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Samar is a Tamil action film directed by Thiru. It features Vishal, Trisha and Sunaina in the lead roles, with Manoj Bajpai and JD Chakravarthy appearing in supporting roles.

vishal and trisha in samar movie 9 586x776 Samar review

Movie: Samar
Directed by Thiru
Produced by T. Ramesh
Written by Thiru, S. Ramakrishnan (dialogue)
Star Cast: Vishal as Shakthi, Trisha as Maya, Sunaina as Roopa, Manoj Bajpai as Arunachalam, JD Chakravarthy as John, Jayaprakash, Sampath Raj, Rajendran
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Richard M. Nathan
Editing: Ruben
Studio: Jaya Balaji Real Media
Distributed by Five clours Multi Media (Telugu)
Release date: January 13, 2013

vishal and trisha in samar movie 2 586x760 Samar review

Samar – A Somersault of chaos!

Action, twists, chaos, Love and a lot of thoughts make up “Samar”. Originally it was “Samaran” the warrior but later christened as “Samar” after a series of controversies. Vishal’s action thriller releases today targeting the Pongal holidays. Thiru pairs up with Vishal yet again after “Theeratha Vilayatu Pillai” in this mega budget movie. Major portion of this movie has been shoot in Thailand and a few of them in the dense jungles of Western Ghats. This is also the first time Vishal and Trisha have paired up. Yuvan is the music wagon for Thiru-Vishal duo’s action packed film. All these indispensable elements give the much required hype. How it unveils? Let’s take a brief look.

vishal and trisha in samar movie 8 586x830 Samar review

The Plot

Vishal plays Sakthi the straightforward Forest trek guide unconventionally in Love with Roopa essayed by Sunaina. In search of his damsel he leaves to Thailand and gets stuck in a web of bizarre events. Trisha as Maya helps Sakthi who is facing everything new at his footstep. As evident it was in the trailer the hero is stuck in Thailand facing threats, unrelenting respect and as a millionaire at stake. Manoj and JD play the ruthless villains who are billionaires with little respect for humanity and the nature of it. The first half is racy and action packed with rich visuals of Bangkok and gives the audience a sense of anticipation on what’s in store, why, how and a string of questions unanswered.

Post intermission the answers unveiled makes us in search of a fitting reply which was expected and the justification is questionable. How the hero gets himself out of this chaotic maze, what happens to his love, forms rest of the plot. Thiru makes you predict and gives all the twists up his sleeve only to make the audience leave the theatre with a sense of “Could’ve been more!”.

vishal and trisha in samar movie 3 586x804 Samar review

The Cast

Vishal as Sakthi deserves a big pat and proves he is one among the hunks of Kollywood with most of the skills in a Hero’s resume. The movie rides high on his shoulders through the first half and he is seen much lesser through the second half. Trisha looks gorgeous and is fits her role with enormous ease. In the days of heroine running around the trees of love, she has enacted in a role which requires her presence throughout. Sunaina is the other heroine and looks in contrast when we think of “Neerparavai“.

Manoj Bajpai, JD, Jayaprakash and Sampath play supporting roles in the movie. Thiru took his time to cast Manoj who makes his maiden debut in Tamil cinema.

The Positives

Thiru was gung ho about this action flick right from the start of making this movie and does not let you down with the pace of the movie in the first half. Vishal takes a large share of the credit with his looks and takes the crux of the action quotient. Trisha after a brief hiatus returns with a meaty role. Camera work deserves a special mention especially the Forest scenes, Chase sequences, Length and breadth of Bangkok to mention a few.

The Negatives

Music as a whole is a big let down with very average BGM and low quotient songs. Apart from “Azhago Azhagu” the rest of the songs hardly captivate your memory. Manoj and JD irritate us with their no good acts. Though they fit their roles as psychos, the director could’ve etched out a better explanation for their weird behaviour; instead they create an irate milieu with walking in suits and guffaws of laughter. Thiru’s justification of the thrills takes long enough adding a lot of unwanted lengths in the movie. An Inappropriate item song is such a sore to the eyes as it just doesn’t add the necessary commercial gimmick. Vishal trying to give the weirdoes a taste of their own medicine doesn’t add the abundant logic and tit for tat quotient.

vishal and trisha in samar movie 1 586x811 Samar review


A Thriller movie is all about anticipation, twist, action juxtaposed with speedy screenplay and racy narration. Samar has all these elements which Thiru can thrive on, yet the end result makes you ponder why it has not fulfilled the suspense and thriller factor. Samar is a somersault attempt in vain.

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  1. Satheesh says

    I Thing we should appreciate the director thiru for giving very different movie. . its not the usual masala kind of is a suspense thriller . it is very different but something seems to be missing. . some kind of disappointment wen u come out if movie.Vishal action is superb but as in whole he fails to capture many people. . Trisha is kind of main role but some irritating dialogues of her makes the audience restless.without a separate comedian this film has some how watchable . . theme of this movie is “GAME”. . 2 irritating villans always laughing and they ve a flash back too but said in different ways. . music is superb. . YUVAN’s background score has given the feel for vishal to do so.overall i liked the movie . . 90% of the people wont agree with me. . a decent approach. dont expect too much. . .can watch once for the script and the story and also the thrill

  2. Dheena says

    Vishal is back with “Samar” produced by Ramesh of Jaya Balaji Real Media and directed by Thiru (has done Theeratha Vilayattu Pillai with Vishal earlier). There have been several issues with the film right from the initial stages till the release, but finally the film has released today for Pongal. There has been lot of hype surrounding the film as Vishal was supposed to have played the role of a forest trekker and is paired against Trisha for the first time.

