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Vishwaroopam is an Indian spy thriller film written, directed and co-produced by Kamal Hassan that features him in the lead role.

The film also has Pooja Kumar, Rahul Bose, Andrea Jeremiah and Jaideep Ahlawat in supporting roles.

The soundtrack is composed by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, with lyrics by Vairamuthu. Kamal Hassan composed the lyrics for the Tamil songs himself and Javed Akhtar penned them for the Hindi version. Vishwaroopam was shot with the same cast in both languages simultaneously and is titled in Hindi as Vishwaroop.

Movie: Vishwaroopam
Directed by Kamal Hassan
Produced by Raj Kamal Films International, Chandra Haasan, Kamal Hassan
Written by Kamal Hassan, Atul Tiwari
Star Cast: Kamal Hassan as Viswanath, Pooja Kumar as Dr. Nirupama, Andrea Jeremiah as Ashmita, Rahul Bose as Omar, Jaideep Ahlawat, Samrat Chakrabarti, Zarina Wahab, Nassar, Shekhar Kapur in a special appearance, Miles Anderson as Dawkins, James Babson as Tom Black, Upendra as Naanu, Jude S. Walko as Captain Joe, Chris Kotcher as Tollbooth Operator, Greg Sammis as F.B.I. Agent, David Scott Diaz as F.B.I. Agent, Melissa Bayer as Store Customer, Hayat Asif as Afghani Militant
Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
Cinematography: Sanu Varghese
Editing: Mahesh Narayanan
Studio: Raaj Kamal Films International
Distributed: PVP Films
Language: Tamil (Original), Hindi (Original), Telugu (Dubbed)

The wait is over. Kamal Hassan‘s biggest-ever film Viswaroopam, which has been delayed for one or the other reason, has seen the light of day in foreign countries but not in Tamil Nadu and some other Southern states as the High Court has stayed the release after several Muslim groups raised objection.

After a gap of three years, Kamal Hassan is back with Viswaroopam, which is written, directed and produced by himself. The film was supposed to be directed by Selvaraghavan but as the director walked out of the film due to other commitments, Kamal Hassan took the responsibility of directing the film.

The film is simultaneously made in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. It is made with the budget of Rs 95 crore, which is the second highest budget Tamil film after Superstar Rajnikanth‘s blockbuster Endhiran: Thg Robot. What does the multilingual action-thriller has to offer? A reader named Praveen Kumar from New Jersey reviewed the film, as the movie was not released here. Read on for the review…

The movie starts in America. Viswanath (Kamal Hassan), who will be seen as Kathak trainer, is surrounded by girls and one among them is Andrea Jeremiah. This makes Dr Nirupama (Pooja Kumar) to doubt on her hubby’s character and hires a detective, who gets killed by Al-Qaeda group.

The Al-Qaeda is planning to plant a Nuclear Bomb in New York and Kamal Hassan is well-aware of it. How? He has a past where he has a connection with the terrorist group, which is headed by Omar (Rahul Bose). Will the terrorist organisation succeed in their mission? What role does Kamal Hassan play? Is he a terrorist or an undercover agent? To know all these, you should watch the film.

The story of the film begins on a slow note but it is gripping. The first half is entirely shot in the US, and keeps you engaged and generate a lot of curiosity. When it comes to second half, the narration is dragging at parts but gets interesting with Kamal Hassan‘s past getting revealed.

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  1. Manivel says

    Viswaroopam has a wonderful story. It is well-backed by technical aspects like action and cinematography. It has to be noted that only one song will be part of the film even though the album of the film has a couple of tracks. Kamal Hassan ends on the note that Viswaroopam will continue until Omar or he is killed.

  2. Sekhar says

    What do you expect Kamal Hassan to deliver? The man, who has done countless experimental roles and called as the modern-day Stanislavsky of Tamil cinema, is brilliant. Be it in his avatar of Kathak dancer with feminine qualities, or in the role of a terrorist, he proves again why he is the best when it comes to acting. He looks terrific in the Jihadi warrior getup.

