Saravanan Meenakshi serial in Vijay Tv

Actor Actress

Sreeja Chandran, Kuyili, Senthil, Rajasekar and more..,

Serial Timings

8.30 PM to 9.00 PM –  Every Monday to Friday

Serial Director: Azhagar
Story/Dialogue/Screenplay: Kadhiravan


  • Saravanan Meenatchi is a story of love, life and marriage; as the title establishes the story revolves around the lives of the two characters Saravanan and Meenatchi.
  • The two characters Saravanan and Meenatchi are poles apart in terms of personality, background, attitudes towards life etc., Saravanan is a Chennai based Radio Jockey from an affluent family who loves Life and loves to live “Larger than Life”. living every moment. On other hand Meenatchi is a small town girl from near Thirunelveli; working as teacher in a small school. With all the mannerism of a small town girl,Meenachi is shy & well mannered but also extremely independent.
  • The story begins as the two families of Saravanan & Meenatchi meet to for the traditional “visiting of the girl’s house” but things go wrong; and an enemity rises between the two families and the wedding doesn’t happen. As their lives continue after that incident.
  • Saravanan and Meenatchi find themselves falling in love with some twist of fate. The couple then decides to face all odds; convince their families and get married. But fate has something else stored for the lead pair as its not the happily ever after that they imagined. Love blossoms.
  • Differences arise in the couple; families are involved. Will the couple make up their differences, will true love prevail, were decisions taken in haste forms the crux of the story. A story of everyday lives; as arranged marriages have always been the order of the day in our community.

Sreeja Chandran – Leading TV Actresses













Sreeja Chandran – She was known as TV serial actress from Kerala. All of youth are turned as fans to her and youngsters also watching her serials especially ‘Saravanan-Meenakshi‘ in Vijay TV. She was totally attaracted by her cute look, extra ordinary acting performance.

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  1. wow wat a pair…….so cute couples……….meenakshi eyes was very attractive………oosommmmmmmm…….i like tiz serial very much………

  2. i love saravanan meenakshi serial.. chanceless guys doing good job… i request you to be real-life couple.. pls take into concern my comments..

  3. i love SARAVANAN MEENAKSHI … SUPER SERIYAL !!!! ………………it’s oosommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.,wow!!!!!!! ;it’s mind blowing!!!!!!!!!!! i love u saravana…..

  4. saravanan meenatchi serial is super.meenatchi’s eyes are so bonny(attractive).saravana looks so handsome with his mush and beard.

  5. saravanan meenatchi serial is super. meenatchi’s eyes are really bonny. saravana looks handsome with his mush &beard.

  6. saravanan meenkshi is very much intrresting lovers story.menakshi character is much attractive

  7. saravanan meenkshi is very much intrresting lovers story.menakshi character and her slang is much impresive

  8. ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyooooooooo super serial ……..********************************** amazing i like u much my fav serial…………………………….. i request u to real life couple 1st i thought hus-wife next my frnds says i really upset tanks to vijay tv . thanks to loooooooooootttttttttttttttttt.

  9. you guys are doing a good job , i love the entire team of this serial, saravanan you my darling ,sweet heart, i love you you you you you you you da,yennuku unnea rombo pidikum pa ,
    this is for you my saravana………
    “katruku yen meedhu kovam
    yeenea endru k eaten ,
    Swasipadhu yennai nesipadhu unn tholiziyay endradhu.”

  10. unnai idhayathil vaithal marakalam,
    Annal idhayamea nee yagea irrundhal yeapadi.
    i love you da saro i like this saro very much

  11. Saravanan meenatchi is a lovely drama.. both are really made for each other. . If both of u are real couple is a god gift.. that they cal marriage made from heaven. . This a wish from thousands of your fans..who watching this drama..

  12. Saravanan Meenakshi …..serial.I am witnessing from the beginning. At the beginning it was so good.but afterwards i lost interest .The story went here and there .It revealed the struggling of the story writer as how to proceed. He seemed to have got confused and it refelected in the serial.

    From the beginning I noticed that even after marriage.Meenakshi used to call her huband by name. not only that she also used ” enna da ….poda…..vaada.” This is against the indian culture.especially Tamil culture. NO good wife will call her hubby by name.This the most pricking objection in the serial
    i hated to see Sereja’s face itself. she continues like her future serials also…, she will loose her fame..and popularity.

    Ms.Sreeja… I TELL U HONESTLY IF U ACT IN THESE TYPE OF CHARACTERS…U WILL BE LOST SOON….Please take my comment seriously

    I WANT TO TELL TO THE STORY WRITER AND THE DIRECTOR..that .NO good woman or good man will accept a loving wife calling her hubby by name or using words like” poda ..vaada.” you both are spoiling the tamil culture….The VIJAY tv has also contributed much to the spoiling of such good culure

    If the director wants to earn a good name…….and wants to establish a good future….he must quite this type of characters.


  13. All my family members enjoy Saravanan Meenakshi series. The story expresses the true feelings of two
    persons hailing from different family background. The success of the story is projected in the true & deep mutual love runs through the whole series. It’s wonderful. Keep it Vijai TV & Co.

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