Kumki music review

Starring: Vikram Prabhu, Lakshmi Menon
Direction: Prabu Solomon
Music: D Imman
Production: N Subash Chandrabose
Lyrics: Yugabharathi

After the tremendous impact that Mynaa created, Prabu Solomon has teamed up with Imman again for this movie which marks the debut of Vikram Prabhu, son of veteran actor Prabhu. Touted as a visual treat and a wild love story, this film had its audio launch today. Onto the music review of this much expected flick.

Yella Oorum …
Benny Dayal and D. Imman

This song talks about men who take care of elephants. As you must know, the hero is one such caretaker. The percussion and string patterns of this song are different and classy. Benny’s vocals create the necessary connect with the listeners.

Onnum Puriyala …

D. Imman

The guitar has a prominent presence in this song. Imman has tried to make it very soulful with his rendition while there is a very cute chorus before the 2nd stanza. The percussion picks up at certain points to add some rhythm to the song.

Ayayayoo Aananthamey …


From the moment, the song starts, it soars. It indeed provides happiness as the song’s title says. Haricharan has tried a different style of singing and it has paid off. There is a grand orchestra of strings before the first stanza and the ‘dilrupa’ makes a cameo appearance all through the song. The way the song ends with a symphony of strings is again superb. Will be added to the list of favorites soon. CLASS.

Sollitaley Ava Kaadhala …

K.J. Ranjith and Shreya Ghoshal

A soulful duet which has some ‘Mynaa’ hangover and the percussions have been packaged like a Hindi romantic duet. Both the singers contribute to the melody of the song and there are some nice flute instrumentals. The basic tune of the song is sure to strike the right chord.

Soi Soi …

Magizhini Manimaaran

After a string of melodies, comes this scorching fast paced number. The ‘sangu’/‘vuvuzela’ like instrumental and the percussions set the pace while the singing is typically energetic like other fast songs. This one will remind you of ‘Aadungada Machan’ from Naadodigal.

Nee Yeppo Pulla…

Alphons Joseph

This is a mellow pathos number by Alphons Joseph (of ‘Aaromale’ fame), whose range in the high pitch is amazing. The string instrumentals add to the dramatic mood of the song while the percussions are mostly kept understated. There is a subtle rock touch given, which impresses.

A Lady and the Violin

This is the female version of ‘Ayayayoo Aananthamey’ with striking violin instrumentals as the title says. Other than that, the guitar and some sudden spurts of percussions support the vocals.

Verdict: The Imman – Prabu Solomon combo has come up with another huge winner. There are tasteful melodies spread across the album while one nice foot tapping number is there as well, in the mix. If the visuals rock as expected, these songs will become cult-like.

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  1. 1. Yella Oorum

    Singers: Benny Dayal, D. Imman

    Lyrics: Yugabharathi

    A song that explains about the elephant keeper’s life. It explains about the life by which the elephant keepers get profits from show casing their elephant for the people to enjoy watching the elephant. This song seems will be rocking in visuals as the music doesn’t sound much catchy for the ears. A 2 minutes song for the introduction for the lifestyle of the main casts.

    2. Sollitaley Ava Kaadhala

    Singers: K.J.Ranjith, Shreya Ghoshal

    Lyrics: Yugabharathi

    A usual melody from D.Imaan. Truly makes us all to remember ‘Myna Myna nenjukulla vambu pannura’ a hit song from his previous flick Mynna with the same Director Prabu Solomon. A melody rhythm of duet between lovers. When hearing this song it doesn’t make any difference from the song from Mynna as the music matches more near.

    3. Sollitaley Ava Kaadhala – Karaoke Version

    Probably this one will be seen in many background score of sentiments and at the love scenes. It’s best hearing the karaoke alone rather hearing the vocals. The music really worked good with the flute and it is smooth and powerful into our heart. The thabla , piano and the flute mixes good with the humming of male and female vocals.