  3. Srinivasn says

    Pooja Kumar is a new find and she looks promising. She is sexy and adds glam quotient to the film. But Andrea Jeremiah has not got a big role and her role is not well described. Rahul Bose is astounding in the role of terrorist. Shekar Kapoor is good and rest others are okay.

  4. Victor Praveen says

    Of all technical aspects, Sanu Varghese’s cinematography stands tall, as he has done a brilliant job. He has wonderfully captured some of the rarest locales of Afghanistan. Shankar Ehsaan Loy’s two songs are good and background score is excellent. Especially, it is a treat to watch the Jet Fighter scenes on Auro 3D sound format. However, Mahesh Narayanan’s editing would have been better had he reduced the length of the film.

  5. Palaniappan says

    Verdict: Being a fan, I enjoyed the film thoroughly and the film is on par with Hollywood standards. My rating is 3.5.

  6. Arunkumar says

    Kamal Haasan’s magnum opus Viswaroopam is finally out in theaters after going through various troubles to see light. Although the Telugu version of the movie released, the original version has been banned for fifteen days in Tamilnadu. So we get to see his film earlier than the Tamils.

    What is it about?

    This film is about Islamic terrorism based in Afghanisthan. Protagonist Vishwanadh aka Taufique aka Kashmiri (Kamal) is a jeehadi trainer and he is on a mission. Jihadi leader Omar (Rahul Bose) has scores to settle with Vishwanadh, who is leading his life as a normal dance school teacher. There is other side to Vishwanadh and that is the main base for this story.


    Kamal Haasan is as effective as ever. He has done a fabulous job as dance teacher and Jihadi trainer. The variations he shows for various shades of his character and the changes he brings about in his body language are impeccable. Not many actors could pull of this role at ease. Rahul Bose is fine as the baddie. He made his character believable with natural performance. Pooja Kumar is okay as Kamal’s loud mouthed wife. Andrea did a tom boyish role and she is okay too. Nasser and others supported the main cast very well.

    On the Technical Front:

    There is no scope for songs in this action drama with some good thrills. However Kamal sneaked in few songs which were out of place. First song featuring Kamal as dance teacher should be chopped off immediately. It is painful on eyes and ears as well. Background score is good. Cinematography is the major asset to this film. Sanu Verghese captured the locations of the Afghanistan wonderfully well. Editing could have been way better. The film is sloppy at times.

    Technically the movie is brilliant and the producers should be commended for spending so many crores of rupees on the movie without any compromise. Kamal Haasan wielded mega phone after a long time. He has been writing stories in the recent past but they were directed by others. Difference is clearly visible as he had immense command over every detail in this film. Any other director may not have done justice to this subject as Kamal did. Despite few shortcomings, Viswaroopam is easily the best among recent Kamal Haasan’s movies.


    This film is an action drama based on Islamic terrorism. Kamal Haasan didn’t take sides in this film and hence there is so much reality in the portrayal of the story. Most of the times directors take either the army or terrorists side and you can see one side approach in those films.

    Kamal Haasan made sure to stick with the reality and that turns out to be a boon for Viswaroopam. It is very different to what we see in the films linked with terrorism. World directors often make films with this concept and there were many great films in this genre. Viswaroopam’s story might be weak but it is on par with those international films in the making standards.

    We are not exaggerating about the making standards of the movie. Viswaroopam will rank among the top Indian films in terms of production values and technical wizardry. Sometimes you get a feeling like you are watching the dubbed version of a Hollywood film. Kudos to the director and producers and also the cinematographer.

    Viswaroopam doesn’t have any commercial elements and lacks mass entertainment. However, it has its own merits and has to be watched for its technical brilliance.

  7. Majid says

    it’s matter of concern for our democracy that this film is banned in Tamilnadu.

    this is lowest level of Indian politics.

