Sunny Leone’s lesbian liplock in Ragini MMS 2


Actress Sunny Leone who has been battling the alleged hoax tweet from her account that supported rape, is in news again for her sensational lip lock with seasoned actor Sandhya Mridul in her upcoming film Ragini MMS 2.

Recently we had heard that actor Richa Chadha had refused to do the scene as she was uncomfortable in the lesbian act. She has been replaced by Sandhya Mridul who is known for her experimental and unconventional roles.

Ekta Kapoor‘s film will surely get a lot of attention because of this one kiss. As per reports, Tanuj Garg, CEO, Balaji Motion Pictures has confirmed the news but has denied it’s being explicit, “There are no lesbian scenes in the film. There is only one sensuous kiss between the two girls, which was needed by the script. Sandhya is an accomplished actress and will be playing an important part in the film.”


Nothing that we have done is tacky or crass. It was tastefully and aesthetically shot. Both girls were very sporting as they know there’s nothing vulgar in the way it’s been presented. It is organic to the narrative.”

Sunny Leone‘s sensuousness is surely being cashed upon but the question is, whether the Indian audience is mature enough to accept lesbian love?

Did KRK actually frame Sunny Leone?


Small time actor, producer Kamal R Khan or KRK as he likes to call himself has supposedly tried to malign the character of porn star and Bollywood actor Sunny Leone as it appears from the tweets of the saddened lass who feels she has been wrongly drawn into something she has not done.

“Sad you wake up in the morning and reporters are writing about a lie that was said on my behalf by a well known lair, KRK.” She tweeted.

Kamal Khan had tweeted “If somebody will rape Sunny Leone or Sherlyn Chopra then who’s mistake? Rapist or girl?”, but it was reportedly a reaction to Sunny’s earlier tweet that said “Rape is not a crime but surprise sex.”


Apparently, she soon realized her mistake and deleted her tweet, but by then it had been already retweeted by several of her fans and was creating a buzz on Twitterverse.

Sunny Leone was quick in her response, which was quite unlike her sweet self. She tweeted: “Who ever has said this rape comment is an idiot. I never said this. Grow up!!!!!!!!!

“I’m blocking all people who retweeted this comment. So either erase it or your blocked.”

“Well everyone on my page that thinks that’s a joke they are getting blocked!!!”

“My iPad finally has Internet access so I can block mean people when I see them, she added.”

sunny-leone Sunny-Leone-s-Latest-exclusive-Desi-Photo-Shoot

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  1. Recently, Richa Chadha backed out of Ragini MMS 2, apparently because she was uncomfortable with the lesbian scenes in the film. Now, we hear that Sandhya Mridul has stepped in instead, and she’s already upped the sex quotient in the film.

    She recently shot a kissing scene with the film’s lead actor, Sunny Leone. The sequence is sure to attract a lot of attention to the sequel of Ragini MMS (2011) Tanuj Garg, CEO, Balaji Motion Pictures explains, “There are no lesbian scenes in the film. There is only one sensuous kiss between the two girls, which was needed by the script. Sandhya is an accomplished actress and will be playing an important part in the film.”

    The scene has already been shot and Tanuj adds, “Nothing that we have done is tacky or crass. It was tastefully and aesthetically shot. Both girls were very sporting as they know there’s nothing vulgar in the way it’s been presented. It is organic to the narrative.”

    About the film, Tanuj adds that it’s a sequel to the first part in the true sense of the word. “We will take the story forward from where part one left off. Those who haven’t seen that film will also be able to enjoy it, as it will be explained in the beginning. It’s a spook fest; it’s got sensuousness, drama and Sunny Leone.”

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