    The film starts off on a high showing Shakthi (Vishal) as the son of a forest ranger. In the introduction he is shown taking on the bad guys who enter the forest to cut trees. That brings the entry of a villain who threatens the father and son. It makes you think that you are in for an action treat. But the forest connection ends there. Immediately the director reveals the love story of Shakthi and Rupa (Sunaina), which breaks up in the following scene itself. Rupa goes to Bangkok. Soon after that Shakthi gets a request from Sunaina to fly to Bangkok to sort things out. On the way he meets Maya (Trisha) who agrees to help him in Bangkok.

  3. Ram Kumar says

    But strange things await him the moment he lands in Bangkok. From here it’s a maze of confusion on screen and for the audience as well – gangsters who try to kill Shakthi, kidnappers who ask him money, some unknown people who give him security assuming him to be a business tycoon etc. By the time Shakthi realizes that he is being trapped and try to find out who the other Shakthi is, things take a surprise twist and all who believed him to be the real business tycoon refuses to believe the same and he gets arrested as well. Does this sound interesting until now? But wait …… there is more confusion in the second half and it gets worse after the introduction of the villains….who is in to big time betting. Somewhere the unit felt that making the audience confused is same as making a thriller.

    Thiru has picked up a plot which could have been an interesting if presented with apt script. But here the screenplay falters big time and the characterization of some roles including the villains falls flat inspite of having seasoned actors like Manoj Bajpai and JD Chankravarthy playing them. Though the villains looks stylish and fly in private jets they are shown on par with 80′s villains like Manohar and Nambiar laughing all the time which tests our patience.

    Vishal does not have much to do; he looks confused himself in most of the scenes. However, he excels in the fight sequences, which is the only positive point of the film. Trisha is back on screen after a gap ( I think VTV), looks beautiful and does a decent job. Sunaina has only three scenes and a song. There is a long list of great supporting actors like Manoj Bajpai, JD, Sampath, Jayprakash, John Vijay, Azhagam Perumal, Sriman but sadly all are wasted.

    Cinematography is good and brings out the life of Bangkok on screen.Except for “Azhago Azhagu” the other songs are a big bore and just add to the pain of watching the film. The accident in the end reminds you of ‘Talaash’. There is no comedy track or even enjoyable scenes in the film but there are plenty of stupid dialogues where you end up laughing. When you see Sriman talking in Thai and walking alongside Sampath, Jayprakash seriously in the last scene, we can’t avoid laughing. In one scene Shakthi asks Maya if she thinks he has gone ‘mad’ – I heard the audience shouting from back it’s not only Shakthi but all of us who came to see this film. That sums it all.

    This looks like a season of movies based on games. But this is not worth betting.

  4. SSR says

    It’s a different experiment from Vishal-Thiru combination. When the actor’s career graph was literally dwindling due to mediocre commercial movies, debutant Thiru came into picture exhibiting Vishal as a sweet loving chap in Theeratha Vilayaattu Pillai. And again, while his previous film Vedi turned out to be a disaster, it’s the same filmmaker having him back under the spotlights. Yes, Samar might have arrived without fanfare, but turns to be a surprise for the audience as they have something unlooked for.

    The trailer might have instigated our assumptions that it’s a time-worn double action drama that revolves around mistaken identities. However, 40 minutes into the film proves us wrong and it’s time to embrace something unusual here.

    After three months of break-up, when Sakthi (Vishal) receives a letter from his ex-girlfriend Rupa (Sunaina) with a flight ticket to Bangkok, where she is settled, he is bound to irresistible glee to revive their relationship. While boarding the flight, he comes across a beautiful girl Maya (Trisha), who helps him through the procedures of security check points in airport. Soon after listening to his love story, Maya gets acquainted with Sakthi and indeed presents with gifts for his girlfriend. Things turn out to be a deplorable moment for Sakthi as Rupa doesn’t turn up as she mentioned in the letter.

    Alas! It’s not just about disappointments, but Sakthi is unaware about a bunch of shocking happenings that Bangkok city in stock for him.

    Thiru might be just a film old, but has gained lots of adeptness over narrating a story with effective screenplay. Maybe, the introduction of Vishal has an action hero might be little dissatisfactory not giving us any hope that it’s a different film. But an unexpected situation of break-up scene right in the second scene brims us to expect different. Keeping the suspense element locked as long as possible keeps us on edge-of-seat. The director has incisively understood the significance of the script and has kept away the unwanted commercial elements like comedy track, overdosed glamour (you’ll find Trisha in skimpy costume only in a dream song), etc. Yes, the songs in second half suppress the momentum of film and the screenplay could have been little crispy. But the climax does justice to the entire film, where the protagonist settles score. Of course, the smart move by Vishal in the climax is engrossing. Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya delineated her as a beautiful girl with stubborn character, but Trisha has more to perform here. She looks beautiful and her costume designer needs special mention. JD Chakravarthy and Manoj Bajpayee have very less duration on screens, but their characters are very well etched (don’t complain about their attitudes, it’s a role required for the script). The ensemble star-cast of John Vijay, Jayaprakash, Sreeman and Sunaina is limited, but their significance of characterization contributes a lot to the film. There are some logics missing like why Vishal doesn’t call back to his home in spite of being bounded to many problems.

    Technically, it’s background by Yuvan that helps him in many places to enhance the narrative quotient. The cinematography across the locales of Bangkok and Western Ghats is of top-notch quality.

    On the whole, Samar is a laudable suspense drama drawn tight with mystery, thriller and strong characterizations and action sequences (logical).

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