  8. Vetrivel says

    “First song featuring Kamal as dance teacher should be chopped off immediately. It is painful on eyes and ears as well.” Actually Kamal should have had a rain song in that place or a few punch dialogues or better still remixed a song from either earlier Chiru, ANR, NTR or MGR, Sivaji Ganeshan movie.

  9. Varghese says


    Kamal Hassan’s Viswaroopam Telugu movie hit the screens on today. Coming to story film begins on a high commercial format.

    Vishwanath (Kamal Hassan) and his wife Nirupama (Pooja Kumar) gets married in an arranged marriage and fly to US. Each has an agenda and seems to have achieved their wishes in three years of matrimony. Nirupama gets her Ph.D and Vishwanath runs his dance class in New Jersey unhindered by each other.

    Kamal as a Bharatnatyam guru and his wife, Dr. Nirupama, has been intelligence work on him by hiring a private investigator to know whether her middle-aged husband is cheating on her or not. At her work place, she has been getting problem with a colleague Deepak. Deepak later turns out to be associated with a terror gang led by Omar bhai (Rahul Bose). Other side the detective finds that Vishwanath is actually a muslim and not Hindu. Also he finds some links with Terrorist Omar (Rahul Bose). Is Vishwanth a terrorist? Who is Viswanath? For all these questions you find answer in theatres…


    Coming to viswaroopam analysis Kamal Hassan almost gave out his heart and soul performance for the movie. But the execution of the movie is not good. Usually Thrillers movies like this needs racy narration which is missing in this movie. The movie goes well with top class audience. The film is slow, sometimes film is boring. Especially more clear in the first half. Kamal gave excellent performance in all the three roles. He brings to mind good comedy as dance teacher and delivered a composed performance as Terrorist. Coming to second half it is racy. Pooja Kumar is good as kamal’s wife. Army attacks scene in Pre-interval is simply superb.


    There is no doubt Kamal Hassan is a best actor ever in India. He is the backbone to this movie. He performed in three roles. He justice to his roles completely. He proved as a director also. Pooja Kumar did a good job. Rahul Bose did a good job here. He gets good marks as Terrorist Omar. Jaideep does well as Omar’s aide. Shekar Kapoor and Nassar are good in their roles. We know the Nassr.


    Viswaroopam director and hero Kamal Hassan once again delivers an honest attempt. Shankar Ehsaan Loy’s music is good. Sanu Varghese’s cinematography is totally different. Art work in the some sequences is super. Editing could have been better in some areas of the movie. Slow paced narration especially in the first half. No comedy except for first few minutes in the beginning.

  10. Kirankumar says

    The Afghanistan scencs are never shot in a Indian movie this effectively. Kamal scored good in the kathak dancer in first 30 mins and then he sets the tempo in first fight. Only set back was last 30 mins. It looks Editor was in sleep! Otherwise MUST Watch.

  11. A Dinesh says

    it was a brilliant movie and superb acting from Kamal sir …….thank for giving this type of movies for Tamilans……………………………………………every one in Tamilnadu have to proud that we r having Kamal sir in our state

  12. Kirankumar says

    Basically it is a tamil movie. No wonder a dubbed version’s review is like this. Due to the ban people staying in Tamilnadu are not able to watch it. But I will not accept it as an average flick. Sure it wud be good movie only.

  13. Ram Kumar says

    if group of people think they can stop release of the film of their will then what is the need for a censor board in our country, in future each and every film has to get concern from these types of groups before release and this is really a threat to democracy. I strongly condemn this action.

  14. G Kumar says

    Kamal Haasan is back and this time he has come up with a subject which has already started creating trouble across a community and led Kamal into many difficulties. Is it really that bad? let us see.

