Poda Podi review

Poda Podi is a romantic musical film written and directed by debutant Vignesh Shivan, featuring Simbu and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar in the lead roles.

The score and soundtrack of the film are composed by Dharan Kumar, while cinematography and editing are handled by Nirav Shah and Anthony Gonsalves, respectively.

The film has been in production since 2008 and is expected to release on Diwali, 13 November 2012.


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Simbu returns with a power-packed role. Cameraman Duncan Telford is unarguably year’s biggest release.

For those of you who have watched the film already, here is your opportunity to write your thoughts about the film. What do you think of the story?

Do you think Vignesh Shivan was inventive, finally? What is your take on his dialogues? What are your favourite lines and scenes? Was Varalaxmi Sarathkumar’s role well-sketched?

Was Dharan Kumar‘s BG score exciting? How did the film fare in other technical departments?

Movie: Poda Podi
Directed by Vignesh Shivan
Produced by Padam Kumar
Written by Vignesh Shivan
Screenplay by Vignesh Shivan
Story by Vignesh Shivan
Star Cast: Simbuas Arjun, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar as Nisha, Samarth, Shobana, Ganesh as Arjun’s Uncle, Nick Thomas-Webster, Meena Latchman, Jeffrey Vardon, Santhanam, Premji Amaren
Music by Dharan Kumar
Cinematography Duncan Telford
Editing by Anthony
Studio Gemini Film Circuit
Distributed by Gemini Film Circuit
Release date: 13 November 2012

Simbu starrer Poda Podi also marks the debut of Varalaxmi Sarathkumar in Kollywood. The actress has done a good job; thanks to the theme of the film – dance. Being a dancer, Varalaxmi was able to do full justice to the role.

Poda Podi is set in England where Simbu and Varalaxmi meet. Both of them tie the nuptial knot impulsively and minor misunderstandings crop up owing to their different upbringing. After a brief marriage and a baby they part ways following Simbu‘s dislike for her passion – Salsa. Varalaxmi‘s sole aim is to take part in a prestigious Salsa dance competition and win it while Simbu, being the typical Indian, doesn’t want his wife to do it as Salsa requires some intimate dance moves with her male partner. What happens next forms the plot of Poda Podi.

Newbie director Vignesh Sivan has handled the subject well. Despite being a romantic entertainer, he seems to have known where to draw the lines to keep the film from being sleazy.

Simbu never misses an opportunity to display his physique and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar does enthrall us all with her dance moves.

Shobana and VTV Ganesh have fitted their roles perfectly well.

Positives: Director Vignesh Sivan has done a commendable job by handling the story very well. Varalaxmi‘s dance skills and Dharan‘s music.

Negatives: The BGM could have been better, and the screenplay faster post-interval.

In total: A good romantic entertainer for the youth.






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  1. Poda Podi..!
    Is such a Romatic Movie of Simbu as per the second of this time to act in Romatic Soul..!! <3

  2. Its similar to dance shows in Star vijay letz dance.., Expected a lot from simbu. Varalakshmi need a study about acting, its not a serial to shout and cry always… Simbu is looking awesome and great, varalakshmi dance also nice. But need some ingredients to add color..,

  3. this movie is good,.., the main highlight of this movie is “am a kuthu dancer” climax song. Simbu dances super amazing mind blowing. super dance.

    Simbu gives dancing treat for audience. and this film is mainly to be watched for music , dance and Simbu’s cute expressions…pls watch and feel it urself…

  4. It’s not usual for a Diwali release to come in without enough promotion, especially when it shares screens with a big name Vijay flick like Thuppaki. Despite everything, Poda Podi arrives after being in production for almost four years. Problems aside, Poda Podi has seen good promotion thanks to Simbu taking a lot of things on his shoulders and Dharan Kumar’s music, which has carved a niche for itself.

