mega hit padam for Adharvaa Murali……….I dntknw how to wish this film…….no words coming……only tears cuming………itha paaka murali I llama poitaru……tats all…….

  10. Umesh Kumar says

    Great Performance by all the characters in the film…. Really this movie will get award for this…They showed the hunger of the poor people it will surely bring tears to us..
    Hat’s off Bala Sir…

  11. Prabhuram says

    Excellent movie… Bala only can do this kind of brave and challenging movie… Your precious time and money really deserve this movie….. We are ready to see bala’s next movie And all upcoming movies…. Best wishes to him… May god bless him….

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