    Set on the backdrop of America, the story begins with Nirupama (Pooja Kumar) a nuclear oncologist who shares her thoughts with a shrink and this is about her marital relationship with her husband Viswanath (Kamal Haasan) who is a Kathak dancer. She marries him so that she can come to US and pursue her career. In this process she also starts having an affair with her boss. Meanwhile, Omar (Rahul Bose) is a terrorist who masterminds an operation in US and he wants to execute it at any cost. The story takes a turn when Omar’s path clashes with that of Viswanath and Nirupama and Nirupama is in for a series of shocking discoveries. What is all that forms the rest of the story.

    This is one of those rare situations where Kamal Haasan is seen playing with the subject and story allowing space for others. This subtle performance from him really did the trick.

    Pooja Kumar is expressive, confident and has a cute sex appeal which is hard to miss. She may not be much of a glam doll but she would be useful for performance driven modern roles.

    Andrea has a subdued role in this and the good part of it is, she got to share many screen frames with Kamal. Wherever she was, she made her presence felt with her towering figure.

    Rahul Bose carried out his role with aplomb smoothness and there was no dramatic overdose in his body language. He was cool and performed with a balanced approach.

    Jaideep Ahlawat is one man to watch out for. He has the looks, the ease in front of the camera and if given a good role he would be able to overshadow many of his contemporaries.

    Shekhar Kapur was neat, Nasser was brief and natural, Zarina Wahab came and went, Miles Anderson was adequate. The others did their bit as required and added value.


    Background score

    Less emotional depth
    Terrorism is something which has crippled many nations across the world and India itself has been a victim of it.

    Films on this subject have come in many numbers but getting into the mind of a Jihadi who is disillusioned about a holy war is something not explored properly. This is the attempt from Kamal Haasan. But then, the good thing from him was, he never tried to go deep into it or preach anything out of emotion or patriotism.

    The theme was handled with finesse and it goes more like a tale of an individual rather than the plot. There is a lot of commotion happening about the film and one section of community expressing anguish that they are shown in a bad light but let’s face it, there is no other premise to deal with this subject without taking a reference point.

    Moreover, there is nothing controversial or negative being shown about a religion or faith in this movie. For that matter, Kamal hailing from a Brahmin family is an atheist and he has cracked a joke or two on the Brahmin sect. There’s no harm in that.

    Ultimately, a cinema must be watched like a cinema or the art form will lose its identity completely with every person feeling something or the other. Coming back to the movie, the technical and production values are very strong and though the line is simple it is the way the whole thing was handled which scores.

    The first half is a bit slow but as minutes pass by the temperature builds and each scene was executed with conviction. Sometimes, you really wonder if it is really Kamal’s direction. For a man who is so obsessed on exposing only himself and his talents onscreen, this is a total contrast from his end.

    Overall, the film has enough to make the audience sit with attention and look forward to the second part.

    Bottomline: Worth a watch, not for the substance but for the execution and approach towards a sensitive issue

  15. Varghese says


    Viswanatham (Kamal Hassan) is a dance teacher in New York. He is married to Dr. Nirupama who is working as oncologist in nuclear medicine. It was a marriage of convenience as an elder Viswanatham wants a companion and young Nirupama (Pooja Kumar) wants somebody from US so that she can go higher up in life. Her life turns upside down when she discovers that her husband is not a feminine dance teacher, but a manly warrior. The rest of the story is all about past of Viswanatham and the present danger.

    Artists Performance

    Kamal Hassan has got three avatars in this film which he portrays to the perfection. He is excellent with feminine body language as dance teacher. He is extremely believable in Muslim character and superbly stylish in action sequences in NY with another get-up. Pooja Kumar is alright. Gowtami’s dubbing for Pooja’s character appeared too mature. Andrea Jeremiah did the role of Kamal’s companion and she is cool. Sekhar Kapoor did another important role. Rahul Bose is menacing as a terrorist. His make-u, dubbing and body language are extraordinary.