    To start off, Poda Podi falls under the category of romantic comedies, although the latter is much less significant for one’s liking. The story is rather simple and straightforward – love, ego clashes and understanding in the life between the NRI hero and heroine. While Vignesh Sivan’s attempts are earnest and connect with the audience on several occasions, the overall script needs a lot more polishing to make for a convincing plot. However, he must be given credit for stepping up with things in the second half, albeit without a lot of logic. The entire picture is painted as if Poda Podi is more of a musical film whose purpose is to make you feel good at the end of the day.

    Poda Podi was always going to be about Simbu, and the actor has stood by the crew in pushing the film out up until the release. His involvement in every aspect of the film is evident. With respect to his acting, he takes up most of the time on screen and his efforts are perhaps the only thing that makes the audience take the film seriously. The height of his hard work is seen in two particularly emotional scenes that cover most touching parts of the film. His dancing is sensational in both ‘Love Panlaama Venaama’ and ‘I am a Kuthu Dancer’ which represent the beginning and end of Poda Podi respectively.

    Varalaxmi, daughter of Sarath Kumar, covers almost all of the screen time along with Simbu. She helps Simbu out with dance moves (some really good ones) and with some added glamour throughout the script. Despite her efforts, her co-star appears more prominent in almost all of the sequences. The script being very emotional and involving a lot of dialogues, her performance is a bit stretched in the serious scenes.

    Surprisingly, or even shockingly, only two other significant actors play character roles in Poda Podi. The first comes in the form of VTV Ganesh, who attempts to bring in some comedy to the plot with his cheesy dialogues. While he succeeds on a few occasions, it is not enough to help the light-heartedness of Poda Podi. Yesteryear actress Shobana takes up the other role, and just manages to do justice to it. Santhanam and Premgi Amaren show up with very small guest roles, that get you excited for a minute only for things to go back to normal again.

    Dharan Kumar’s music is easily one of the standing points of the film. It pumps in some much needed energy into the script and helps the script that’s based on the life of a dancer couple. Dharan’s BGMs are also pressing making scenes more realistic and convincing for the viewers. The grand finale with ‘I am a Kuthu Dancer’ looks fabulous and coupled with some great moves and music gives a sound ending to the film.

    The music videos, thankfully, co-ordinate well with the tracks and come out quite well, for which cinematographer Duncan Telford should be appreciated. The film is entirely shot in London, leaving exceptions to the songs, which makes you wonder if it’s another Unnale Unnale.

    From the bird’s eye, Poda Podi will join the growing class of feel good romantic- musicals. It has its highs in the form of its music and dance. Simbu’s efforts in acting out emotional scenes, learning Salsa, penning the lyrics and singing the songs won’t go unnoticed by any means. Apart from these, the film lacks a solid story and anything significant in the screenplay to make for a hit. It makes you wonder if Poda Podi would have been better without all the problems. For the general audience, it should be worthy of a watch.

    Rating – 3/5 – watch it for the dance, the music and Simbu

    Verdict – appealing to the youth, but falls prey to everyone else

  5. straight forward review for PODAA PODI:
    U il see many people say poda podi film is nice in the 1st first itself and its different too. . so wats in the second half. . u il see more fun and interesting things in the second half.its really fast. vighnesh the director has never let down us in any scenes.u il never see a scene boring. .its close to us. .varlakshmi the heroin has done superb role as dancer.rather than boys, all girls il like this film. Ganesh’s presence in this film has made us laugh.The background score is awesome and all songs by Dharan were beautifully picturized. shobana’s role is also good one. . finally the whole film is taken put on his shoulders is non other than STR. Simbu who led the story through narration and his presence has made this film a good one .what u saw in VTV is more than that in poda podi,u il never see a punch dialogue or lacking performance. his performance is turely superb. . poda podi il never let u done.its a another trend setting movie and its by far better than VTV and other love stories.simbhu has made a awesome comeback . he needs to stop acting like OSTHI and do these kind of film regularly. . STR will surely get an performance award .VERY GOOD MA:)

  6. Guyzz Trust me I’m Ajith Fan… SuperB movie i enjoed it to the core…. A Tribute to the INDIAN ARMY…. Watch it Folksss

  7. Poda Podi is a must watch film at least once. Laughs, Cheers and Claps in theater for some scenes. Definitely you will like Varu sarathKumar’s Performance. Don’t expect any Good story and Screenplay in this film. Just simply go and watch the movie. It will not bored.