    4. Soi Soi

    Singers: Magizhini Manimaaran

    Lyrics: Yugabharathi

    Appreciative Lyrics written by Lyricist Yugabharathi. It gets deeper and powerful if you hear the lyrics. Especially with Magizhini Manimaaran voice this one will be widely appreciated by the class B and class C audience. The “Soi Soi” words are pretty impressive. Kudos to D.Imaan for coming up to play an different instrument with a different idea.

    5. Onnum Puriyala

    Singers: D. Imman

    Lyrics: Yugabharathi

    The music Director himself gets himself to lend his voice. It starts with melodious softness but goes into beat faster and ends up in a faster way. The lyrics are good. But the composition of really messed up as some parts which lacked to hear the song with the correct rhythm to it as it spits a lot in between of the sudden hitting sounds of instruments.

    6. Onnum Puriyala – Karaoke Version

    The same song without any vocal of D.Imman. But nothing seems very interesting with or without vocal. There are some humming’s by D.Imman but it isn’t impressive for the one who have heard the Vocal version of this song. It feels dragging even in the Karaoke too.

    7. Nee Yeppo Pulla

    Singers: Alphons Joseph

    Lyrics: Yugabharathi

    A Peppy dancing music which might get you to tap your feet sometimes and its worth listening. It tells some scenes of the film itself. Alphons Joseph has done a very good job singing this song and credits goes to the music director for choosing him to sing. The violin does impressive job in the second phrase. Overall a worth hearing happy song.

    8. Ayayayoo Aananthamey

    Singers: Haricharan

    Lyrics: Yugabharathi

    This song has love feelings in it. The beats are too fast which misses to understand some words if you hear it for the first time. It remembers the music from Mynaa often. D.Imaan would have improved some beats to entertain for the ears. It will not sound quiet good for murmuring this song. A song will be forgotten soon. Only visuals should help this song. Not a very impressive


    9. Ayayayoo Aananthamey– Karaoke Version

    The audio of Kumki has nearly 3 Karaoke version. And this one is the same Karaoke which has no vocals of Haricharan in it. Suffer for ears. Could not hear more than once. D.Imaan Tumbling all over with his music. But trust these music will have visual treats for sure.

    10. A Lady and the Violin

    Singers: Aditi Paul,Karthik

    Lyrics: Yugabharathi

    A re-composition of the Ayayayoo Aananthamey which was sung by Haricharan had been changed to make with singer Aditi Paul and that does made the magic of the singer which is good to hear compared to the singer Haricharan version . As Aditi Paul’s voice matched perfectly to the violin tune and it romantically thrills the whole song with patience to listen keen. A different musical attempt made once more in this version as the music flows softly as the lyrics are clear like crystal. Kudos for D.Imaan for having mind to give the same song to different singers. Its upto the Director who chooses for which one to come on big screens.

    Verdict: Visuals should help the music to become more viral.

  2. Kumki is directed by Prabhu Solomon of Myna fame. The film is produced by N Lingusamy and N Subash Chandra Bose under their banner Thirupati Brothers. Vikram Prabhu, son of Prabhu, will mark his debut with this film. Lakshmi Menon plays his lead pair.

    The song Ella Oorum discloses about the life of the hero, Vikram Prabhu. Onnum Puriyala song is about how love affects a lady and the changes she undergoes. This is a soulful melody which is pleasing to the ears. While Nee Yeppo Pulla Sollapora brings out the feelings of the hero who is expecting an answer from the heroine after professing his love, the song Sollitaley Ava Kaadhala etches out the hero’s frame of mind after the heroine accepts his love.

    The lyrics of the song Ayayayoo Aananthamey oozes out the love that the hero has for the heroine and his imagination about the time spent with his lady. The foot-tapping number Soi Soi is a very different attempt that brings out the importance of village life.

    Music: D Imman
    Lyrics: Yugabharathy
    Playback singers: Benny Dayal, D Imman, Haricharan, KJ Ranjith, Shreya Goshal, Magizhini Manimaaran, Alphonse Joseph.
    Music Label: Sony Music

  3. Onum puriyala is copied in bits from Rock Island 1931 OST of Thomas Newman in Road to perdition. Movie which is an all time classic.Plagiarism is way of music these days.

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