    Technical department

    Story – screenplay – direction: Kamal Hassan who has a grand vision has designed a grenadier canvas for Vishwaroopam. Its story is set against terrorism in New York which has genesis in Afghanistan. Kamal who has penned the script had three finely etched get-ups and backdrops for the character played by him. It’s an actor’s delight to have such a multilayered role. He has narrated the story in spaced-flashbacks. The revealing of new hero avatar in the first half is very well done. The entire first half of the film relies on revealing characters and explaining the basic conflict between hero and villain. The second half is about resolving the conflict. Kamal Hassan gave two different tones based on the backdrop. The entire Afganistan episode has docu-feel whereas New York story is given the tone of a Hollywood action thriller with comedy (Pooja Kumar getting surprised/thrilled at her husband’s new avatar). Kamal who has set-up the plot nicely with the scene where he reveals his trueself has lost the grip on first half by narrating the most of the flashback in the rest of first half. There are around 3 short flashback revelations in the second half. A film of thriller orientation needs racy screenplay. I loved the way pigeons are shown during the title cards and how Kamal has connected the pigeons importance to the story (both metaphorically and physically).

    Other departments: Background music of the film is excellent. The only song choreographed by Kathak exponent Pandit Birju Maharaj is aesthetically done. Cinematography Sanu Varhese is very good. Special effects are of world class quality. The make-up work is extraordinary. Stunts in the film are good. The art director deserves a major applause for realistic Afghanistan sets he has erected in Chennai. Kamal Hassan has made sure that the entire film is mounted on a huge scale without any production compromises.


    Viswaroopam is the dream project of Kamal Hassan and he has made it the way he wanted it to be. It’s a spy thriller with sluggish narration. Don’t expect major commercial payoffs while watching the movie (except for a scene I mentioned two in my review so far). If you have orientation of watching Hollywood films, you might connect with it. The emotional content should have more depth so that audiences can travel with the character and understand the motives. The success of the movie will depend on how well audiences connect with the content.

  16. Shekar says

    To start, Vishwaroopam has no spiritual or political motive. The movie is made to entertain the audience and it does with top class technical work directed by Kamal. He has brought new initiatives to Indian cinema

    The movie comes with not just Hollywood feel but also its idiom. Kamal start like a Kathal teacher and the transformation is shown, boosted with some great stunt choreography, stands out.

    One of highlights is the training camp, it is will compiled with the correct background score. Rahul bose and his lieutenant Jaideep Ahlawat steal the show. Nassar, Pooja Kumar, Andrea Jeremiah and Shekar Kapur are all appropriate.

    The story contains the subtle “war against terror” as the back bone. Sanu Varghese is the Cinematographer with Ilayaraja as the art director. One of the best is the music which brought the movie to life, music composed by Shankar-Eshaan-Loy. Mahesh Narayanan is the editor, could have done a better job in the ending portion. We can expect a sequel for the movie.

  17. Tora Bora says

    First of all, God bless the people who made huge noise about Vishwaroopam being anti-islam. Vishwaroopam clearly has no spiritual or political motive. The movie is made with only one intention – to entertain, and entertain it does, with a top class technical team assembled and headed by Dr.Kamal haasan, the man who continues to be one of the few living pioneers, bringing in new filmmaking initiatives to Indian cinema.

    We will stay far away from mentioning anything about the story or giving away spoilers in this review as it would be a criminal offense to do so for this movie. Rightly censored at U/A, there is an apt warning in the beginning over the display of blood and gore. But when the movie is on terrorism, what else can one expect?

    Perhaps there is none who is even remotely close to Kamal haasan in enacting a Kathak teacher with aplomb and elegance ease. Such is his mastery over the art. The scene where Kamal’s transformation is shown, bolstered with some great stunt choreography, stands out. The highlight of the movie is the training camp sequences – well compiled with the right background score. Rahul bose and his lieutenant Jaideep Ahlawat steal the show. Nassar, Pooja Kumar, Andrea Jeremiah and Shekar Kapur are all appropriate.