  8. i had watched this movie and i was so happy that my money haven’t waste. all the song are very nice and the picturization was so good. a good movie not always need to show what are their role’s main character. it is how the sequence of the movie is brought towards. compared to the movie thupakki, i love poda podi more because thupakki was a good movie, and action n suspense but i feel if this character is done by someone like thale ajith it will be more better. but for the character done in poda podi by simbu i feel that roles suits him very much. this story can be watched by entire family as it shows the life cycle of a couple and how love can make differences in life.

  9. I watched the movie and enjoyed it. I am very surprised on why all websites have given bad ratings on the movie. Its indeed a good one to watch WITH FAMILY !!! Go watch it without listening to any reviews.

  10. Where do they go from here?

    Two things are tough to believe – that a superficial tale of romance has taken nearly four years to be completed, and more important, it has rolled out of the stable of a hero of Simbu’s calibre! Poda Podi (U) has a multi-faceted hero, who strives to make his films different and convincing, particularly if he’s working with a fresher. Yet the effort has gone awry! Director Vignesh Sivan’s aim is to show a plausible love-hate relationship of a young couple. An interesting premise, but the problem is that PP is bogged down by a meandering storyline, an inept screenplay and mundane dialogue.

    Thus PP is a roller-coaster ride of feelings ranging from ego and possessiveness to love and obsession – laughable here and there, exasperating now and then and impossible most of the time. Sivan could have thought of better ways of taking the story forward.

    Amidst arguments, counters, pleas and vacillation Arjun and Nisha decide to get married. The surprising aspect is both are headstrong in their views and know that they don’t see eye to eye on certain matters and still take the plunge! They get hitched on the condition that the two would take turns to boss over each other. If you find it inane, just wait for the ‘kuththu’ dance at a London television reality show. The racy footwork makes even the judges of the event do a jig. Salsa is overrun by the power of our own country dance! Rather far-fetched!

    Incidentally, ‘Poda Podi’ is a foot-tapping number from composer Dharan Kumar.

    You don’t find much depth in the couple’s feelings for each other (except in the sequence where the hero is unable to watch his wife in labour). So the drama and the denouement lack appeal. Yet, the situations leading to the finale show promise. Only that expectations fall flat soon.

    Arjun is an animation expert you are told. But he’s introduced as a printer of counterfeit notes! Be it the casino or the bar he hoodwinks the white men at the counter with the confidence of a master conman! In fact, all the characters in PP are unpredictable. Nisha (Varu Sarathkumar), for instance, is scheming, obstinate, loving and completely naïve, all at once.

    Varu’s entry in tinseldom showcases her as a graceful dancer and expressive performer. Her twang adds zing. But the wait has been unduly long for this heroine. Later on in the film, when she cites the reason for gaining weight, she sounds quite convincing. As for VTV Ganesh, all you can say is, he tries to tickle. Why is veteran dancer-actor Shobana in PP at all? You get to watch neither her dance nor her performance.

    Several scenes give the impression that the dialogue, which isn’t too meaningful, was written on the spot without much thought, and/or delivered extempore. (Simbu’s line about accidents is an example!) All the same, the argument between the lead pair towards the end, when Arjun takes a dig at her proficiency in Tamil has some very interesting lines.

    Don’t we have enough of episode-watching on television? Why does PP have to be segmented so and that too with pedestrian titles for each?

    More than half a dozen times in the film, the hero says, “Very good Ma!” But you can’t say the same about PP.

    The visuals are splendid and the beauty of London and Disney Land in Hong Kong are a treat. Otherwise, even in the first hour of viewing PP tests your tolerance a tad too much!

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