    Coming to the technical aspects, screenplay is nonlinear, new, warrants focus from the viewers and engages for most of the running time. Though Vishwaroopam has no political motive, the story has the sensitive ‘war against terror’ as the backdrop. Hence, no wonder the writers employed wisely crafted dialogues with both hidden and explicit messages, all for the viewers to explore. But in the same breath, it must be mentioned that the Tamil spoken by some of the characters is a strain for the ears.

    Cinematographer Sanu Varghese and art director Ilayaraja are the two key stars in Kamal’s technical team. The former framed some great shots of the Afghan landscape whereas the later brought home the Tora Bora caves. Shankar-Eshaan-Loy is the best thing to have happened to Vishwaroopam. The movie would not have turned out to be what it is, without their music. Editing by Mahesh Narayanan is mostly adequate, but could have been a little more coherent towards the ending portion. Some might find the conclusion to be quick and abrupt, but there is no doubt over the expectation for the sequel.

    To sum it up, if you are a fan of intelligent cinema, do yourself a favor, wait no longer, go watch Vishwaroopam.

  18. Ramani says

    Hats Off To The Indian Cine Legend!!!

    Legends are not made but are born. From the time they get into what they do they keep creating something unique and special making a mark for themselves. The film industry has seen many such creative individuals and right now everyone is talking about only one man who is setting a new legacy of his own.

    He is none other than Kamal Haasan and the reason for discussion is his latest offering ‘Vishwaroopam’ and his presence in that. Even in this age Kamal directed such a great film. Apparently, Kamal at the age of 58 doing such a thing is actually a phenomenal job.

    ‘Vishwaroopam’ is a class movie, may not be much for the B, C center audience but the action sequences are powerful. Most importantly, Kamal looks young and fresh with agile fitness. For undue reasons the film has been trapped in a controversy but when it comes out, it would leave that Kamal Haasan impact on the audience.

  19. Varghese says

    The Madras High Court on Thursday issued an order of postponing the release of Viswaroopam till January 31, on a petition filed by its producer – director Kamal Haasan Haasan against the State government’s ban on his movie.
    On Wednesday night, the government had ordered a 15-day ban on the movie, pointing out that the release might create ‘law and order issues,’. The film was to release on 31 January.

    Kamal Haasan, who filed two writ petitions, mentioned that there was no notice served on Kamal Haasan before banning the movie and that he had no knowledge of such an action coming up and there was no order
    against which he could file a petition on. ‘We have filed two write petitions: One seeking a declaration that the action is aconstitutional and another writ petition for a mandamus for forbearing from any more interfering with the right to peacefully releasing the film,’ said the counsel appeared for Haasan.

    The movie stars Kamal Haasan, Pooja Kumar, Andrea, Rahul Bose and Shekher Kapur in the lead roles. Music is by Shankar Ehshaan Loy.

  20. M Shanmugam says

    Respected Kamal Haasan!

    Still I have not seen the movie as I want to understand the movie fully in the crowd-less situation. But your creativeness and progressive steps are very much needed now to the young generation to use their talents and capabilities to understand and develop the nation with highly straight forward quality

    Sincerely yours
    M Shanmugam

  21. SS says

    This much awaited Kamal’s “Vishwaroopam” made it to the screens in Tamil Nadu after passing a lot of hurdles and tests. And now, the verdict is out. The public is viewing it today, but the celebs got to watch it last evening. Let us see what some of them said.

    Yuvan Shanker Raja tweeted, ” Just watched Vishwaroopam, amazing effort by Kamal sir and team. Really happy for him! Good luck to the whole team of Vishwaroopam!”. Khushboo said, ” I have Vishwaroopam fever. You have to see it to believe it. Don’t miss it. It takes one Kamal to overtake the other Kamal. Director takes over the actor.” Last but not the least Radhika Sarathkumar blogged, ” Vishwaroopam. Only thin I can say and have said, that Kamal is the Master of the Game. Pace, VFX all brilliant. Kamal’s speech to us before the film was so heartfelt, touched.” More on the reviews later!

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